Thing: Girls About How They Wear Bicycles In The City

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Thing: Girls About How They Wear Bicycles In The City
Thing: Girls About How They Wear Bicycles In The City
Video: Thing: Girls About How They Wear Bicycles In The City
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While fashion shows and shops They are full of bicycles of all colors and styles, and designers continue to stylize them with literally everything, many still fear that short leggings can only be worn together with a bicycle or provided that the figure meets far-fetched glossy standards. To dispel the last doubts, we asked the girls to tell about their bicycles, where they bought them, how others react to them and why people with any parameters are good in such clothes.

Interview: Tanya Reshetnik

Olga Kovaleva

stylist and co-founder of the Moonmight brand


I have a whole collection of bicycles: beige in rhinestones, black in mesh, hot pink, khaki, silver and a couple more. Basically I don’t bother and order at ASOS or buy in the mass market, but now I am thinking about bicycles with a tie-dye MSGM print and a purple pair of the Russian brand “Incredible”.

I wear cycling shorts mostly with crop tops - this is my favorite combination. If it's cold, I can replace the top with a hoodie, put on a jacket or bomber jacket. As for shoes, I like the combination with sneakers the most, but I can wear it with platform sandals or small heels. I go everywhere: to work, dates and museums.

Is there a reaction of others to bicycles? From time to time they get to know each other or stare, but this does not bother me. I always dress brightly and sexy - that's how I feel now. And the opinion of others does not bother me. Recently, however, there was a not very pleasant incident: I was walking down the street and felt a slap on my butt, and I was wearing just a pair of bicycles, quite frank ones - in a mesh. I was hit by a man wearing a work uniform. And immediately ran away. I was not taken aback and ran after him, simultaneously calling the police. She chased him for about fifteen minutes, and then the outfit arrived and took him to the department. I wrote a statement and am very proud of myself, although it is unlikely that he will face a harsh punishment.

Anya Schemeleva-Konovalenko

designer, digital artist


In December 2017, Yeezy released a pseudo-paparazzi lookbook - one of the frames showed a set with bicycles and futuristic adidas Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow sneakers. It turned out that this particular image with sneakers was sold in its entirety: it was impossible to buy only sneakers or bicycles separately. I loved the idea of ​​Kim's uniform so much that I pre-ordered the entire set: sweatshirt, bicycles, and trainers.

As a result, it turned out that cycling shorts are the most comfortable and comfortable clothes in the world. In addition to knitted Yeezys, I bought myself a lycra black Iron by Mironova, and I also plan to buy transparent ones, such as are in the latest collection from Bevza. To be honest, this is the most versatile piece in my wardrobe: I wear them with jackets and sandals, with crop tops, oversized sweatshirts and sneakers. It turns out something in the spirit of "Kim Kardashian meets Carolyn Bessett-Kennedy." But the most important thing is that I wear them for training and it saves a lot of time.

Do passers-by on the street pay attention to my summer outfit? Yes. Does it bother me? Absolutely not. I am convinced that there are no rules and certain types of figures to wear things that you like and in which you feel luxurious.

Masha Petushki and Katya Dementieva at a party on the Psycho Daily channel (photo: Valery Belobeev)

Katya Dementieva

editor-in-chief of the Yandex content service and co-founder of the Telegram channel Psycho Daily


This week I got my first tattoo and the first bicycle shorts - here, it seems, the principle is the same: the main thing is to start. In May, we went to Armenia for the Urvakan festival, where I met cool girls who performed very beautifully as a gang in bicycles. Now every festival will look like this, every Saturday in the Yama and every working day in a private office.

Cycling shorts are just short leggings, the main thing in them is the speed of movement.I rush around the city pretty quickly and do not really notice the special reaction of those around me, and what else I have not seen in Moscow. I have simple black shiny cycling shorts, and so far I've tried wearing them with a long red blazer, a silk top and a loose T-shirt.

"I / We are Golunov."

Yana Kazantseva

commercial director of NTR Lab, founder of the music projects VKHORE and Marketing


I bought my first bicycles in February, when I lived in San Francisco for a month. I walked past Urban Outfitters, saw leopard print on a mannequin and followed them. Having tried it on at the hotel, I realized that I was not a dummy, and put it in the closet.

I first wore them only three weeks later with a long The North Face hoodie and trainers when flying from San Francisco to Bangkok. The hoodie covered all the places that were not at all like a mannequin. When I flew to Bangkok, I had to take off my hoodie so as not to die from overheating. While getting to the hotel, I suddenly liked my reflection in several different mirrors. The next day, I bought bicycles from local designers at the market. For a month I drove in Thailand in some, then in others, wore with swimsuits and white oversized shirts. When I returned to Moscow in April, it was chilly, and I put them in the closet. And recently I got it again. For example, I go to the office in leopard bicycles with a white shirt and a jacket with loafers.

I am sure that cycling shorts are just made for the city, summer and any figure. With jackets and shirts - just super! I'll go to a meeting tomorrow. In light green.

