Who To Follow: Perfect Beach Wear - Towel

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Who To Follow: Perfect Beach Wear - Towel
Who To Follow: Perfect Beach Wear - Towel
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In recent years, a huge number of young niche brands dedicated to beachwear have emerged in Australia. One of them is Terry. According to legend, the idea of ​​the brand was born when friends Bridget Clarke and Lucy Halfpenny accidentally came to a meeting in the same terry panamas. The girls say that they have always shared each other's tastes in design, art and fashion. The starting point was the style of the 70s, the fashion of expensive resorts, the film "Goldfinger" and photographs of the photographer Slim Aarons, famous for his works on social life.

The first Terry collection came out small: shorts ($ 180), shirts ($ 200) and skirts ($ 175) made of special terry fabric, reminiscent of the one from which soft towels are sewn. Even if you are not going to buy their summer kits, take a closer look at the brand's Instagram, run by one of the founders of the brand, Bridget, whose main profession is a fashion photographer. Terry clothes against the background of the most beautiful beaches in the world are, firstly, simply beautiful.

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