Kaloskagathos.xxi: Russian Brand Of Pearl Jewelry And More

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Kaloskagathos.xxi: Russian Brand Of Pearl Jewelry And More
Kaloskagathos.xxi: Russian Brand Of Pearl Jewelry And More
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Year of foundation: 2019

Where to buy: instagram.com/kaloskagathos.xxi

Price: from 4500 to 9500 per item

Pearls are experiencing a new round of popularity, but there are still not so many interesting Russian brands working with this material. A new brand with an interesting name Kaloskagathos.xxi is one of them: it was immediately noted by several heroines of our article about local brands that are worth paying attention to.

The founder of the brand, Anna Koltsova, has an impressive background. She studied at three different universities - St. Petersburg State University, John Cabot University in Rome and California State University in San Jose - and received an American BA in art history and communication. After that she spent a year in Los Angeles, and after returning to Russia, she immediately opened the More is More vintage jewelry store - as she herself says, without any plan or investment.

For a year and a half Anna could not decide to create her own collection, but then the situation changed dramatically. “I went through a frozen pregnancy, which radically turned my life upside down in a matter of seconds. It is very painful and tragic. In the delirium of anesthesia, I sobbed and regretted wasted precious moments and opportunities. " After leaving the hospital and coming to her senses, she created the first piece of jewelry and began to prepare for admission to design for a magistracy. And although Koltsova did not go to study like that, the collected portfolio gave rise to the first collection.

Now she is engaged in design development, final processing of products and the development of the brand as a whole. In other areas - filming, casting, PR and more - other people help. “I am at the very beginning of the path: the brand is not yet two months old, and the most difficult thing is to assemble a team with which I would have a 100% connection, while on scanty budgets. All proceeds go to the purchase of equipment, expansion of production and improvement of service. " Each piece is painstakingly created by hand, which determines the price - from 4500 to 9500 per item. The very first model, Principio - an unusual earring with a pearl in the auricle - became the main hit of the brand. “Almost every customer has already placed at least a second order - after earrings they get cuffs and rings,” says the founder.

The designer wants to develop the brand not only in Russia: Anna will start expanding abroad as soon as she launches the brand's website and online store (while orders can be placed through Instagram). Also in the plans is a premium line of jewelry made of gold and precious stones and replenishment of the basic collection, which now has eleven models. "I would also like to work with offline sites - it is very difficult for buyers to understand the design of a piece of jewelry and want to try it on before buying."

Cover: Instagram / Kaloskagathos.xxi


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