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City Guide: Things To Do In Tel Aviv
City Guide: Things To Do In Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv forever young and forever in search - trendy bar, waves and new acquaintances. It gracefully combines the Levantine mess, which the Israelis fondly call the "booth," a financial center and a beach resort. It's hot in here - in every sense. Tel Aviv never sleeps, dances, laughs and splashes with life along with the Mediterranean Sea. To the question of how are you doing, here they answer: "Oseem haim" ("Making life"). We compiled a short guide to Tel Aviv - a city on a spring hill - and at the same time confessed their love.

Text: Evgeniya Pisman


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Rothschild Boulevard

The beginning of time. When the first settlers raffled off plots of land for the construction of the city, a deep ravine remained between the dunes. It was covered with sand, but the soil was shaky and it was scary to build. Therefore, trees were planted on the site of the former ravine and turned into a boulevard. And around the city was built in the Bauhaus style: strict lines, flat roofs, long narrow balconies one above the other and a minimum of architectural curlicues. This is how the house of the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, on Rothschild Boulevard looks like. Almost every house on this boulevard has its own story, which he whispers in the shade of acacias, ficuses and oleanders. And in order to better hear them, there are benches and coffee houses every hundred meters.


Juicy concentrate of the history of the ancient world. In the port of Jaffa, Noah worked on the ark, Andromeda fought in chains in the rocks next door, waiting for Perseus. Here ships with the Lebanese cedar moored for the Second Temple, and the crusaders went ashore, rattling their weapons. Old Jaffa today is a colorful mix of Arabian shops, art galleries and narrow stone streets with zodiac signs on ceramic tablets. Yellow steps, blue shutters, astrological signs and an orange tree suspended in the air make Jaffa one of the most atmospheric places in the city. It is especially pleasant to walk here at night, when the streets are deserted and the moon pours yellow light on the stone steps.

The embankment

A holiday of life in any weather. The sea licks the shore under your feet, and many carefree people run, ride a bicycle, carry strollers and hold leashes along wide paths. Heading to the port of Jaffa to eat a fresh catch in an oiled piece of paper and watch the fishermen take their nets apart. They go in the opposite direction, to the Old Port - it is believed that the local restaurants have the best fish in the city. And, of course, they strive to the beach - about ten different ones fit on the embankment from Jaffa to the Old Port. One was chosen by young people, another - by athletes, the third - by parents with children, the fourth - by dog ​​owners. On the wide beaches with fine sand, there is enough room for everyone.


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Former German colony and best picnic spot. Tel Aviv was not yet, but German Christians had already taken possession of the land and named it Sarona, after the fertile biblical valley of Sharon. The place turned out to be swampy and disastrous, but the colonists planted cypresses, made wine and built neat two-story houses. After the Second World War, the German colonists were blown away by the winds of history, and cozy houses remained. Today they house cafes, boutiques and museums, playgrounds and lawns have been set up between them. The result is a piece of cozy Europe in the center of Tel Aviv with ponds, water lilies and the Sarona market, where you can make a picnic basket from farm products.

Neve Tzedek

One-story Tel Aviv for the initiated. Quiet streets, designer shops, tiny cafes and a bohemian vibe. Amusing ceramic figures climb the balconies, sculptures of cats are carefully placed on the streets, small shops with high prices are winking slyly. It is hard to imagine that the first inhabitants of Neve Tzedek could not fall asleep from fear, listening to the footsteps on the deserted streets: for the first time, Jews got outside the perimeter of the fortress walls of old Jaffa and were desperately afraid of stray robbers in their new homes in the middle of the wasteland.But today everyone dreams of living in Neve Tzedek - to have a dog, an artist-neighbor and a favorite cafe for a lazy breakfast.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

For several decades, with the help of enthusiasm and private collectors, the museum has assembled an excellent exposition. The Impressionists and Post-Impressionists Gauguin, Monet, Renoir, Modigliani, Matisse and Chagall coexist with the little-known “Jewish Rembrandt” Mauricius Gottlieb and other Jewish artists of Europe. Here you can also look at Israeli art. The museum building also looks like an art object with a complex geometric shape.

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An old Turkish railway station that connected Jaffa and Jerusalem. It has been turned into a cultural center with museums, cafes and original shops. They say that here you can find the best souvenirs in the city and even magnets stand out from the crowd. Newlyweds and models love to be photographed on the Tahan - rails, authentic carriages and the historical atmosphere of the late nineteenth century are given as a bonus.


