New Name: "Politician" Star Lucy Boynton

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New Name: "Politician" Star Lucy Boynton
New Name: "Politician" Star Lucy Boynton
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Lucy Boynton

who is it: actress, twenty-five years old, starred in the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the TV series "Politician"

“I’ll try to be more real,” says the heroine Lucy Boynton in the opening scene of Ryan Murphy’s latest TV series The Politician. In "Politics" she plays Astrid, a girl in whom there is little real at all and who is ready to walk over their heads on the path to success. Boynton herself is not going to open up to strangers, so in public she prefers to get used to a certain image, dressing up, say, in someone from a British costume drama or, for example, a twelve-year-old ghost (as, at least, her boyfriend Rami Malek thinks). For this plasticity, Boynton is adored by designers who are always ready to work with it.

Boynton was born in New York to a family of British journalists - and her first success in cinema did not appear until after moving to London. Her first role was the young Beatrice Potter - already an adult writer was played by Renee Zellweger. She recalls the filming with fondness: for Boynton, they became a start in life. After several unsuccessful tests, her parents tried to persuade her to continue her studies, but she did not give up - and eventually returned to the cinema with horror movies ("I am a sweetheart living in the house" and "Don't knock twice") and biopics ("The Catcher in the Rye" and " Bohemian Rhapsody"). After the latter, they began to talk about Boynton more and more often - there she performed her first big role, Mary Austin, a friend of Freddie Mercury.

Boynton talks about himself as a very awkward person who tries to talk as little as possible with strangers - and as a stay-at-home who always prefers to spend time with a book than at a party. Finally, how about a woman who is very sensitive to changes in the world - that is, how about the complete opposite of Astrid. Boynton is not afraid to be on the screen who she is not and never will be - it seems that this is the key to good acting.

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