Vereya Brand: Unique Knitted Items From Russia

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Vereya Brand: Unique Knitted Items From Russia
Vereya Brand: Unique Knitted Items From Russia
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Year of foundation: 2018

where can I buy: not for sale

The Russian brand Vereya creates asymmetrical knitted sweaters and dresses with many layers, raw hem and thread fringe - futuristic costumes, as if made by the hands of folk craftsmen. However, almost all things are made by one person. Igor Andreev works in the media, but prefers not to mention himself within the framework of the brand - he wants the brand to exist independently and “speak for itself”. For the founder, "Vereya" is a stronghold of creativity, tranquility and inspiration, where no one can dictate their own rules. “I like that this is not a business and I cannot go bankrupt. It is part of my soul and my vision of the world. Nobody has the right to climb there, advise or prohibit something to me,”says Igor.

This is one of the reasons why the brand is flirting with the idea of ​​anonymity. On Vereya's instagram, almost all people are wearing balaclavas, which completely or partially hide their faces. And this does not work to the detriment of attention to the brand: the products have already appeared on the pages of Flacon and Alphabook magazines (for the latter, actor, showman and screenwriter Alexander Gudkov starred in Vereya's sweater), as well as in the street style chronicle of Vogue USA. “I thought for a long time how to make everyone who puts on my suit feel comfortable. Therefore, I came up with different options for covering my face. Even the most skeptical people, if they put on a balaclava, can pull on any of my products and hang out in it all night. Everyone reincarnates a little and feel as free and cheerful as possible. The clothes themselves speak for themselves - they are very bright, flashy, sometimes even provocative,”notes the founder.

Igor hails from the village of Ustye near Moscow, which is located near the town of Vereya. According to him, earlier only sports sections and the only handicraft circle worked in the village, besides there was nothing to do. In the circle, he learned to knit napkins and toys, and at home he made knitted Pokémon, popular in the 2000s. “Vera is something big and distant for me, memories even give me goosebumps. At first, I spent a lot of time with my mother in a sewing factory: I watched her sew, how many sewing machines work, and it fascinated me. Then the production was closed, occasionally I was able to get out to the city to the hospital or to go to school for food and clothes. A year ago, I found jeans produced at this factory at Avito and went to Korolev to get them. Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be intact, and even the label was preserved! A month later, I found a whole bag of Vereja belts at my mother's house. And a dream appeared, which I rarely talk about, because I can't even imagine how to make it a reality - to revive a factory in my hometown, where machines that will sew not only denim will work again,”adds Igor.

The brand's creator compares knitting to meditation. He does not draw plans and sketches, but acts on a whim, which is why the work often has to be dismissed and redone. “It happens that you come up with one product for yourself, and in the middle of the process it is completely different, then - the third, at the exit - the fourth. And this is probably my biggest problem - it's hard to stop. For example, I have been knitting "Deer" for about six years with interruptions - and it can be done endlessly. Every time I approach him, I want to fix something, cut it off. Therefore, it is difficult to give your things and even more so to sell - a whole soul is invested in each one,”says Igor. "Deer" is a former denim jacket, which the creator of the brand cut and tied to his taste. Now it is both a sweater and a dress and a whole stage costume.

“My brand is a kind of world with characters that I invented myself. Dolgoruky appeared first - this is an interpretation of a cactus, which has one long arm, the second - Kitik, then Girablen, Pchelun, Mnum, Bukasha, Vzhukh and a bunch of other all kinds of heroes. They are featured on several knitwear and designs, and ceramics are coming soon. Someone will see them as Pokemon, someone - the characters of their favorite cartoons. Both will be true - I love other people's worlds, especially cartoon ones. Vereya is an attempt to create your own universe,”Andreev adds.

He mainly uses knitting threads in a wide variety of colors (up to neon), but beads and rhinestones have recently appeared. In addition, Igor uses old clothes that he sews together. At the heart of everything is patchwork, but not the traditional patchwork, but knitting. The founder of Vereya does not exclude that he can knit a product to order, but warns of a high price of several tens of thousands of rubles. It takes about a week to create one thing, but Andreev devotes only his free time to this.


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