Where To Look For Swimwear For Different Shapes: 7 Modern Brands

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Where To Look For Swimwear For Different Shapes: 7 Modern Brands
Where To Look For Swimwear For Different Shapes: 7 Modern Brands
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Brands of any price category often do not take into account the real size of buyers. Unfortunately, this applies to any wardrobe item - including swimwear. Today, big brands are trying to offer a wider size chart - among them Monki, Weekday and Nike - but the choice of models is still not very large. In our material there are seven more brands that offer swimwear for different shapes, for every taste and wallet.

Text: Anna Eliseeva

Davy J

The creator of the British brand, Helen Newcomb, is an economist specializing in recycling and minimizing environmental damage, as well as an athlete who goes in for kitesurfing and triathlon. Since its founding in 2017, Newcobm has been committed to sustainability. For example, Davy J swimwear is made from Econyl - 100% recycled nylon sourced from fishing nets, plastic, textile and other waste that fill the sea.

The Davy J website says that, on average, 640,000 tons of fishing nets remain in the oceans annually, which is one tenth of all marine debris. And from every ton of waste, you can create enough material for more than 10,000 swimwear. The company also strives for closed production - it offers to donate already unnecessary swimwear in order to find a way to reuse them.

According to Helen, she wanted to create versatile swimwear for all types of beach holidays - without sacrificing functionality and style, but at the same time outside the current trend. In her opinion, Davy J clothes should be comfortable for any person who decides to wear them. Each swimsuit has two elastane layers for added strength and durability - plus it won't lose shape over time. All models are made with rubberized edges and cross-shaped straps, due to which they fit snugly.

Camp cove swim

The Australian brand is known for its love of retro style. He has a variety of '60s and' 70s-inspired prints, designed by founder Katherine Hampton. There are not only the already familiar high-waisted models, but also one-piece options with sleeves, bras in the form of sports bras, swimming T-shirts and more (there are also swimming trunks for men) - all in a Vichy cage, ornaments and abstract divorces.

The brand celebrates the diversity of beauty - on an atmospheric Instagram, women with a wide variety of parameters confidently demonstrate swimwear. While Camp Cove Swim is not 100% sustainable, it still strives for less harmful production with a recycled polyester lining. In addition, he makes swimwear in local factories, which means he does not have to supply from abroad.

You swim

The founders of the British brand You Swim wanted to create a universal swimsuit for everyone and approached this in an original way. The main difference between their basic products is that they are made in the same size. Due to the soft elastic ribbed fabric, which stretches perfectly and does not lose shape, bathing suits are suitable for almost everyone - namely, as indicated on the website, women from 2 to 10 sizes in the American mesh, as well as any height and with any body proportions. There are only three models, but in different colors - a classic one-piece swimsuit and two types of bikinis.

Interestingly, there are no cups in the swimsuits, but the manufacturers promise comfortable support thanks to the technological material, which is made from 88% nylon and 12% elastane. Models are made entirely in the UK. The brand's body-positive Instagram deserves special attention, in which different women relax on the beach, feed their children and just have a good time in each other's company.

Playful promises

The London brand embraces beauty in all its diversity, and therefore offers the widest size grid (clothes, for example, are presented in European sizes from 34 to 58). It is primarily dedicated to extravagant burlesque-inspired lingerie, but the range also includes swimwear. There are classic bikinis with ties, ruffles and rivets, and popular high-waisted models, and one-piece options in a variety of styles: pin-ups with infantile prints, futuristic silver fabrics, basic stripes and many others.

The constant partner of the brand is blogger Gabi Fresh, who creates her own line of luxury lingerie for him. And a variety of models take part in the filming for advertising campaigns - in 2017, for example, it was drag queen Violet Chachki.

Bissy swim

The founder of the American brand, Ellie Ayers, worked as a "mid-size" model as a teenager. She knows firsthand how hard it is for women of different parameters to break into this industry and find the right clothes. So when Ellie posed for a Sports Illustrated issue in 2018, she decided to launch her own brand, which she intended to change the fashion world.

Ayers notes that during the creation of the swimwear, the fitting takes place on models with different parameters, which allows you to more accurately design the desired sizes. According to the founder, the products should not cover the parts of the body that are usually trying to hide, but, on the contrary, emphasize the natural beauty. Bissy Swim's assortment includes high-thigh one-piece swimsuits, tiny tie bikinis, semi-athletic models with elastic bands, classic options with simple briefs and bras, and much more.


Los Angeles-based label Galamaar was founded in 2017 by designer Blakely Wikström. She decided not to follow trends, but to create at the same time stylish and timeless models that would reflect the balance of the two opposite coasts of America - east and west. By the way, the brand manufactures its swimwear from environmentally friendly materials in Los Angeles itself. They use, for example, recycled nylon sourced from fishing nets, as well as environmentally friendly packaging.

On the brand's website, there are basic bikinis of various shapes and in restrained natural shades, laconic one-piece swimsuits and trikini. Galamaar has a wide size chart (up to US 12), and they also invite non-standard models to participate in the shooting.

Saltwater Сollective

The founders of the Canadian brand Saltwater Collective believe that beauty is confidence, so they want to encourage women to accept and love themselves for who they are. On the site, you can explore a wide dimensional grid for different types of swimsuits and cups, and on a truly summer instagram - see how different women look in similar basic models. Almost all bathing suits have no decor and are made without prints. There are classic Rescue Malibu bikinis with high thighs, strapless bras and tank top bras, open back one-piece swimsuits and much more.

In addition, the brand is eco-friendly, using Econyl material and producing swimwear in its homeland, Toronto.

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