New Evidence: Alcohol Harms More Than Drugs

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New Evidence: Alcohol Harms More Than Drugs
New Evidence: Alcohol Harms More Than Drugs

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The international public organization "Global Commission on Drug Policy" called for a revision of the UN classification adopted more than fifty years ago and to recognize alcohol as more harmful than drugs. This is stated in the report, which she published on July 6.

The classification, which the commission opposes, was developed and adopted in 1961. Then, on its basis, the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was drawn up, which restricts access to cannabis, cocaine and opium products and permits their use only for medical purposes. However, the commission is convinced that these data are outdated.

"Since the Single Convention was signed, countries have responded to international law with tables and classifications that are not in any way related to evidence or rational arguments about the harm and benefits of these funds, but rather are politically motivated and pursue the interests of those who passed these laws," - indicated in the report.

They developed a new classification based on sixteen criteria, nine of which were related to the harm received by the user of the substance, and the remaining seven - to the harm that the use brings to others. Alcohol scored seventy-two points, ahead of heroin (fifty-five points) and cocaine (twenty-seven points).

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