Knitted Vests: 10 Options From Simple To Luxurious

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Knitted Vests: 10 Options From Simple To Luxurious
Knitted Vests: 10 Options From Simple To Luxurious

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We have repeatedly confessed our love for knitted vests, and designers began to regularly include them in their collections. And not without reason - such a thing will come in handy at any time of the year and will diversify the bored image. Here are real life examples of trendy Instagram bloggers: Hannah Stefansson wears a wool vest with a 70s blouse and jeans, while Megan Ellaby adds it to a warm striped jumper and platform ankle boots. In our selection - ten no less cool models for any occasion and wallet.


Anna Eliseeva


Hannah Stefansson's vest costs a lot of money even at a discount, but we found a more budgetary alternative from the same Ganni, who are adept at simple, but moderately fashionable things with a neo-romantic twist. This vest is the most classic: diamond pattern, knitted V-neck, bright color - everything is with it. Do not be afraid to take risks and wear such things with other colorful clothes: Ganni, for example, offers to add it to a leopard outfit, and we advise him to consider a pair of floral blouses, striped shirts and other sweatshirts with prints.




This vest won us over with its juicy raspberry hue. The simplest and safest combination for him is a white shirt and simple jeans. But it will look spectacular with other bright things: for example, a pink and turquoise blouse, a blue turtleneck, a striped shirt and others.

3499 RUB


Zara decided to dilute the traditional gray waistcoat with beaded embroidery, which made it much more interesting. In addition, it has a more practical oversized cut, which is convenient for combinations with loose shirts. Unfortunately, the vest is hardly suitable as a heater: it contains only polyester and acrylic.

4999 RUB


Cashmere in love

As you might guess from the name, the London brand specializes in cashmere and chooses expensive Mongolian raw materials - the prices are therefore appropriate. But it is worth remembering that things made from such material can last for years with proper care. If you are going to invest in a vest for the ages, pay attention to the options for discreet colors and such a simple silhouette - they will always be relevant.


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Many vests can also be worn as T-shirts, weather permitting or dress code. This vest is too thick to be worn over turtlenecks, but can be paired with thin tees or bodysuits. And thanks to the flared cut with slits, it fits perfectly into the image with wide trousers, long skirts, culottes and many other things.




At the Oysho homewear brand, you can find cozy and comfortable things that will suit you on the way out. This white vest with patterns is an example. It is pleasant to go to the office, to an exhibition or even a gala evening in this one - you just need to add accessories. He will make an ideal ensemble with knitted pants and a soft jacket.

1299 RUB


An option that is also perfect for wearing on a naked body or a thin top. The vest is made almost entirely of finely knitted polyester, which means it won't get hot in one. And the metallic effect adds elegance to it.

12 181 rub.



If you are looking for a simple vest without a pattern, consider the COS range - they make them every cold season. Here you can often find models with cutouts, ties and buttons on the sides - these will appeal to those who do not like tight things and appreciate functionality. For example, this vest comes with a belt that can be tied as conveniently or removed altogether.


Howlin '

Howlin 'brand is famous for its knitted items, as if made by their own grandmother. Pay attention if you need not only a beautiful, but also a heating vest. We found this classic gray in the men's department, but in our opinion, it will suit everyone. It is especially cool to combine it with a white T-shirt and simple jeans. But in general, we advise you not to limit yourself.

RUB 11,415



If classic varsity vests don't appeal to you, check out the minimalist, button-down designs. Firstly, it is practical - the vest can be unbuttoned and feel more free, and secondly, it is simply beautiful. This Arket model has another definite plus if you are going to wear a thing in winter: a long collar will help protect your throat, while the vest is not as hot as in a sweater. We remind you that Arket is now shipping to Russia.


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