10 Luxurious Warm Sweaters - And As Many Budget Replacements

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10 Luxurious Warm Sweaters - And As Many Budget Replacements
10 Luxurious Warm Sweaters - And As Many Budget Replacements
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Text: Tanya Reshetnik

The cold was not long in coming: October greets us with rain and a single digit on the thermometer. It's time to warm up - for example, with the help of a woolen sweater, which in the midst of autumn can be found even in the mass market, even in a vintage store or from specialized brands. We have chosen ten cute and warming options and as many very similar, but much less expensive ones.

Argyle pattern

Pringle of Scotland, 26 700 RUB.

Pringle of Scotland x H&M, 1599 RUB.

The Scottish brand specializes in warm knitwear and does not skimp on good materials: thick wool, soft cashmere and mohair. One problem - the cost of sweaters and cardigans in a cage is proportional to expensive materials. Fortunately, the Swedish mass market H&M has released a collaboration with the Scots - it has all the same patterns and colors, albeit with a smaller percentage of wool in the composition.


Acne Studios, £ 207

& Other Stories, £ 35

With the onset of cold weather, pastel shades have not disappeared anywhere, but migrated from light tops and dresses to cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks. We advise you to pay attention to the mint hue, as on the main character in Woody Allen's new film "Rainy Day in New York", or the cheerful lemon. In the end, nature will not please with bright colors in the near future, so it's time to take the initiative into your own hands.

With leopard print

Moncler, € 555

Zara, 4999 RUB.

Leopard and snake prints look good on textured items like chunky knit sweaters. We recommend trying this on with your office uniform: a light shirt, dark trousers with arrows, and plain boots. A bright thing will refresh the image and will not freeze when colleagues again want to ventilate the room. A trick for the brave is to wear a "leopard" with a leather skirt with a textured snake pattern or check trousers.


Joseph, € 414

Mango, 2999 RUB.

The classic monochromatic model of large knitting can be found both in the mass market and in expensive brands. In both cases, we advise you to rely on rich shades and an oversized cut: then you can wear a longsleeve or a contrasting turtleneck for warming under a sweater. It is not difficult to fit such a sweater into a casual look: wear it with your favorite jeans, a midi dress or a miniskirt and hikers.


Miu Miu, £ 530

Monki, € 35

A bright striped sweater is a salvation when the strength for the morning training is over before you have time to get out of bed, and you want to look good with all your might. Choose a model with wide stripes in three or four shades and wear with items that are similar in color to one of them. For example, with scarlet sweatpants, lilac corduroy mini or dark blue trousers.

With an abstract pattern

Symonds Pearmain, € 455

Topshop, £ 39

Many designers showed an abstract pattern this fall: some fell into optical illusions, others limited themselves to wide irregular lines and zigzags. We love the two-tone black and white sweater, which looks more interesting than plain models, but easily gets along with other things in the wardrobe. Feel free to wear it with a tartan cage, goose feet or wide stripes.

With a zipper

Nili Lotan, € 975

H&M, 1599 RUB.

The woolen version of the ski sweatshirt is more sporty than classic oversized sweaters thanks to the high zip collar and wide sleeves. We love the warm walnut shade of both models, around which you can build a pastel total look: with a sheepskin coat, sand-colored trousers, brown hikers and fluffy camel gloves.


Vince, £ 316

Zara, 2599 RUB

The deep V-neck leaves room for self-expression: you can wear this sweater over a lace bodysuit with a turtleneck or a translucent mesh crop top, with a contrasting turtleneck or a beige thermal long sleeve. And for a special occasion or a very good mood, a combination of a sweater with a blouse with a Victorian collar or a shirt with a bow at the neck is suitable.

With braids

Isabel Marant, € 470

Weekday, € 50

You probably had a sweater with braids as a child.Over the years, textured wool and voluminous patterns are still a win-win combination for winter. The first model has 100% wool, and the second has a little over 60%, which is also good, especially if you do not plan to wash the sweater by hand. Clothes with the addition of synthetics survive machine wash much better and do not tend to sit down if you forget to put on the gentle mode again.


N ° 21, € 756

Marks & Spencer, £ 59

The deep scarlet color makes these sweaters absolutely versatile - on the one hand, minimalism in its purest form: wear with dark jeans, Cossacks and a down jacket. On the other hand, there is a clear field for experimenting with prints: add a chain scarf, a plaid skirt or patchwork jeans to it.

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