Left Some Jeans: People On How They Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe

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Left Some Jeans: People On How They Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe
Left Some Jeans: People On How They Put Together A Capsule Wardrobe

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Through the efforts of blogger Caroline Joy, who invented unfancy, and then other stylists and influencers, the phrase "capsule wardrobe" has firmly settled in everyday life. As it turned out, the "capsule" is not only (and not so much) a set of white, gray and black T-shirts that can be easily combined with blue jeans and a classic jacket. A capsule can be understood as a limited number of things in any style that their owner or owner can combine with each other and still feel great. Such minimalism wardrobe is attractive from at least two points of view - it is both economical and environmentally friendly. We talked to those who decided to do little, and asked how they came to this idea and how they came up with their ideal set.

Text: Anton Danilov

Vera Rayner



All the first money earned on texts and English lessons, given by my parents and saved on stowaway jogging in electric trains, I spent on clothes. Arriving in Moscow for courses, I went to Zara in Okhotny Ryad and rummaged in the boxes “All in 500” in order to find some unseen treasures in our town. Then it was important for me to collect the image of myself that would make me stand out from the rest. Here I am, and here are my clothes, continuing this "I". Red tights, wonderful prints, corsets over ruffles, funny hats, shining snake ankle boots - is it obvious that this girl is not like everyone else?

Then I started to work. First as a stylist's assistant, then as a fashion editor. Then I came across more expensive things. They were all beautiful, and my heart skipped a beat when I picked up a Dries Van Noten dress or sealed up Dior shoes. I continued to dress up and even rode in heels on my first day of shooting. I liked looking bright, clothes were a statement to me. I tried to assert my place in the world through how I look. And then the feeling was gone. I finally found my place, and I no longer needed to confirm it in front of myself with outfits. And if before I was convinced that wearing black jeans with a T-shirt every day was an admission of defeat, now I would not even think of that.

I donated or recycle most of the items, so I don't wear much at all times. My standard go-out look is a lacquered miniskirt, a Bloody Kisses sweatshirt (bought once from Zara - she's eight and still gorgeous in my eyes) or a Buffy T-shirt and high boots. Or something leopard print. Or something red. Or a slip dress. All of these “ors” go well with each other, but this is hardly what they usually mean by the capsule wardrobe on Instagram. I didn't put my capsule together on purpose: the set of things that you wear and love, if you really find your own style, develops by itself. No one has ever reproached me for my monotony - on the contrary, if I suddenly pull out some pink skirt and a violet top from the bins, some of my acquaintances may not recognize me on the street. And then he will say: "But it's not you!"

I very rarely buy new things, because the old ones live for centuries. For example, I have been wearing my favorite denim jacket for ten years, and my sister wore it before me. But if something attracts my attention, I will never call such a purchase stupid, thoughtless, stupid - I know myself! If the heart decides to surrender to a tiny dress in pastel stains, which also has ridiculous inserts of neon orange feathers everywhere, then it is necessary. But this happens at most once every few months. By the way, I did not buy this dress: my shoulders simply did not fit into it. Here is a thing that does not sit on me, I will never buy, even if my soul sings from it.

Ruslan Evseev

director of Taerus agency


As far back as I can remember, I've always been obsessed with clothes.However, with the move to Italy, my passion for shopping paradoxically disappeared. Firstly, I do not like to appear in the city center because of the constant influx of tourists. Secondly, I have my own company, and I can afford to come to work in comfortable clothes. These are navy blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Thirdly, eighty percent of the time I am on the road, so convenience decides: everything you need fits in your carry-on luggage. Today my wardrobe is small: two jeans, two light linen suits for the summer, six printed shirts, ten white T-shirts, one white sneakers. When they wear out, I buy new ones.

Every season, designers send their collections to the office, I choose what I like. I'll change it in a month or two. In my opinion, clothes should be comfortable and of high quality. At one time I worked in a showroom. I know how much it costs to manufacture, so you won't see me in line at a Louis Vuitton or Gucci store. Things are just things. They should serve me, not master the mind. The fewer there are, the cleaner the head. This applies not only to clothing, but also to household items. If I were to move today, my things would probably be hand luggage with clothes, a computer and a blender. My parents don't understand this way of life - but I feel free. This is the most important thing for me.

