Hashtag Of The Day: #SamaNEvinovata - Action Against Violence

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Hashtag Of The Day: #SamaNEvinovata - Action Against Violence
Hashtag Of The Day: #SamaNEvinovata - Action Against Violence

Video: Hashtag Of The Day: #SamaNEvinovata - Action Against Violence

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EVERY DAY ON THE INTERNET SOMETHING HAPPENS: someone releases clips, someone launches hashtags, and someone says smart (or not so) things - and we focus on the most important or just curious.

# herself is not guilty

Several months ago, we talked in detail about Daria Ageniy. The girl went to Tuapse for work - on the very first evening a local resident attacked her and tried to rape her, but she was able to fight back with a pencil sharpening knife. The girl did not file a complaint with the police, and when she returned home, charges were brought against her - Ageniy was detained for "causing grievous harm to the health of a man."

Yesterday Daria launched the #SelfNo Guilty campaign - that the culprit is always to blame for violence, and no one else. Daria offers to upload photos with the hashtag #SamNEvinovata, as well as sign a petition in support of victims of violence and harassment. So far, there are not many posts, but new ones appear every hour. You can follow the hashtag on Instagram, and learn more about the campaign itself on the website.

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