My Tattoo: Actress Daria Bashkirova About Pink Iris

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My Tattoo: Actress Daria Bashkirova About Pink Iris
My Tattoo: Actress Daria Bashkirova About Pink Iris

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IN THE HEADING "MY TATTOO" we ask the heroines about their favorite drawings on the body and how they came to be. Today, the actress Daria Bashkirova talks about her favorite figure on the body.

Daria Bashkirova


The most beautiful iris

from a Berlin flower shop


Two years ago I was going to Berlin to visit my friend Lisa, who just started getting pink tattoos. Lisa is a fan of this color and decided to only work with pink ink.

Before that, I had no tattoos, but I saw Lizin's drawing and realized that I wanted a pink thin flower on my shoulder blade. True, which one, we both could not decide. We played different types of plants in our heads, remembered the catchment area, St. John's wort and carrots. As a result, Lisa wrote: "Come, we will go to the flower shop, choose the most beautiful flower there and fill it for you." I silently called this situation "ultrakarma" and began to wait for the trip. A couple of days before departure I thought it might be an iris: not my favorite, but it would definitely look good in pink. We still honestly went to the store - and the iris was really the most beautiful there.

Lisa first applied the flower directly to my shoulder blade - the first sketch was very detailed and rich. I wanted it to be an inaccurate image. We discussed a lot of botanical illustration, which I love very much, Hokusai. I remember how I showed Lisa to the groove near one of the petals and said that I really want it to be tattooed.

In general, among actors, tattoos are still considered something wrong, especially on women. There are usually two arguments: that the tattoo makes its wearer less impersonal, and the actor should leave himself as much space for reincarnation, and that it is more difficult to cover them up in the cinema. So, for the role they may prefer someone without a tattoo, so that the make-up artist is controlled faster.

We beat the drawing right in Lisa's room. I hugged a pillow wrapped in a pink garbage bag: it was very painful, because the master has little experience, and pink ink is denser than black, and I also have a low pain threshold. I, as best I could, tried not to shout, including so as not to expose Liza in front of the neighbors. The next morning, all the skin under the ink was bruised - not with my other tattoos.

I really love what happened. Not only because no one has one (I have seen black, white and red tattoos, but not completely pink). It looks like a scar, a scratch, a stretch, something very natural, like a birthmark, and at the same time hand-made, like a kintsugi. The body seems to tell a story by itself: a tattoo tells about its appearance and means exactly it - and nothing else. Relatives say that this is a very "my" tattoo, although there was no such goal. Pink is not my favorite color, iris is not my favorite flower, and I love that it deceives those who try to draw conclusions about me from it (this happens more often than you might think). And it seems that this is less likely that I will get bored with it.

Due to the fact that she looks so unusual, not everyone understands that this is a tattoo. For some reason, after that, they immediately strive to touch without warning - I don't like this, but these are trifles. I was often asked: "She's unfinished, and you will fill this contour?" But we conceived it like this from the very beginning. In two years, the thinnest lines began to fade, and at first I thought about correction, but now I'm not sure: I like that both of us with a tattoo go through changes, "we grow old beautifully." Moreover, Liza has already stopped hitting and lost her typewriter, and I don’t want to carry the iris to someone else.

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