Brand Fy: R Will Accept Used Things

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Brand Fy: R Will Accept Used Things
Brand Fy: R Will Accept Used Things
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The Russian brand fy: r, which produces clothes inspired by the Russian North, has launched a new sustainable initiative. Now she will take used items of her own brand back to give them new life or send them for recycling. For every customer who participates in the initiative, fy: r promises to give a 15% discount on their next purchase.

“What happens next with these clothes depends on their condition. We can donate things in good condition to charity, or arrange a swap, fixing them ourselves, if required. We will use unwearable socks for our current weaving joint project with the Heritage of the North Foundation. Some will remain in the warehouse to wait in the wings for the next creative projects, and we will give some for recycling,”the brand's website says.

fy: r admits that it is difficult to compete with the scale of mass-market giants. However, every small brand, in their opinion, can think about recycling their own things and do their bit to ensure that clothes are thrown away as little as possible.

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