Who To Subscribe To: Let's Move Out Lesbian Live Show

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Who To Subscribe To: Let's Move Out Lesbian Live Show
Who To Subscribe To: Let's Move Out Lesbian Live Show

Video: Who To Subscribe To: Let's Move Out Lesbian Live Show

Video: Who To Subscribe To: Let's Move Out Lesbian Live Show

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"Hello! This is Anya, Katya and Masha, we are three lesbians from Moscow. It seems to us that in Russia there is very little content about non-heterosexual women - which means that there is little representation,”says the description of the new YouTube channel“Let's move in!”. Its creators discuss a wide range of topics - from Zemfira to quarantined relationships and nostalgia for Eurovision. Now the girls have recorded two videos in zoom, but they do not plan to stop. “I didn’t expect this kind of feedback, and the comments only confirm our theory that the representation of lesbians is really not enough,” says co-author Katya in the second video.

Masha Latsinskaya, Anya Filippova and Katya Nenakhova

creator of "Let's move in"

Anya Filippova: The author of the idea is Masha Latsinskaya. It so happened that we all knew each other, but only two by two: we have been friends with Katya since our student years, Katya has known Masha for a couple of years, and I know Masha from working together at Otkrytye. In the spring, when the situation with the new coronavirus became serious, Katya returned to Moscow on an export flight from Brazil, Masha had to come here from Tbilisi.

The choice of topics is a painful process, because you want to cram everything at once and embrace the immensity. We have two blocks: the first - fundamental topics such as biphobia, stereotypes and certain aspects of lesbian culture; the second - discussion of current events such as a new song by Zemfira, the release of a good queer movie or homophobic antics of famous people.

Masha Latsinskaya: We once phoned the girls in the zoom, where we had an interesting conversation - including on the topic of LGBT culture. I wondered what could be made of our conversations an online show in which we discuss interesting things for us - and probably other non-heterosexual girls -. Without quarantine, probably, there would have been no desire to take a risk and launch a YouTube project: we would have been waiting for a personal meeting and “better times”

Our main and obvious goal is to increase the visibility of lesbians, bisexuals and pansexuals in the Russian media space. At the same time, I do not want to talk only about problems or lecture the public: it seems to me that a live conversation with a share of humor and musical inserts will go much better. Still, there is a suspicion that our LGBT community is tired of negativity.

So far, the zoom format is showing itself well, but we hope that by the time we exit quarantine, we will decide how to develop the show further. Maybe we will grow to a professional studio shooting, we will invite interesting guests and become one of the main YouTube channels for LGBT people in Russia.

Katya Nenakhova: I think that if, in my conditional eighteen years, I had stumbled upon such content, I would have avoided many internal torments and would have realized my orientation much earlier. It is very important for people who are part of some minority to see the representation in the products of mass culture - it helps you to feel that you are not alone. This, of course, does not mean at all that our main audience is adolescents in the process of self-reflection. On the contrary, we are convinced that our content can be of interest to many non-heterosexual women of different ages. Although I have received positive feedback from my heterosexual friends, which is good news.

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