Machinery: We Make Sweets Based On Casts Of Vulvae And Members

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Machinery: We Make Sweets Based On Casts Of Vulvae And Members
Machinery: We Make Sweets Based On Casts Of Vulvae And Members
Video: Machinery: We Make Sweets Based On Casts Of Vulvae And Members
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IN THE HEADING "COMMUNICATIONS" WE TELL ABOUT GIRLSwho came up with a common cause and achieved success in it. And at the same time we expose the myth that women are not capable of friendly feelings, but can only compete aggressively. Today our heroines are two Masha: in the project "Machine Economy" they make sculptures, sweets, candles and soap based on casts of vulvas and penises of different real people. We talked with Masha and Masha about their unusual business, clients and clients, the therapeutic effect of getting to know their vulva, body positivity and funny situations.


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Masha and their economy

Masha Dodosova: There are two directions in "Machine Economy". The first is fun: when we make candy in the shape of vulva, we get up with them at various fetish events, we supply Kinky Party. The second is educational. At the very beginning, when we did test casts on ourselves, we saw how cool it was for self-perception, and decided to develop the project further in a body-positive and educational key.

Masha Lysikova: The story about vulva casts began like this: my ex-boyfriend wanted to take a mold of his penis and mold a rubber dildo out of it to use it in sex. We wanted everything to be perfect, we got confused with the materials. After casting his penis, there was a lot of material left, and he suggested that I try. At first I thought it was some kind of garbage, but then I decided - then I worked a lot with my physicality and self-acceptance, so everything was interesting to me. I really liked the cast, which turned out, and wanted to share this experience with other girls. Later, Masha and I began to experiment on ourselves.

Masha Dodosova: Our friend Anzol gave our project a big kick: he really liked the idea and invited us to make casts at a party in Moscow. We were also very much supported by Tanya and Taya, the founders of the Kinky Russia project: they participated in EroExpo with the Kinky Market project and offered us a table to exhibit together. So we found ourselves in a situation where we have an exhibition in three weeks, a party in another week, and the project does not even have a logo or a name yet - we had to work hard.

The name appeared funny: once we walked with our partner and passed a hardware store called "KhozDvor" and is located in the basement. We started joking that all children spend their time differently: some play in the yard, while others in the yard. And then it dawned on the economy! Machinery - we are both Masha, and “farming” is ambiguous and fun! So thanks to the store "KhozDvor" for our stupid name.

Impressions and relationship with the body

Masha Dodosova: The physicality associated with intimate places can be very problematic: if you do not channel these experiences in a positive direction, anything can happen. Therefore, it is important to create an atmosphere of absolute trust, security and openness. I have worked in sales all my life, so, probably, I just communicate with clients: I have different jokes, jokes, I like to talk about the project and its mission in the process. It turns out a whole performance: I strive to create the most unusual experience, but at the same time pleasant and safe.

Masha Lysikova: A cast is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself. Even if you put on a system of mirrors, you won't see your vulva that close. In addition, on the cast it is in white - like a sculpture, an art object, and this evokes pleasant associations.

Masha Dodosova: We all see antique statues from childhood, perhaps that is why such a bundle appears: you see yourself in a stone and unambiguously recognize it as beautiful. There was never a time when a girl looked at her vulva and said: "Fu".Our clients are mainly from a sex-positive community, they are well acquainted with their bodies, they are not afraid to be photographed, but even for them this is an amazing experience.

The effect of radical self-acceptance through the appearance of the vulva is a powerful practice that can be beneficial for all women. When you understand that there is no “norm”, everyone is different and everyone is uniquely beautiful, this principle is transferred to everything else and you learn to appreciate yourself and other people as they are.

It turned out to be much more difficult with the boys - both technically and emotionally. We do casts of erect and non-erect penises, but there are almost no second requests. Most men do not perceive their genitals in a non-erect state at all. If almost all the girls say "Why is it so beautiful", then the boys: "Uh-uh, can you not show me this anymore?"

Masha Lysikova: We had one and only guy who came with a skeptical attitude, and then said that it turned out cool and beautiful. We hope there will be more of these boys.

Masha Dodosova: This story prompted us to do more delving into issues of male gender socialization and arousal mechanisms. Masha is studying to be a consultant psychologist, and recently decided that she would write a diploma on gender socialization, we are now collecting materials. I would like to make a contribution to the development of sex positive in Russia - now we have a more widespread model of "pray-fast".

