Coloring And Cutting: Women On Finding Their Hair Master

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Coloring And Cutting: Women On Finding Their Hair Master
Coloring And Cutting: Women On Finding Their Hair Master
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Despite the abundance of beauty salons and color schools in large Russian cities, the search for a hair master still turns into a quest. It leads to the point of absurdity - when they prefer to keep the name of their hairdresser secret and trust only those closest to them. We asked the girls who were lucky enough to find “their” master, about their history of searches and how not to be mistaken.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik

Ira Rovbel

costume designer


My experiments with hair began at the age of fourteen, when I cut a classic butt-length ponytail just below my shoulders. In the tenth grade, she wore dreadlocks for two weeks, and then she was the shortest-cropped girl in school. Before that, she cut off her bangs herself, impressed by Demi Moore in the movie "Striptease". It turned out not very predictable. Then it started: tinted foams of black and burgundy and a fiery red square when I found out that I had entered the university. There were also dark, white, lilac, pink hair. On the day of twenty-eight, I had a haircut six millimeters under a typewriter. Since then I have been growing my color, because I just got tired of painting and spending a lot of money and time on it. But at the same time I still change the shape and continue to constantly hear “Oh, changed my hairstyle again!”, Although it seems to me that the hair just grows and nothing really changes.

One time I went to a studio that specializes in extreme dyes, explained that I wanted a pastel pink color, and felt a little stressed that during dyeing and haircuts, they didn’t show me my reflection. As a result, when the rag was removed from the mirror with a spectacular movement, I saw an enraged fuchsia with orange stripes on my head and said “oh b ****”. She demanded to wash off the color. The master was offended, but washed my head a couple of times, which, of course, did not really save the situation. I looked like a young informal girl, and I didn't want that for a long time.

After that, I signed up with Sveta Saiko at Noir (now the salon is called MUTE. - Approx. ed.). We knew each other personally, and I knew a bunch of friends who cut their hair only with her. And soon she herself became this person, because Sveta understands my wishes and adapts them to my hair, face and the perspective of growing. And I always listen to her. As a result, haircuts collect a bunch of compliments. For example, Sveta dissuaded me from bangs at the current length, explaining this by the peculiarities of my face (but not categorically, but "if you want, then, of course, let's do it!"). I love listening to Svetina's DJ sets and chatting about travel, tattoos and piercings - both meeting her at parties and sitting in an armchair. I have been visiting her since May 2018 and will turn to another master only if I want to change the color of my hair: Sveta does not dye.

When looking for a master, I would listen to friends whose haircuts and colors you like, looked at interesting salons on Instagram and photos in the profile of the masters. Snobbery in relation to you, your hair and your wishes should be alerted. For example, I find it unacceptable for a hairdresser to criticize my haircut, color, or condition in the spirit of “Who made you this nightmare? How do you walk the streets with this on your head? " and so on.

Julia Katkalo



I have never experimented with hair - I wore plus or minus one length (maximum - to the shoulder blades), once cut off the bangs. At the university, she changed shades: honey, blond, dark. Once I decided to dye my hair myself and chose the wrong shade in the store: instead of warm chocolate, it turned out to be almost black. The color did not suit me at all, and I went to the master to correct the situation. Most likely, he misunderstood my idea, because he made highlights on wide strands. I looked like a red zebra! She left the salon in shock.In the end, another master helped, but that case became a turning point for me. First of all, I realized that I would no longer experiment with hair myself. Secondly, I decided to find one person who can be trusted.

Googling, I stumbled upon the Cut & Color school of colourists. I liked their technique and the fact that they were doing a rare balayage at that time - "Californian" coloring. I signed up with a random master and ended up with Anya - as a result, I have been going to her for eight years. From the first time I liked both the coloring and the haircut, and also Anya's tact. All craftsmen and clients are different. For example, I don't really like talking during procedures like haircuts or manicure. Anya is also silent. The first four years we hardly spoke: at first we discussed my preferences and got down to work. Now, after so many years of dating, we are already chatting about everything in the world. When Anya found out that I was a stylist, she signed up for my wardrobe analysis and shopping. I sent my mother to her too.

I think that when looking for your master, it is important to pay attention to experience and age. For some reason, it seemed to me earlier that I would find a nugget with golden hands who would not charge a lot of money for his work. Now, of course, I understand that a real professional is in demand and will always receive a decent payment for his services.