Maria Naumova



I was looking for bicycles for a long time: some were too tight, while others were overtightening my legs. As a result, I found my ideal option at H&M. I have the simplest black cycling shorts that I love to wear with a big T-shirt or a long sweatshirt. In addition, I wear them with a kimono or a transparent shirt. This is one of the most comfortable things in my wardrobe, so I wear them often: for a walk in the park, for groceries at the convenience store or in a bar with friends.

I got used to them almost immediately: it took a couple of minutes of careful examination at the mirror before leaving the house and another couple of minutes of walking on the street. Then I felt how comfortable I was and let go of all thoughts. I would not say that I notice any special reaction, but they often say to me: “Oh-oh-oh, you are in these fashionable bicycles! Where did you buy it? " And someone jokes that bicycles are actually for a bicycle.

Recently, I saw a story on Instagram, where a slender girl stood in her bicycles and wondered if she could go out like this or should she lose a little more weight. At that moment I thought: "What?" I didn’t think at all that for bicycles you need to lose weight or have a certain figure. It seems to me that they will go to everyone.

I am not one of those people who unconditionally accepts himself and his appearance. For me, this is still a lot of work on myself. That is why, for example, I will not dare to wear cycling shorts with a short T-shirt and a top. But in general, I really like myself in them.

Olya Kass

blogger, femactivist


I bought my bicycles in a second-hand shop. I found them on the day when I was already ready to go to the mass market for similar ones, but I was lucky! They are black, dense, with small white stripes on the sides.

Most of all I like to wear them with shirts of different colors and cuts. When I wear it with a T-shirt, the outfit seems too simple and predictable to me. I also came up with a bow: cycling shorts with a shiny long sleeve top, white high socks and boots with a blunt toe and square heels. But I had not yet had time to walk it, I bought bicycles only a month ago. In general, for me any piece of clothing is not tied to my activity, but to my mood.

When I first tried them on in a second-hand shop, I was a little upset, because I imagined them on myself a little differently. But I'm sure the fact is that on fashion pages on Instagram, in most online stores and in magazines, bicycles are presented only on persons with a conventional figure.I do not support this and advocate that all people can wear what they like. What makes them feel cooler, more confident, what helps them express themselves. And the spread of such beliefs as "bicycles are only for the thin" only limits people (primarily women) in freedom of expression. Moreover, it promotes the establishment of complexes and supports a dietary culture, which can be very dangerous.

I was lucky, I easily coped with my momentary doubt about the bicycles on my bottom and the next day I ran in them for a walk. This is one of the most comfortable pieces in my wardrobe, and it magically suits my state of mind. This is awfully cool and important to me!

Alena Chaika



I bought myself a few bicycles back in the winter - from shiny and leopard to standard black. She even turned them into old skinny jeans, but in the end the cotton khakis from Monki turned out to be the most comfortable. In general, I have such a bright wardrobe that they did not become something defiant, but rather turned into a basic thing. I wear them with everything from crop tops with an oversized jacket and heels to the stage or a party to an oversized hoodie with sneakers for rehearsals or a pair.

To be honest, I do not see the difference between bicycles and any other tight bottom - on the very first warm day I was very happy to show off my tanned knees in the city. I don’t remember the special reaction of those around us - the teachers don’t make any comments, although our environment is, on the whole, creative and free. I caught the only comment from a friend: "You look like Dasha the Traveler now." But I don't mind either.

It seems to me that any things, including bicycles, can be worn by people with different shapes. The main thing here is to find your model. I like the way those slightly below mid-thigh look on me. Anyone who is embarrassed to wear them because of the "imperfect" figure, I can advise you to be inspired by the stage images of Anne Marie - this girl is not at all shy and does the right thing.

Tatiana Kulagina

QA engineer


I got my bike shorts this spring. I ordered some at ASOS at a discount, others bought at Tvoye. As a result, I don’t wear the first ones at all - for some reason they remind me of “garden leggings”. The advantage of the latter is, among other things, that they have a wide belt with the inscription "Fire", which classically emphasizes the waist.

Most often I wear them with a mint crop top or a striped T-shirt. I think cycling shorts look great with a free top. I work from home, so I leave my bike shorts for going out - for a walk, to the store, and so on. What's funny is that I don't ride a bike in them: there are a lot of ticks in the Urals, so only pants are suitable for this.

Cycling shorts with a crop top have become for me a symbol of self-love: two years ago I would not even have looked in their direction, because I thought that such a style would definitely not suit me (and only a bag of potatoes, which owes everything hide it). But two and a half years of psychotherapy helped a lot here. Not to say that outwardly I have changed a lot, but I fell in love with myself and now I allow myself a lot of things that I did not allow before.

I did not hear any criticism in my address - more attention was given to my shaved head. Now the hair has grown a little, and I just look the coolest in the area. Sometimes I see girls looking at me. But in their eyes I see not condemnation, but rather interest.

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