NNedre Launches Recycled Plastic Collection

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NNedre Launches Recycled Plastic Collection
NNedre Launches Recycled Plastic Collection

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The Russian brand NNedre has created a collection of recycled plastic bottles together with the eco-label GO_authentic. It was founded by the artist and eco-activist Olga Glagoleva in 2015. All GO_authentic clothing is made from recycled, vintage and biodegradable materials. According to NNedre, the brand is also committed to sustainable principles: to reduce waste in production and develop social responsibility.

The joint capsule was named “I carry it to the masses”. Its goal is to draw attention to environmental issues and show how conscious clothing choices affect the future of the planet. The collection includes only five items in several pieces: a sweatshirt called "Flora and Fauna of the World Ocean", a dress "My manifesto", two hoodies with the words "This sweatshirt is made of ocean debris" and "Girls just want to have fun, clean soil, water and energy "and shorts" Economie cyclique la chose la plus sexy du monde ".

The capsule will go on sale on August 29th. On the NNedre website, you can pre-order and receive items from this series in two weeks.

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