New Name: Pose Star Angelica Ross

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New Name: Pose Star Angelica Ross
New Name: Pose Star Angelica Ross

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Video: 'Pose' star Angelica Ross on her company l GMA 2023, January

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Angelica Ross

who is it: 38-year-old actress and IT entrepreneur advocating for transgender rights

Angelica Ross can clearly find coincidences in her biography with the characters of Ryan Murphy, the showrunner, whose role in the series made her famous. Like the characters in Pose, she was kicked out of the house after coming out, after which she became interested in drag culture and started working as a model. Before that, however, she did, as she herself says, a naive act - and went to the navy. It was 1998, the height of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Law, which banned homosexual and transgender people from serving in the military - just like Jeff Trail in American Crime Story, Ross was hounded by her coworkers and had to leave the service. After that, she returned to modeling, but quickly became interested in Photoshop and retouching, and then switched to learning HTML and CSS. Ross is now CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises, which helps transgender people find jobs in the IT industry.

Ross constantly speaks out about the rights and safety of transgender people and herself acts as a role model. For a long time she wanted to be an actress - after serving in the army, she could fly anywhere and chose a ticket from Japan to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream. Then she did not succeed, but in 2016 her path to fame began: the girl starred in the web series "Her Story", which told about the life of transgender people, after that she had a cameo role in the series "Obvious". When Ross failed to enter the role at the casting of Pose, series creator Ryan Murphy wrote a new one for her. This is how the actress plays in the series Candy, the uncompromising founder of the House of Ferocity, who is constantly looking for confrontation with the main character, Blanca. At The Pose, the collaboration with Murphy did not end: not so long ago it became known that she would appear in the new season of American Horror Story. Ross herself says that this is a historic event - she is the first actress among transgender people who achieved a role in the main cast of two TV series at once.


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