My agency represents young talented designers. I know how, where and from what materials they make their collections. It is important for me that this is not done by slave labor. It seems to me that lately more and more people come to conscious consumption of the resources of our planet. In the open world, it becomes more difficult to suppress the truth. Therefore, scandals with different brands began to emerge more often, which get rid of unnecessary clothes in the cheapest way, while polluting our atmosphere. For several years I have visited India, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand. There, I took a completely different look at the problem of plastic pollution of the planet, part of which is the packaging of all the same clothes. It depends on each of us what kind of world we will live in. I decided to contribute by minimizing my wardrobe.

Ira Kuzmicheva



In my past life, I was a fashion editor and stylist. My body did not accept the black uniform of the Belgian Six and Gucci of the 2000s, and Scandinavian minimalism in the pseudo-creative imagination was equated with neat poverty. Therefore, multicolored tights, grandmother's (sometimes literally) dresses, second-hand clothes and men's T-shirts cohabited in the closet. It all looked even more colorful than it sounds.

After that I stopped following trends. I began to choose not the things that I like in the backstage photo or on the hanger in the store, but those in which I like myself. It quickly became clear that in the cold I was fine in a beige turtleneck and mom jeans or culottes, and in summer in a beige T-shirt, black shorts and sneakers of one of these two colors. The sequin sweater I bought a year ago this winter I put on only once - to the Hermitage. I remembered the presence of a leopard eco-coat in April: a peanut butter-colored coat and a down jacket were enough. Previously, I really wanted to "grow up", and I wore ten-centimeter hairpins all year round, quietly dropping tears on the unhealed bloody calluses. Now I love my height, my sneakers and my feet without corns and gnarled toes.

I changed not so much the number of purchases (although this too), but their meaning. Most of the items are discreet variations of each other, so I buy less often, less and more deliberately. Today I have three blue shirts of varying degrees of formality, three blue jeans of varying widths, a denim jacket that I have been wearing for eight years. And a lot of lingerie, but now it's a stack of sports bras and seamless panties, not push-ups and lace. And I don’t return half back anymore. I don’t even remember when the last time it happened to me was “I was walking for black socks, but I found myself in Lady Gaga's concert costume”.But I am firmly convinced that there is one place to which you need to come smartly - the Opera and Ballet Theater. For these occasions, I keep two dresses: a calm one made of black velvet and a silk one that stands out in scarlet color.

Now, when things like black bicycles appear on Instagram a few months earlier than in stores, everything gets bored as if I myself brought them to the holes. Therefore, new to me is the third white T-shirt or gray hoodie. Neat poverty? No, Scandinavian minimalism. In general, I did not come up with any special name for my style, simply because I do not think that it exists. I have. Today in a beige T-shirt and black jeans.

Diana Antonova

student, photographer


In October 2018, I moved to Israel. At first I thought it was only eight months, so I decided to take only one suitcase. In Moscow, I worked as a fashion editor, and things occupied all three departments in a huge closet. Only sneakers I had sixteen pairs, bags - more than fifteen, and also coats, dresses, jeans - I could not take all this with me. Therefore, I decided that I should take a minimum of things with me, but not be limited in my choice. This is how my first capsule came about. Today all my belongings and shoes will fit in two large suitcases. Yes, for eight months things have increased, but not significantly. I think I have twenty to thirty different items of clothing for all seasons.

Initially, the plan was this: I do not take more than two things of the same type. That is, if this is a summer dress, then I don’t need all six of them, I’ll take one. It was the same with jeans or trousers. I took one skirt, but universal. In Israel, my style is minimalist: a pair of shirts, two sweaters, a black basic sweatshirt, a black turtleneck and T-shirts. True, I have one sin - white T-shirts. I have about eight of them, but they are all different, from just white to white with a print. I really love normcore and I think you can look stylish in the classic 501 Levi's and a black V-neck tee. Now I don't have a single thing that could be called extremely fashionable. Perhaps only one leopard dress.

