New Name: "High Fidelity" Charismatic Star Da'Win Joy Randolph

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New Name: "High Fidelity" Charismatic Star Da'Win Joy Randolph
New Name: "High Fidelity" Charismatic Star Da'Win Joy Randolph
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Da'Win Joy Randolph

who is it: opera singer and actress, starred in "High Fidelity", played on Broadway in the musical based on the film "Ghost"

Da'Vin Joy Randolph has been in the movies for several years - and her roles are worthy of the actress's recognition. In 2019, she played Eddie Murphy's bright friend in the Netflix comedy My Name Is Dolemite, for which she watched films with her prototype and studied all the necessary information, which was not easy to find. She did not get lost in the star cast, performing on equal terms with Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Mike Epps - but in the new Hi-Fi series, she sometimes even outshines the main character performed by Zoe Kravitz. Randolph plays Cherise, a witty music store employee whose dream is to make her own music. Until the very end of the season, it is not clear whether she is really ready to become a great artist or just bluffing.

In terms of music, Randolph is confident in herself - she graduated from Yale as an opera singer and was nominated for a Tony for her role in the musical adaptation of Ghost. And the role of Cherise was so suitable for her that Randolph got it right away. A similar hero in the first film adaptation

Hi-Fi, by the way, was played by Jack Black, whom the actress adores. Randolph is great at adding a bit of drama to comedy roles - while her characters are devoid of the stereotypes that screenwriters often give women of her physique and background. New heights are ahead: this year she has already planned appearances in the new film by Miranda Julai, praised at the last Sundance, and the adaptation of the biography of Billie Holiday - not in the main, but, I believe, a very prominent role.

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