New Name: Non-binary Musician Abdu Ali

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New Name: Non-binary Musician Abdu Ali
New Name: Non-binary Musician Abdu Ali

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IN THE RUBRIC "NEW NAME" we talk about promising newcomers: musicians, directors, artists and other creative people - that is, everyone whose name appears more and more often on the pages of magazines, in social media feeds and in our conversations, and who is clearly on the verge of great success.

Abdu Ali

who is it: non-binary musician, whose work explores the themes of ethnicity, gender and consent

Abdu Ali does not like the word “activist” in articles about himself: “I respect those who do this, but I don’t go to the streets, I don’t work with the government to change the rights of minorities.” Nevertheless, Ali is interested in creating a community: at first it was a series of parties celebrating Baltimore club music (even after moving to New York, the musician does not forget about his native Baltimore), then the drumBOOTY podcast appeared, interestingly telling about the problems of racism and gender, now there is also the idea of ​​a new media telling about LGBTQ + people who deserve attention, mainly publicists and writers.

Ali rightly believes that there is a whole wave of musicians of African descent moving music forward, about which it is worth writing more often - among them serpentwithfeet, Yves Tumor, Moor Mother, JPEGMAFIA, and many others (some of them, by the way, are not just colleagues, but friends of the performer). Ali would also like to add to this list: after not the most noticeable mixtapes, their debut album "Fiyah !!!" (sic), mostly produced by themselves, seems like a real explosion. Removing the sound of Baltimore club music from foolishness (samples from, say, "SpongeBob" are a common thing for the genre), the musician mixes it with free jazz, hip-hop, punk, pop music in the understanding of Bjork and much more - not forgetting to communicate important things about origin, gender and creativity. However, "Fiyah !!!" it’s not boring to listen to: it begins with the words “fuck you, fuck me”, and closer to the middle you can find “No, I Ain’t Doin Dat”, an inspiring dance track about personal boundaries and harmony. “Yes, I now have a club track about the consenter,” Ali says about this. "Isn't it cool?"

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