Katya Sutormina

product manager at and author of a blog about curly hair care


At one time, I experimented with color - I had different shades of purple and eggplant - but pretty quickly found my own. And as soon as I realized all the charm of the curls (they appeared at a certain length), I could no longer part with them. Once a hairdresser bleached my hair before painting with powder (supra), without warning about how traumatic it could be. It's good that I figured it out and went to another master who picked up a good dye and the perfect color for me.

Unfortunately, even the best craftsmen don't know how to style curls. I remember the disappointment in the look of the hairdresser when she saw the result of styling after a haircut: the hair looked like soft cotton wool sticking together. Many curly-haired people have sad stories. Starting with the dismissive attitude of the masters to the curls, ending with not the most successful haircuts, after which you have to independently correct the shape and remove the pieces sticking out here and there. The problem is that in a natural state, each curl can have its own length: the curl shrinks and can bounce in a completely random way. The classic haircut for long hair does not take this into account.

Two years ago, when the philosophy of "curly hair" came to Russia, my joy knew no bounds. There were queues to the masters cutting their curls dry, many waited a whole month. Now there are more such hairdressers: salons specializing in curly hair give lessons, and some go to master classes in the United States on their own. The first time I went to the curly-haired master Nastya Androsova out of curiosity. After the haircut, I realized that the hair began to lie much better, the shape grows beautifully and I can walk with it for six months. They also provide styling and grooming tips, and curly styling helps you understand how your hair might look with proper grooming. This is a great motivation for those who are just learning about the "kinky" method. So, I have been going to "curly" masters for two years now: I need a predictable result. But with styling, I myself cope much better.

When looking for a master, it is important to look at his profile. Focus on your feelings. Do you like the work? Are you in doubt? It is also better to clarify on what means the salon works, if, for example, you avoid silicones. Look for reviews of hairdressers - information can be found in "curly" chats. It is better to formulate expectations in advance, specifying how you want and how it should not be (yes, this is also important). A good master will always hear you and will try to correct controversial points.

Masha Vorslav

makeup artist and founder of the Dragzina project


There was everything: I wore my hair to the shoulder blades, squares, shaved my temples, and then my whole head. Then I grew it to Don Draper's hair, bleached my hair, grew my color, and now I wear a mullet. Just the other day, she dyed her turquoise gray.

It is important for me that the master understands current trends, does what I want, and just cuts well. I usually show the photo and talk over the details so you can make sure you both understand the picture the same way. Otherwise, make-up artists have a joke about a hundred variants of black smoky that a client might have in mind.

I have two masters: Yulia Stets in Ukraine and Laurent (aka Lorina Ray) in Moscow. I am delighted with how Julia looks and what she does. She is a very experienced craftsman, so I try to plan trips to Kiev so that she will cut my hair. In Moscow, I go to my friend Laurent. He has ten years of experience, he does not seek to give me a "feminine" hairstyle just because I am a woman. With him I am ready to experiment: it was he who corrected my mallet and painted me in turquoise.

Victoria Schneider



I didn’t experiment much with hair. For a long time I have been walking with a cold blond and medium length. With this color I am as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, of course, you really want long hair or, conversely, try on a short haircut. At the age of seventeen or eighteen I had a square with a shaved head, I still remember this lightness. Several times I was a hair model: once I was cut on stage with a razor, my hair flew in different directions, but it turned out beautifully. More often than not, color experiments ended with light, lightened strands and a washable pink hair spray. It was a bad experience when I was tinted in a dark chocolate color (my natural one is light blond), that's when I felt out of place. And the saddest experience was in childhood, when my mother sent me to her hairdresser. I came to her with a reference, but in the end it turned out to be a "pot", so for a while I looked like the main character of the film "The Adventures of Electronics".

After graduation, I dyed my hair myself, as a colorist by education and I can mix the necessary shades myself. Sometimes I asked my husband to apply paint - it’s not very convenient for me. Over time, I realized that I needed advice from the outside: the shades I got were beautiful, but the quality of the hair became worse. When doing blond, it is important to apply the dye very carefully, otherwise the hair may suffer.

