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Combo: Turtleneck Shirt
Combo: Turtleneck Shirt

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IN THE RUBRIC "COMBO" we tell you how to combine things of different styles, models, textures and colors. It can easily get into fishnet tights, unusual shoes, a vinyl miniskirt or a huge fluffy sweater - in the most unexpected combinations. Our illustrations are not a call to purchase, but hints: after all, something similar can certainly be found in the closet. The new edition features a combination of a shirt and a turtleneck.

Designers continue to experiment with things that until recently were associated with a work dress code. Layering is one way to diversify your typical office outfit. For example, stylists from Acne Studios' catalogs have shown for several seasons how to wear classic white and blue shirts - with a variety of thin turtlenecks, including printed ones. The basic principle: the upper garment should be denser than the lower one, so thin models are best for the base layer.

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