Video Of The Day: Palomo Spain Backstage

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Video Of The Day: Palomo Spain Backstage
Video Of The Day: Palomo Spain Backstage

Video: Video Of The Day: Palomo Spain Backstage

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Video: Palomo Spain | Spring Summer 2021 | Digital 2023, January

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Dazed has published a documentary film "Boys, Some Girls and Other Cookies" about the backstage of the Spanish brand Palomo Spain and its founder Alejandro Gomez Palomo. It was directed by video artist Luis Cervero. The plot revolves around preparations for the fall-winter 2019 show, which took place earlier this year. All pieces were inspired by Diaghilev's Russian Seasons and the province of Spain, where in 1916 the troupe, considered one of the most influential in the world, sought refuge during the First World War.

Palomo explores the topic of gender and fights stereotypes - in his shows and lookbooks, male models often appear in traditionally feminine clothing, such as dresses or transparent blouses. Fans of the brand include actor Billy Porter, who appeared on the cover of The Cut in a Palomo Spain dress, and singer Miley Cyrus, who donned the brand's kit in the video "Malibu". “I think the image of Palomo Spain can be a little misleading at times. Many people do not know about my background, and I believe that we should bring people closer to our reality, our universe and our work, and how we do our work and what passion we put into it,”says the designer himself.

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