New Name: Ukrainian Pop Star DaKooka

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New Name: Ukrainian Pop Star DaKooka
New Name: Ukrainian Pop Star DaKooka
Video: New Name: Ukrainian Pop Star DaKooka
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who is it: Ekaterina Eremenko, Ukrainian singer; released a new album "Strandjlava"

At the age of five, Ekaterina Eremenko, better known as DaKooka, saw her grandfather's piano - and asked her parents to enroll her in a music school. True, then the idea of ​​musical education bored her, and for some time she did not return to thoughts about music - but the very first song she recorded “Die if you don’t love me” became a hit. “Die” differs from the current songs of Eremenko as much as possible: during this time she managed to switch to English and back (to which she thinks to return if she runs out of words in Russian), to release several mini-albums, to participate in the Ukrainian version of “Voice” (she speaks as not very suitable for her), to give several tours - for a musician this is a whole life.

In interviews, DaKooka often talks about impulsiveness (she said she can write a demo in a couple of minutes), which, however, is combined with careful refinement of the material. In the new album "Strangelava" one of the songs is presented in two versions, differing in mood. It was in "Strangelove" that the singer finally managed to find her own voice - it could be heard in last year's "Hero", but here it sounds much clearer; the lyrics also seemed to become clearer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that lately Dakooka prefers to remain on stage and in the studio alone - and this independence is clearly beneficial to her. The singer calls her versatility as one of her main virtues - she started with drum and bass, through piano ballads she came to an inventive electropop (this year she completely remade several old tracks for a new sound), so now everything is ready to The media stopped calling her the dark horse of Ukrainian pop music.

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