The hardest part was cutting off unnecessary shoes. But here, too, I ended up choosing the versatile adidas Stan Smith, black Givenchy boots with buckles, sandals for the summer, 90s-style sneakers, birkenstock and espadrilles. Now I bought more beige sandals with block heels - I just realized that even in Israel one cannot do without such shoes. Of my fifteen bags, I took only three: a small universal backpack, a black shoulder bag and a sports belt. I still don't understand how I managed to wear everything before. The only thing I do not deny myself, even in a capsule wardrobe, is jewelry. Trendy neckerchiefs and oversized earrings help freshen up the look.

Impulsive shopping remained in Moscow, as did the Moscow salary. Now I am a student again - this is the main deterrent. In addition, if things no longer fit in two suitcases, then I will either need to take something unnecessary outside (in Tel Aviv, it is so customary, all your unnecessary things in good condition can simply be left on a bench in a nearby park, and people, who need them, calmly take them), or buy another suitcase. I have no unnecessary things, as well as the need for something new. I go to the store or order things with ASOS if any of my clothes are worn out. If I already have one maxi dress, then I definitely don't need the second one, albeit in a different color. I cannot think that many things are a whim, I have always had a lot of them. But now I know that it is easy to live differently.

Julia Bura

PR manager


Decision making takes away the most energy from people. It doesn't matter what it is about: it could be a choice between two cereal brands or companies for a large investment. To focus on the main thing, someone eats the same food every day, and someone makes their wardrobe as monotonous as possible.I liked the idea, but few people can afford to dress like Mark Zuckerberg. Once I came across a video about a capsule wardrobe - it told why it is better to invest in durable and high-quality things, as well as the dangers of the mass market. An additional impetus was the desire to optimize the budget in order to save money for something more important than clothes. Now, in total, I have about eighty things for different times of the year. Not an ideal figure, I would like to reduce the number of T-shirts or trousers - but as for the number of items, here I am pleased with myself.

While composing the wardrobe, I admitted to myself that I just don't wear skirts and shorts with all my desire. I am also indifferent to jeans, left alone. I started buying things that I love: pants, jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks, black and white T-shirts, silk T-shirts for a jacket and shirts. The main criterion is the ability to wear a thing paired with any other in the wardrobe. To do this, I settled on neutral colors, with combinations of which I definitely cannot be mistaken. In terms of cut and the garments themselves, these are classic models, which cannot be used to tell what year they are. What I refused, I sell via the Internet.

I started to approach shopping responsibly. I buy during sales, having thought in advance what I need for the next season. During summer discounts, I find clothes and accessories for next summer. Impulsive acquisitions happen, but, surprisingly, these were things that were generally needed, I just bought them at the wrong time. Most often I dissuade myself by reminding myself that I already have similar clothes. The last weakness is sneakers. It also happened that you need clothes for some reason, or the dress code requires a color that I don't have in my wardrobe.

Most people don't care what we dress in. Everyone cares more about himself, no matter how much we want the opposite. A person processes so much information per day that no one will remember your shirt at the beginning of the week. But it happened that acquaintances wondered why I buy so rarely and why, in principle, I have a weak desire to buy something.

Katya Borodina

archivist in V-A-C


I have been going for a long time to the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe. Once I found in my closet a bunch of different and completely incompatible things, for which you need separate shoes, a bag, a coat and even a reason. I gradually change my attitude to him and now I often swap those things that do not take root in the wardrobe. Today I have a lot of basic things: the basis of my wardrobe is white T-shirts, shirts, well-fitting jeans, shorts, long sleeves. Their peculiarity is that I mix these things with each other very boldly. I changed the concept of shopping for a new one and abandon the mass market.

Impulse shopping still happens, but rarely. I usually give and swap these things. As for the idea of ​​a large wardrobe, it seems to me that this is everyone's personal choice. If a person has an area to store these things, then why not? I did not receive comments from others that I look monotonous. The image can always be revived with accessories, but in general, it seems to me, a person is painted, of course, not clothes.

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