Item: Women On The Best Sale Purchase

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Item: Women On The Best Sale Purchase
Item: Women On The Best Sale Purchase

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Reasonable consumption and minimalism teach usthat sales often turn out to be the exact opposite of what they, at first glance, offer - not as a way to profitably buy what you need, but as an excuse to waste money. However, there are those who manage to outwit the system and find real treasures on the sale. During one of the main seasonal sales, we asked women about their best purchase at a discount.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik

Alexandra Solonina

Project Manager


My best find is a kimono down jacket from a Japanese second-hand sale. How much I managed to save is difficult to say, but for me it is definitely more expensive than the thousands of yen given for it (about 550 rubles. - Approx. ed). It was a spontaneous purchase in a shop without a sign on one of Tokyo's non-tourist streets. The cut of the coat is almost like a traditional kimono, without puffs and fasteners. I wear it often, it fits perfectly into the wardrobe and went well for our Moscow winter. The down jacket reminds me of that completely different world in which you find yourself when you get to Japan, about the local culture and traditions with which I feel connected.

In general, I am calm about sales, although if I accidentally find myself, I can buy a proven base or snatch something unusual, like this down jacket. I am often asked where I found it.

Elizaveta Laskina

community manager


My best sale at the sale is the Acne Studios winter parka. I still do not believe that I was so lucky, and I regret that this year's winter was especially warm. I still don’t flaunt it!

I owe this purchase to my mother - she's just a guru in treasure hunting. Through acquaintances, she learned about a lady who buys clothes in Italy - and sells them through a showroom on Taganka and a personal mini-outlet in the south-west of Moscow, which they learn about through word of mouth. One day my mother came across a park there, which, in her opinion, would be perfect for me. She took it just in case, knowing that it was difficult for me to please - but she succeeded! I then walked like a cabbage, in a denim jacket with a cotton lining over a hoodie, wrapped in a massive scarf. When my mother wrote that she had found a very cool parka, I was skeptical about the news, but agreed to try it on. And the thing really turned out to be mine.

The park cost 8,000 rubles, although it usually costs about a thousand euros, so I probably saved 90% of the total cost. The jacket fits perfectly into the wardrobe: minimalistic cut, black, with a cozy double hood with lining, in which I hide from rain and threats from the outside world. In winter, I wear an almost completely black bow, diluted with pink cap and Native boots. In addition, the parka is incredibly comfortable - it has two pockets in the rib area, which ideally fit a business card holder and a phone. The cover of the jacket is waterproof, and the fluffy warm insert in the hood can be removed if desired. I do not do this, as I often forget my hat at home - and it is warm in the hood even in a harsh blizzard.

In general, I try to buy things at off-season sales. For example, winter boots cost half the price if you take them on an off-season sale in early spring. But if I suddenly need something urgently, for example, for an event or travel, I just go to the outlet. I recently moved to New Moscow and almost stopped visiting shopping centers, since the outlet village is a twenty-minute walk away. Whereas shopping used to be a torture for me because of the overcrowded shopping malls during the sales season, now shopping is a pleasant walk. The hunt for cool stuff at a low cost is no longer a battle to the death, but an adventure.

Vika Samokhina

digital manager


A couple of years ago, I went to see friends in Berlin for the Christmas holidays in pursuit of a festive mood. European weather, however, had its own plans.On December 31, it was twelve degrees Celsius, after which it got slightly colder and rains started.

My wardrobe for the holidays was well suited for the Russian winter, but not for the weather, which we have except in April. Once I forgot my umbrella at home, I got into the pouring rain, so my woolen coat got wet to the skin. Realizing that I still have a week of vacation ahead of me and I do not want to spend it with a temperature, I went into the first Monki that came along to buy at least something that would help warm up while the coat was drying by the radiator in the cafe. Without looking at the size and price, I grabbed a soft pink hoodie with a fleece inside out - it became clear at the checkout that this item is from a collection of recycled cotton, and the issue price is only six euros, because this is the last hoodie in the store.

