Thing: Women About Why They Buy Clothes From Russian Designers

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Thing: Women About Why They Buy Clothes From Russian Designers
Thing: Women About Why They Buy Clothes From Russian Designers

Video: Thing: Women About Why They Buy Clothes From Russian Designers

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Ten years ago, the clothes of Russian designers were worn by very few: it was mostly expensive, and it was difficult to get it. Over the past time, everything has changed: a lot of democratic brands have appeared, whose things can be bought in two clicks even through Instagram. This circumstance especially pleases those wishing to support local production, and at the same time to buy something special - "not like in the mass market." We asked several girls why they love Russian designers.

Text: Svetlana Paderina

Ulyana Gladiy



I work with three champagne houses and, as a chef sommelier, I am participating in the opening of the My Big Love project, which will take place in the fall. There is no dress code at work, but I try to choose clothes that match the format of meetings and events. At the same time, I do not associate myself with a certain style: I can wear something classic vintage, gold earrings, and after a couple of hours - sneakers and a leather jacket.

Half of my wardrobe is made from domestic brands. I remember the first purchase well - it was an osome2some coat. I knew the designers personally and made an order - the coat was made according to my measurements, which was very convenient. She is still faithful to this brand. Now my wardrobe is dominated by My812, Myseasons, osome2some and 12storeez. The first three brands from St. Petersburg - I lived there for a long time and I know people who come up with everything - this is very important to me. I closely follow 12storeez, they have very good marketing, I buy things from the brand for every day. I buy earrings only from Kaloskagathos.xxi - incredibly beautiful and unlike anything. I order everything online, there are no problems with delivery and fitting. The prices suit me: I think they correspond to the quality.

Anna Arutyunova

tour operator


Once Sultanna Frantsuzova was popular among the mothers of classmates - then I first heard about Russian designers. I began to buy something when my own money appeared. The first thing was either a beautiful black Cyrille Gassiline dress, or a wonderful milky Flavor Knit knitted jumper. I still wear this and that with pleasure. I got a new experience with a jumper: it was brought by the founder of the brand herself and the direct communication with the designer was very warm.

I love the brands Polyhedron, Forma, Light on Mars, recently I have been looking at the "Heat Texture". A lot of interesting and functional in the wardrobe of the Tonkilled brand, knitwear - Totti. Recently, I was impressed by Asia Bareeva, I am happy to follow Mxii, Dokuchaeva, M_U_R, Roma Uvarov. I find new items either on Instagram or on Lambada. I rarely take anything from the market, but I always leave with a few business cards: this is a great platform for meeting new names. There are no problems with the availability of purchase, almost everyone is now offering fitting; I also like that there is a choice.

There are many favorite things: everything I bought from Polyhedron, corduroy trousers and a Light on Mars shirt, a jacket with colored squares Mirstores, a Tonkilled transformable skirt, an eco-coat, a coat and two-tone Forma trousers, a striped Siammstore trench coat, a kokoshnik and bast shoes "Heat Textures" … I love the Chistowear faux fur jacket and the AtelierRevolver insulated coat - it's a shame that both brands are gone. And my mom knits the coolest bags and sweaters.

Victoria Bykova



I work in the field of architecture and construction - there is no dress code or certain requirements for appearance at work. I prefer convenience and layering in clothes, and minimalism in accessories. I started buying Russian brands ten years ago. As I remember now: I saw a beautiful dress - it turned out to be La Room. Then I could not afford it and bought it only three years later - another, even better, from natural turquoise silk. It was expensive, but I still wear it to the feast and to the world, and if I get married again, then only in it! La Room remains one of my favorite brands - they have very beautiful dresses.I also like knitted knitwear Dadaknit, Libellulas and Ushatava and coats of the Tver brand “Youth Fashion”.

I find new brands on Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes I accidentally come across interesting things on passers-by - then I definitely ask where you can buy this. With delivery and fitting, everything is usually convenient: the same Dadaknit send purchases from Yekaterinburg by courier for free. Perhaps I am just lucky, but I did not return a single item: the quality is decent, the materials are excellent. The prices are quite comparable with the prices for the middle segment of the mass market, plus there are often sales, closed promotions and seasonal discounts, which is very pleasing.

Maria Potudina



For the last two years I have been living between Lisbon and Moscow: in Lisbon, together with a partner, I opened an EarlyBirds.lisbon breakfast cafe, and in Moscow I am involved in the Jazz Manor festival. Love for Russian brands began a long time ago, fifteen years ago. I made my first purchase in LiveJournal - it was a bag-plate of the Amano brand. Then there was a lot more, but a significant part of those brands have already sunk into oblivion.

In Moscow, for several years I have been developing the store of Russian designers "Khokhlovka" - it is clear that many acquaintances with new brands happened there. Now I am subscribed to different brands on Instagram, so the social network constantly recommends accounts that are close in spirit. Among the favorites are Mineral Weather, Intro.Version, BeraGroup, Buttetmilk Garments, Asyia Bareeva, Polyhedron.

I hate going to shopping malls, shopping online or in showrooms is closer and more interesting to me. When I was in elementary school, it was customary to dress in clothing markets - and in the end everyone went the same. When I see the hype in the mass market, it reminds me of that market vibe. Fortunately, there are alternatives now, and I can't close my eyes to how corporations are using slave labor and polluting the planet. I’ll express myself radically: for me, such consumption is like eating meat from the railway station with dubious meat and not respecting my health and body.

