Bookmark: The Main Investigations Of Ivan Golunov

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Bookmark: The Main Investigations Of Ivan Golunov
Bookmark: The Main Investigations Of Ivan Golunov

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Video: История спасения Ивана Голунова. Документальный фильм «Медузы» и «Черного флага» 2023, January

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Last week, Meduza correspondent Ivan Golunov was arrested; he is suspected of "attempting to sell drugs on a large scale" under Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He himself says that the bags with unknown substances, which were allegedly found during the search and during the search in his apartment, were planted on him. According to Golunov, he received repeated threats; he believes that the investigation into the funeral business could have been the reason for the criminal case.

On Saturday, the court put the journalist under house arrest for two months. Pickets and actions in support of Golunov have been going on since Friday in various cities of Russia and abroad. We have already talked about how you can draw attention to the problem, and we also urge you not to forget about Golunov's work during these long two months. Meduza, where the journalist has been working since 2016, released a selection of investigations that he conducted for the publication - on the expenses of the Moscow mayor's office on landscaping, the garbage collection business, the funeral market, and much more. All texts are available for distribution under the Creative Commons license, that is, they can be freely reprinted, the main thing is to indicate the authorship.

COVER: Taya Bekbulatova Meduza / (CC BY 4.0)

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