What To See: "The Mandalorian", "Monsters At Work" And 6 More Major Disney + Premieres

What To See: "The Mandalorian", "Monsters At Work" And 6 More Major Disney + Premieres
What To See: "The Mandalorian", "Monsters At Work" And 6 More Major Disney + Premieres

Video: What To See: "The Mandalorian", "Monsters At Work" And 6 More Major Disney + Premieres

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Text: Dina Klyucharyova

On November 12, a new one will begin its work a serious competitor to Netflix and HBO is Disney's own streaming. The service, called Disney +, will first launch in the US, and over the next two years around the world. The subscription will cost $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year (so far the price is only known in the States).

The library of movies and TV shows will initially be smaller than Netflix's, which is partly due to the lower subscription price. All Disney classics will appear on streaming: both cartoons and movies - they promise more than 5000 hours of Disney TV series and more than a hundred original Disney Channel films. In addition, Disney + will be able to watch all Marvel films, all parts of Star Wars, 30 seasons of The Simpsons, Pixar cartoons and the National Geographic show. Streaming will be family-oriented, and all non-adult films and TV shows owned by Disney (such as Deadpool) will be streamed by Hulu, another recent Disney acquisition.

Disney + recruited Mat Broadley, Netflix's original content director, who brought last year's hits Roma and To All the Boys I Loved on our screens - which already sounds promising. A slew of new projects specifically for Disney streaming have already been launched, most of which will be released within the first two years of Disney +. Among them will be TV series about the heroes of the Marvel universes and Star Wars, new cartoons about familiar heroes, as well as several documentary shows about working behind the scenes of Disney - for example, about classic analog animation or the creation of the second part of Frozen (which will be released on large screens at the end of November). Here are some of the most curious upcoming Disney + premieres.


Marvel Universe: Loki, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye

The 6-8 episode solo series about the heroes of the Marvel Universe will be airing one after the other during the first two years of Disney +. The first will be "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", which tells how Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) fulfills the behest of Captain America, who retired in the finale of the last "Avengers". His on-screen partner will be Sebastian Stan, and Daniel Brühl ("The Alienist") will return to the role of the villainous Baron Zemo. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be followed by Loki with Tom Hiddleston's anti-hero trickster, who will influence famous historical events in unexpected ways. "WandaVision" will tell more about the love story of the Scarlet Witch and assistant Tony Stark against the background of the 1950s, and in "Hawkeye" Jeremy Renner will finally get a decent amount of screen time and pass on the regalia of his hero to his heiress Kate Bishop, one of the Young Avengers.

Jeff Goldblum's World

Documentary show starring Jeff Goldblum. Charismatic Jeff will talk about how the most mundane objects were born - from sneakers to ice cream - and those who study, collect or get inspired by them. The show will be available to watch from the launch of Disney +.


Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series, the series about Cassian Andor, the continuation of the animated series about the Clone Wars

The Mandalorian is arguably the most anticipated Disney + premiere to be available from day one of streaming. The series will take place between the fall of the Empire and the emergence of the First Order - the show will pave a kind of bridge between the old and new films of the saga. The main role went to Pedro Pascal (Red Serpent from "Game of Thrones"), he will play "a lone shooter on the far reaches of the Galaxy, outside the control of the New Republic." The showrunner of "The Mandalorian" is Marvel veteran Jon Favreau, episodes of the show will be directed by various directors (including Taika Waititi), and Pascal will be joined by Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Nick Nolte and Werner Herzog.

Following "The Mandalorian" will be a series - a prequel to the movie "Rogue One. Star Wars. Stories "about the rebel Cassian Andor with Diego Luna in the title role. The spy thriller is produced by Stephen Schlieff, former director of The Americans.2020 will also see the release of the seventh season of the fan-favorite animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which died untimely after its sixth season in 2014.


Closer to Christmas, Disney + will show the comedy "Noelle" about the heirs of Santa Claus. Santa's clumsy eldest son Nick (Bill Hader from SNL and "Barry") takes over the responsibility of deliveringts to children, but he, unable to bear the burden of responsibility, disappears without a trace on the eve of the holiday. His reckless little sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) has to go in search of the unwelcome brother to bring him home and save Christmas for children all over the world.


Pixar: "Monsters at Work", "Wilkins Has a Question"

"Monsters at Work" is an animated series-continuation of "Monsters, Inc.", which takes place six months after the events of the first film. A young promising mechanic Tyler works in the Corporation in the technical department, but dreams of moving up the career ladder and working directly with children, and old acquaintances Mike and Sally help him in this.

Fork Wilkins, whose heartbreaking story captivated audiences in the recently released Toy Story Part 4, will also have its own show. In ten short episodes, Wilkins will explore life's most important questions: what is love, what is time, and, of course, what is cheese. Available from Disney + launch day.


An adventure drama based on real events with Willem Dafoe in the title role. In 1925, a diphtheria outbreak occurs in a remote town in Alaska, which threatens the death of several children. The only way to save them and stop the epidemic is to bring the serum from the big city, which is located hundreds of miles beyond the ruthless ice desert. Despite the impending storm, the fearless Leonard Seppala (Defoe) and his partner, the riding dog Togo, are sent for the medicine.


"Lady and the Tramp"

From the very first day, you will be able to watch the film version of the classic cartoon "Lady and the Tramp" about a well-bred master's pet and a cheeky street dog, who together go through a series of adventures and, despite their differences, fall in love with each other. The Lady was voiced by Tessa Thompson, and The Tramp was voiced by Justin Theroux.

"Love, Simon"

A series with half an hour episodes about a teenage coming out based on the book of the same name by Becky Albertalli will be released during 2020. He will not duplicate the film shot earlier on the same book and will focus on another character - a high school student named Victor. This is Us, Isaac Uptaker and Elizabeth Berger, as well as director Jason Ensler (Red Bracelets, Rebirth) will be producers and showrunners.

Photos: WDSSPR, Walt Disney Productions

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