It is important for me that the brand does not sew things in China. In principle, I want to support local production, and if I buy something elsewhere, I choose second-hand stores or swaps in general, from where you can take a bag of cool things for free. I wore a Buttermilk Garments raincoat for seven years - it was still in working order, and my hand did not rise to throw it away. I gave him in a group on Facebook, so now he will go to Holland to surf the vast tulip fields. There were also unpleasant incidents, especially with jewelry. A couple of years ago, many brands and entire stores with minimalist designs opened - almost all the jewelry bought from them either bent or turned black. In the end, I collected them in a heap and sent them to be melted down.

I have heard more than once or twice about the high prices of Russian brands and I strongly disagree with this. I see good discounts on old collections or samples all the time. Naturally, a small and ethical brand will never be able to make a price like in the mass market simply because it does not use cheap labor, does not roll over billions, and most often rests on the enthusiasm of individuals.

Tatiana Bronnikova



I have a dress code at my work, because this is a public service: here you cannot expose your shoulders, hips and chest, and also show tattoos and wear bright jewelry. I myself prefer the casual and boho style. Since my size fluctuates between 50 and 54, I sometimes have problems with the choice of clothes. Mass-market buyers ignore women with clothing sizes over 48: after a trip to Stockholm and Helsinki, I know that, for example, H&M and Seppala have XXL, but they simply do not bring it to us. After that, I realized that there was nothing to do in our shopping centers, and began to look for things in online stores: WildBerries, Lamoda and others. Now I am pleased to buy things from domestic manufacturers: WandBstore, Lina, Keyros, Michael Kotin Trikot, Cyrille Gassiline. Actually, the first purchase was a dress by Kirill Gasilin.

Of course, shopping online is a huge time saver, but even the most detailed dimensional chart cannot guarantee a good fit.Services come to the rescue with the possibility of preliminary fitting and partial redemption. For example, WandBstore dresses can be ordered with courier delivery, and they are also available on WildBerries. In the second case, I am not tied to the place, but go to the pick-up point when it is convenient for me. If the dress doesn't fit, then I just don't buy it back. With Gasilin's things, it has become more difficult now: I am obliged to pay for the arrival of the courier, even if the purchase did not take place, and in the meantime something happened to the dresses - they began to be undersized. The most favorite things are Mikhail Kotin's down jacket, a pair of his dresses and Lina dresses.

Now I really like the work of Mikhail Kotin. It is very convenient that his workshop is located in St. Petersburg and you can come for a fitting, touch fabrics, see ready-made things. Everything that I now wear is in the same price range - while if I buy fabric and go to sew in an atelier, it will not turn out much cheaper. Sometimes, however, it is more profitable to buy clothes at Uniqlo than from some of the domestic manufacturers.

Maria Alekseeva

programmer and photographer


Formally, there is a dress code in the office, but in practice no one observes it. And when I go to shoot, my main requirement for clothing is comfort.

A year ago, I walked into a department store in my hometown and among the colorful polyester dresses I saw very simple ones - linen and cotton. I found out that this local production is so small that they don't even have an Instagram page. Then I found a dress from some Moscow brand at WildBerries, but in the end I don’t wear it: despite the nice material, the model turned out to be clumsy. However, interest in domestic producers remained.

I find new brands through the recommendations of friends and the community of Yanina Tsybulskaya on Facebook. The last ones I liked were Virronen backpacks and Petrovna Lampwork glass decorations. Unfortunately, fitting is not available for me, but there are usually no problems with payment and delivery. The quality is mostly satisfied: I like the careful processing of the seams, the ability to change the length and the fact that the choice of fabrics is wider than in the mass market. It's a little upsetting that there will be some problems anyway, but I'm ready for this. Someone does not have payment on the site, someone will send it with the wrong delivery service, which was agreed upon. On the other hand, brands are ready to meet and solve problems. My favorite purchase is the Ivadress mustard linen skirt: an atypical color and full compatibility with my wardrobe.

Alisa Radlova

editor for work with partners Buro 24/7


I started as an assistant in the fashion department and stylized the shooting, then I was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Shopping magazine, worked in PR. I met Russian brands back in my student years, when brands like Cyrille Gassiline just began to appear - by the way, I still wear dresses from this designer, they have the right cut and perfect oversize.

I really like the democratic line of the Ruban sisters Pe for girls - the brand has simple things, with a good value for money. It is presented in Tsvetnoy, but it is more convenient for me to order on the website. Closer to autumn I plan to buy a warm Vatnique quilted jacket. The guys recently came to Moscow, and I was finally able to look, touch and try on these jackets - I don't understand how this is possible, but they are really well tailored and fit any shape and height. The brand does not have serial production, each item is made to order - this is how you make a truly informed purchase.

For several seasons I have been wearing only an osome2Some coat - it looks simple, but at the same time luxurious, and, importantly, it is not demolished. I receive compliments all the time and I am not cold even in winter. Love for this brand began with a small showroom, and today they already have a full-fledged store near the Kremlin. I love slip dresses, they are the coolest at NNedre - I buy them in a store at Khlebozavod or on the website. Also in my wardrobe there is a perfect suit of the well-known 12Storeez. Aesthetically, I really like everything that My812 does - thin, gentle, delicate and can be worn for many years. From jewelry I love Avgvst.The latest discovery is the Kaloskagathos.xxi jewelry brand with an interesting concept and excellent quality; soon they will launch a website, but for now you can order through Instagram. Today, the most favorite thing in the wardrobe is a Walk of Shame sequin skirt and a Daniil Antsiferov dress in pale pink.

It's a shame that one Russian brand does not sit on me at all - this is I AM Studio. They have a lot of dresses in my style, but, alas, either they didn’t come out tall, or my hips were too wide for their models.

COVER: My812

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