I didn't have to look for a hair stylist for a long time. I immediately thought about my friend Mila and found her on Instagram, she is a super talented hairdresser and, as it turned out, opened her own salon. At first, I was only able to get an oral consultation, since she had an appointment for several months ahead, and I started going to another master in her salon. But after a while I wanted to get into the chair with Mila, although I liked the former stylist.

Intuition did not disappoint: at Mila I feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I really relax when I go to the salon, always asking for advice on shade, care and hair length. Probably, this will be my advice: trust your intuition, be sure to personally consult with a stylist to understand whether you are thinking in one direction or not. And also focus on the style of work - you can see them in advance on the website or in social networks.

Yulia Tatarchenko



Experiments with hair have always been limited to changing the length and cutting off the bangs. I love my natural color, and I have never dyed - not only for aesthetic reasons, but also out of the desire to maintain a healthy looking hair. Last summer I cut off a square, but now I regret it and grow it again.

Before I found my master, I was rarely happy with the result. Everything was fine only after the salon, and in daily wear either you had to spend time styling, or it looked bad at all.And haircuts with styling have always been obtained as from a "catalog of hairstyles." When I got tired of all this, I signed up for the then fashionable Birdie hairdressing salon. I chose the master with the largest number of positive reviews - it turned out to be Diana. She charmed me from the first minutes with her appearance - she flew up to me like a graceful bird. After that, I said for a long time that I had found my "bird". But it finally became clear that this was my master, when I washed my hair and realized that I did not need to do anything, my hair was already high. Now I go for a haircut as needed every two to three months and just flatten the ends. So if you like the result, then grab this master and take care of him!

Then Diana opened her own hairdressing gallery CUT CUT CUT. I was so fascinated by the concept and aesthetics of the place that I suggested that Dee shoot a lookbook of hairstyles. Now it is already a good tradition, and every six months we release a new large shooting. Recently there was a filming dedicated to the Chinese New Year.

Katya Yarmakhova

PR agent


I almost never changed my hairstyle radically - I cut my bangs as much as possible in adolescence, which I immediately began to grow. In my entire life, I had only one experiment with hair, but immediately extreme - when I, on a dispute with my brown-haired master, dyed myself platinum blonde at one time.

There was only one bad experience, which I recall with a shudder, and I have been getting rid of its consequences for almost a year now. By coincidence, I went at random to an unfamiliar master for styling and for some reason accepted the offer to "remove dry ends." Instead of a small cosmetic intervention, she left with a monstrous profiled square. There was already nothing to do, so for several months I licked him in every possible way.

I found my master when the Birdie salon opened. When Kolya Rish started working with them, I realized that at last I could calmly check the memes on my phone at the time of the haircut, and not closely watch every movement. When I got to Kolya, I immediately realized that we have common ideas about beauty and a similar sense of humor - which is equally important for the process and for the result. He never needs to explain what is good for me and what is bad, and he himself will tell you which idea to give up - and he will always be right. When he came up with the idea of ​​making me blonde, I agreed in a minute - and I still think it is the coolest adventure, albeit quite cruel in relation to hair (even with the best master and the best dyes). Now I have finally grown my hair to its natural shade, so I go very rarely - trim the ends and correct the shape every few months. I go not only to Kolya but also to his team: Dasha Gaponova, Katya Berenshtein, Natasha Rassadina, Angelina Lobanova. I can come to each of them at any moment with a stupid request "make me beautiful" - and they will do so.

For seven years, relations with the team have become friendly. When I dyed blonde, they sometimes held a consultation on which shade to choose this time. When I asked to make it colder, they explained that I actually call warm cold (it always looks different on myself than in the dye). But even when I wanted a really cold one, they helped me choose a shade so that I would not turn into a chrome pan. When asked to cut off the bangs - dissuaded. She would definitely start to piss me off on the second day, so the guys saved me from six months of stabbing and growing.

It seems to me that the coincidence of the feeling of beauty with the masters is very important - this is manifested not only in hairdressing, but also in what kind of cinema they like, how they travel, what they listen to, what images they are guided by. The discrepancy should be alarming: if you like the conditional Billie Eilish, and your master - the conditional Ksenia Borodina, then you are unlikely to fully understand each other at the aesthetic level.It is also important that the master be able to argue his advice. I do not believe the masters who are ready to blindly fulfill the wishes of the client, without taking into account various factors: we ourselves do not always know how the oval of the face, skin color and hair features will work with a particular haircut.

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