My Tattoo: Songwriter Ksenia Zheglaya About The Fateful Double Bass

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My Tattoo: Songwriter Ksenia Zheglaya About The Fateful Double Bass
My Tattoo: Songwriter Ksenia Zheglaya About The Fateful Double Bass

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IN THE HEADING "MY TATTOO" we ask the heroines about their favorite drawings on the body and how they came to be. Today, the songwriter of the "Normal Songs for Children" project Ksenia Zheglaya tells about the double bass tattoo, thanks to which she met her future husband.

Ksenia Zheglaya

Songwriter of the project

"Normal songs for children"

Double bass tattoo "about making the right decisions in spite of everything"


If you find yourself in a pond with any randomly taken children, they will be interested in exactly two things about you: do you have tattoos and can you dive from you. About adults it is also interesting to me most of all, and to them about me, in turn, “where is the decoding at the violin”. In fact, I don't have a violin on my shoulder, but a double bass circuit. This is a tattoo about initiative and the right decisions in spite of everything.

It is my third: there is also a small symbol "The Mighty Boosh" and a monkey in a kilt dancing on a typewriter. I made a double bass scheme (based on a sketch by videographer Anisia Boroznova, bow to her) during the period when I went to concerts as if I were going to work: I realized that more jazz physically cannot fit into a person, it's time to create a separate folder. Then Katya Karamazova took a picture of me with this tattoo, who, on the instructions of the Rodchenko school, had to do a documentary nude with a stranger. The photo with the greatest concentration of happiness, I chastely cropped just in the contrabass and sent it to the tinder, where it was swiped by a red-haired composer just a couple of hours later. Well, five years later, he and I organized a creative cell "Normal songs for children" - after getting married and having a daughter.

The piquancy is that shortly before we met, I thundered into the hospital with a nervous breakdown. The therapist, slightly deviating from professional ethics, said that he rarely insists on such things, but right now he would recommend that I refrain from new relationships for a year or two. Therefore, the first thing I did when I returned home was, of course, to install the tinder.

And in this, and in everything else, this tattoo set a steep inertia of determination: I left the profession, to which I devoted sixteen years, left Moscow, where I lived all my life, adopted parenthood, from which I fled from my youth like from fire, began to make money by creating songs that I never considered seriously. The contrabass is a symbol of some kind of basic support, which is right next to it, on my own shoulder.

In a past life, the drawings in my hands sometimes had to be hidden - once even clients who invited me to conduct a seminar asked about this. Now, of course, I don’t think about it. However, recently, a subscriber of our channel flew in to me: they say, how can you sing songs for children and at the same time shine with partak in the frame. I expected different criticism (bursting, out of tune, whatever), but this one puzzled both me and my daughter, who terribly loves to play this double bass with tiny fingers.

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