In addition to the fact that this thing, perhaps, saved me from illness, I did not take it off for almost the entire trip. Two years later, it has already lost its original appearance, but it is still a hit of my all-season wardrobe. The hoodie is combined with jeans and leggings, as well as with a flower dress; in winter I hardly get out of it. For me, this is not just a spontaneous good buy, but a thing from a period in my life when I learned a lot about myself. Every time I put it on, I remember those holidays with warmth.

Anya Schemeleva-Konovalenko

designer, digital artist


I consider the Jacquemus coat to be my most successful sale purchase. It was the end of 2015, and I really wanted to make myself a worthy gift for the New Year. The KM20 sold a large blue Jacquemus wool coat that I had dreamed of for the past few months. It was worth decently, like almost all my salary of that time. Through the mailing list, I found out that there would be a sale: in the morning of the 30th, after refreshing the page, I saw that the coat had a discount of around 30%. I called the store, asked if the coat was in place, and rushed for it to work. Literally running into the room, I saw him at the cash register - it turned out that the coat had just been bought and it was flying to London. There was no second one in the store, but the seller showed me another - also blue, but the collar was multi-colored, and the eyelet was red.

In frustrated feelings, I left the store, but after fifteen minutes I realized that actually for me this coat is much better than plain blue. And again she rushed at full speed to the store - since then we have not parted with our coats. I wear it from the beginning of October until the end of March, it is very warm, long, large, and when I walk in it in the snow, I imagine myself as George Michael in the video “Last Christmas”. No matter how silly it may sound, I want to wear it until old age, since the quality of the fabric allows it.

I never buy something spontaneously on sales, I have a board on Pinterest where I put things that interest me. If the passion has not gone away in a few weeks and it turns out that the item is still in stock at a discount, then I buy it. I try to buy only what I really need, so even the most dizzying discount will not affect my decision.

Ksenia Tishkevich

co-owner of the sports club "Bobo"


I can count on my fingers the times when I bought things at full price. Usually this happened in a fit of passion, but, as a rule, I am rather indifferent to things and I don’t commit such rash spending. It's a shame to pay a lot of money for something, knowing that in a couple of months I can get the same thing, but half the price.

Some of my lucky purchases are Jil Sander dresses for over 100 dollars and Prada pants for 60 euros, all of which I happily wear for long periods. My biggest shopping success is the snakeskin shoes of my favorite brand, The Row. To be completely honest, this is not entirely my luck: my beloved friend told me about the boots immediately after she bought herself the same. The story with the purchase is not trivial: someone in the Net-A-Porter store forgot to add a zero in the price tag, as a result, the shoes were sold for a hundred pounds, and the same ones, but made of suede, cost more than a thousand.

I’m ashamed to admit, but I was terribly nervous while waiting for delivery - suddenly the store changed its mind and didn’t send it, but what if it was deployed at customs? As a result, the shoes came, and this is still my favorite pair of shoes: they are incredibly soft and comfortable, but at the same time surprisingly durable and have calmly endured Moscow slush for several seasons. Additional bonuses: this pair is a real chameleon. When I wear them with trousers or a dress, I look like a decent adult, and when I wear them with jeans, I feel a bit like the Salamanca brothers from Breaking Bad. Well, it's a pity, of course, that I didn't buy a second pair, I think I would gladly wear them when these become unusable.

Alla Kravtsova



I have two of the most successful finds. Once I found Diesel jeans for 1,200 rubles in a Prague second-hand shop, and Acne Studios jeans for 3,000 rubles in Sweden at the brand's flagship store. In both cases, I saved more than 50% of the original cost. I wear both models with pleasure and often - they go well with the rest of the things in the wardrobe, as these are just basic classic jeans. In general, I do not have a rule to make purchases only at sales or, conversely, avoid them - as it turns out, I buy.

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