Similar In Spirit: 8 Russian Brands That Make Great Merch

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Similar In Spirit: 8 Russian Brands That Make Great Merch
Similar In Spirit: 8 Russian Brands That Make Great Merch
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Any modern group, brand or institution, around which the community gathers, sooner or later thinks about releasing merch: T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and other little things with recognizable symbols. Some in their desire do not go further than icons, others launch full-fledged collections with regular drops. We have selected eight Russian communities whose merchandise is no worse than their core business.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik


Laconic merch is an idea of ​​the photographer and founder of Ping Pong Club Moscow Alexey Kiselev. The table tennis court produces sweatshirts, longsleeves, bags and sweatpants - without prints and patterns, only with a recognizable community logo. In addition to the main collection - the easiest way to get it through the sports association's instagram - PPCM has had several successful collaborations. For example, with the KM20 concept store, which included shoppers, sweatpants and T-shirts. And with Kixbox - for them Aleksey Kiselev transferred prints with his photographs to T-shirts.

Esthetic joys

The creative association Esthetic Joys was invented by Ilya Kusnirovich with a group of friends, for a couple of years the guys held a dozen parties with a grand scale and brilliance - which was only the cost of the "New Year's Light" in the House of Soviets. The promotion bureau also makes its own merchandise: jackets with stripes, sweatshirts, shirts dedicated to events. They are awarded primarily for participation in the activities of Esthetic Joys, for example, those who went on an expedition with the organizers (of the latter - ACCA-1). Guests of EJ parties can look forward to the "Limitless Passport of Impressions" - a blue book in which the events attended are to be marked with stamps and stickers.


The publication "Mediazona" under the leadership of Pyotr Verzilov writes about arbitrariness, violence, injustice and other horrors of life in Russia, and in addition to the media publishes its own merch "Kultrab". Each collection is dedicated to an acute social issue. The latter, for example - T-shirts with the print "228" - refers, in an understandable way, to the criticism of Article 228 of the Criminal Code. Kultrab has joint collections with Pussy Riot, the Andrei Rylkov Foundation and the Krovostok group. Prices for things vary from 400 rubles for the "P *** a" badge to 10 thousand rubles for a quilted jacket from the "It will be worse" series.


As a rule, Moscow cafes and restaurants are limited to icons with the symbols of the institution and shoppers. The motor-cafe "Enthusiast" has gone further and regularly updates its collection of bright T-shirts (1,800 rubles) and sweatshirts (4,000 rubles) with recognizable prints. In addition to them, you can buy a mug with an inscription, and more recently - also a set of badges (earlier you could get them only by becoming a regular at the place). In addition to the regularly updated collection, the founders of the motorcycle cafe make a series of E! T-shirts and sweatshirts. This is a charitable line, all the proceeds from the sale of which are transferred to help a friend of the institution, Efim Gryzlov, who is being treated for cancer.


SPACER, NAMER, JUICE, COZEK, CAPTEK - stickers with such inscriptions can be found in every Moscow courtyard and club, and outside the country too. The members of the creative association A.D.E.D. are standing behind the stickers. - all destinations every destination, - who do not like to talk about themselves, but in 2018 launched their own line of merchandise. Collaboration with other artists and friends of the community is essential for creative unification. One of the drops became the basis for a photo project in which A.D.E.D. were captured by a whole pool of famous young Russian photographers - for example, Leonid Sorokin and Pyotr Barabaka. T-shirts and sweatshirts with recognizable fonts and inscriptions come out in drops and quickly fly apart. Prices range from 2800 to 6700 rubles per item. Each order comes with the same sticker - apparently, to finally cover the whole world with stickers.


Until 2017, "Kruzhok" existed in the form of a photo almanac with an irregular release.Later, the founder of the magazine, photographer Stas Falkov, set up the production of merch - today this is the main specialization of "Kruzhka". T-shirts and hoodies are adorned with prints shot by Falkov, and the items themselves are released in series. Kruzhka has a collection dedicated to the Druzhba sanatorium, a joint series with the Museum of Cosmonautics, and a common line with the Creepy Crawl Chess brand. Prices - from 3 thousand rubles for a T-shirt to 7 thousand rubles for a double-sided vinyl trench coat from the space series.


ASPHALT Skateboard Magazine, or simply Asphalt, is a Russian print almanac about skateboarding "in a country where little is allowed." It can hardly be called regular: only six issues have been published since 2016 (two of them in 2017). Everything is easier with Asphalt's merchandise - the founders of the brand regularly print new T-shirts and sweatshirts with prints. They are the main component of the brand's collections and cost from 1200 to 3000 rubles. In addition to them, on the site you can order a skateboard deck (3000 rubles) and accessories: a hat (1000 rubles) or a nylon bag with a long strap (1300 rubles), which was named "Miner".

Lambada Market

The main Moscow fair celebrated its first anniversary with the release of a new series of merch. Now on the Lambada Market website (and later at all new festivals) you can buy a shopper with a recognizable font, T-shirts with letters, belt bags and stickers. Prices - from 150 rubles for a set of colored stickers to 1500 rubles for a limited edition T-shirt.

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