Shabby houses and trendy bars, graffiti and tattoo parlors. The pulse of Tel Aviv beats here, sometimes missing the beat and the cocktail. People, dogs and bicycles are so mixed in this neighborhood that the locals dilute it with the scent of grass. The most famous Florentine graffiti is Club 27, which depicts rock musicians who died at the age of 27: Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and others. This fresco is located at the corner of Florentin and Haim bin Atar streets.

Ilana Gur House Museum

Some compare the house of an Israeli designer to a junk shop, others admire the eclecticism, and still others take pictures of samovars and copper cezves in Ilana's kitchen to decorate their Instagram. And then they go up to the terrace overlooking Jaffa and the sea.


View from above

Shopping center "Azrieli"

The observation deck is located on the 49th floor in a round tower and offers panoramic views. The cosmos itself is happening at sunset: the sun falls into the sea like an apricot pit, and white Tel Aviv stretches under your feet.

Abrasha Park

This is the loving name for the park in old Jaffa, which was laid by the Deputy Mayor Abraham Shekhterman. In addition to the dizzying view of the embankment and high-rise buildings of Tel Aviv, the park has something to do - make a wish on the Zodiac Bridge and fix the result under the four-meter arch of the Gate of Faith.




The national entertainment of Israelis, who try to shove more crispy chickpea balls with salad, tahini and pickles into pita, and then eat it all neatly. Local babies are already born with falafel on their cheeks - it is eaten by schoolchildren, soldiers and soldiers, managers and company presidents. Each of them keeps the secret of where the best falafel in town is made - with a secret set of spices, the most generous salads or a tricky sauce recipe.


An Israeli breakfast classic and more than scrambled eggs and tomatoes. This is a thick tomato spicy matbuha sauce, where at least three eggs are hammered by the shining suns. Fresh challah is served to the shakshuka - it is dipped in hot yolk and it turns out the very moment when the question "What are you doing?" the Israeli answers: "I make life."

Flea market in Jaffa, or "Shuk-a-write"

A block of great junk. Curved chairs, rocking chairs, Zinger sewing machines, mahogany secretaires and clinking brass crockery mixed with candelabra and clocks. Some call it old, others - vintage, others - antiques and recklessly rummage in second-hand treasures. It is not a fact that everyone will find a pearl here, but they will definitely enjoy it, looking at the faces of merchants and the colorful interiors of apartments that are brought here almost entirely from the deceased owners.


photographer, moved to Tel Aviv three years ago


After living in Tel Aviv for three years, I still walk around the city to find new interesting places, routes and areas. For me, Tel Aviv is a multifaceted, multinational, multi-religious city, with hundreds of thousands of people and their stories, with dozens of cultures and communities.A city where you need to walk, taking with you a bottle of water and thoroughly smearing yourself with sun cream.

Habim Square

Despite the fact that this place is often seen in guidebooks, few people know that a beautiful two-story garden is hidden behind the opera building. One of the favorite places to have lunch outdoors with takeaway food. On the square itself, you can have a great rest with children, who will run through the maze of paths between trees, dig in the sandbox and meet other children.

THE ADDRESS: intersection of Marmorek Street and Rothschild Boulevard

"Secret" beach

After the wooden embankment of the Tel Aviv port, with its countless cafes and restaurants, I suggest going further along the sea to find yourself on a real "secret" beach. Sitting on an empty beach, watching the setting sun sink into the sea, and right behind you, a couple of hundred meters away, planes land, which are separated from you only by a mesh fence - is priceless. One of the most romantic places in Tel Aviv.

The address: coordinates 32.1112803, 34.7785246

Neve Sha'anan - Tedros

Neve Sha'anan is an area that many Israelis are afraid to go to, mostly due to stereotypes. People from all over the world live here: from China, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and other countries. There are also restaurants and cafes with traditional food prepared "for their own".

My favorite place in the area is a small, few tables, Ethiopian restaurant serving indicira. This is a traditional sour milk dough cake (most of all it looks like a strange pancake) with different types of snacks, including spicy beef stew, although you can ask for a vegetarian option. The only place in the city where we, almost vegetarians, eat meat. Payment is accepted only in cash.

The address: Neve Shaanan 12 א, TEDROS

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