Vulvas and penises

Masha Lysikova: So far, our main audience is the kinki community. But we are friends with many sex bloggers, and very different people read them. So those who are far from the kinky-hangout come to us, they are simply open to new things.

Masha Dodosova: The kinky crowd is very positive in terms of bodily acceptance. If you are open, you express yourself, then none of your relationship with your body raises questions - go without a bra or without panties, for example, as much as you want. But the community is small, and I would like to broadcast its principles to others. The rules are very simple: no means no, yes means yes, if you wanted to - ask, if you don't like it - refuse. We live by these rules, and they also apply to our work. There is nothing sexy about this job for us. It makes no difference to us what it looks like and from whom. Although men sometimes write something like: "You will like it."

Masha Lysikova: Before coming, many men ask questions: "Will the girls do this?" It seems to me that it doesn't matter what gender we are, it's just a procedure. You do not choose a doctor by gender.

Masha Dodosova: The hardest part is making an impression of an erect penis. We have a completely working environment in our studio, not sexy. In addition, the solution is cool, the erection often disappears - it's good if it works the second time. Therefore, it costs more.

Masha Lysikova: We can provide porn, for example, but we will not help in any way, please get excited yourself.

Masha Dodosova: The first experiments were with our partners. It was necessary to understand how to choose the right form, how to pour the solution - it solidifies very quickly, and is also cool. If the erection falls in the process, you get very funny incomprehensible embryos - we have a whole gallery of very strange members in our workshop.

Masha Lysikova: Often girls come who want to make sweets with their vulva and give them to the guy, on February 14, for example.

Masha Dodosova: One client said she wanted to "give everyone current and former, let them train." Judging by the reviews, men react very positively to suchts!

Masha Lysikova: The strangest request was probably wedding sweets - the guy turned to us to order souvenirs for the guests, but the bride stopped it.

Bachelorette parties and nursing

Masha Lysikova: Once, our technologist assistant and I came to make a cast for the sex blogger Alina Shikut, but in the end we had such an easy and fun time, as if we had gathered just to talk and not to work. Then we decided we wanted to do those bachelorette parties for others.

Masha Lysikova: At the test bachelorette party, at first everyone was a little shy. But then, when the process was already underway, everyone began to share their feelings with each other, to show what was happening. It turned out to be a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere, which is great. Interestingly, although there is an opportunity to show your friends a cast of your vulva at a party, the stories are not told about sex at all.

Masha Dodosova: There were very funny comments: “Why are you smearing me with a toad?”, “Is that, McFlurry?”. Slowly everyone relaxes and begins to tell their stories about relationships with the body, about complexes and self-acceptance. We counted on the bachelorette party as an event for three hours, but in the end we spent much more time together, we did not want to leave. We also thought about bachelor parties, but this is more and more complicated. We may need a male facilitator for them.

Masha Lysikova: It seems to me that girls are easier to make contact and share intimate things. Even at cuddle parties, girls are happy to hug each other, and boys are pinched. It is often even difficult for them to touch another man, and to hug is already something beyond the bounds.

Family business and plans

Masha Dodosova: Two and a half months ago I left my main job, there was more time for the project, and it began to develop abruptly: we came up with a new format - a bachelorette party, rented a workshop. In general, we have a polyfamily of five people, and everyone is involved in our work in one way or another, although first of all this is our project with Masha.

Masha Lysikova: It is important for Masha that her loved one is engaged in some interesting business with her.

Masha Dodosova: Yes, I have a kink to work with!

Masha Lysikova: And it is very important for me that a loved one knows how to do something with his hands. So here we are in perfect alignment.

Masha Dodosova: We make not only candies and candles, but also just plaster casts, they can be used as a map of erogenous zones. We want to make the same things out of silicone - so that together with a partner we can examine ourselves on an exact volumetric copy, mark different zones with color: they can be easily erased from silicone and reapplied, for example, acrylic paints - it is convenient to mark sensitivity at different periods of the cycle.

We study foreign experience - there are, for example, cool Portuguese guys who make models from casts of real people and deliver them to various medical institutions. We have an idea to work with transgender people in the transition process - casts can be useful for both doctors and transgender people themselves in the fight against dysphoria. Many new mothers have trouble accepting their breasts and vulva after giving birth - that would also be a cool project to represent. I think it's great that we have a social mission, and all sorts of funny things like candy - this fully reflects who we are.

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