Feb: Bright And Cozy Sweaters, Cardigans And Vests From Kiev

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Feb: Bright And Cozy Sweaters, Cardigans And Vests From Kiev
Feb: Bright And Cozy Sweaters, Cardigans And Vests From Kiev

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PRICES: from 3200 hryvnia (about $ 115) for vests to 4500 hryvnia (about $ 160) for cardigans with buttons

The brand of bright knitted items called Feb was launched by Victoria Furmanyuk and Andrey Bushmakin. Victoria is directly related to fashion, before launching her own brand, she worked as a fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Ukraine for five years (and still works there), and her partner Andrey, he deals with the technical and financial side of Feb, is from the IT sphere. The guys launched their business in February 2020, as Victoria says "at a bad time from a business point of view" due to an unexpected quarantine and crisis. The name of the brand refers to the couple's favorite month - they met in February: “We wanted the name to have something personal associated with us. In addition, February is a month especially unloved by many: gray, mud, slush - and we are trying to brighten up this time with our bright colored sweaters."

Feb can be called a mono-brand of knitted items - Victoria admits that she has always been close to the concept when you focus on the production of one piece of wardrobe and bring it to perfection: “We started with classic models of sweaters, cardigans and short-sleeved tops, which are definitely will not lose their relevance after many years. We like to work with color, combine them with each other and make bright colorful things."

Feb is not planning to release seasonal collections, participating in an endless fashion race - the creators plan to add new colors and models to the already established permanent line. The founders of the brand emphasize that it is important for them to remain a small brand - they do not want to use aggressive marketing tools: “We understand that this path is most likely longer and will take more time, but it is more pleasant and interesting for us”.

Feb doesn't have its own production yet. All things are made in a small Kiev atelier on outsourcing - now this is enough: “We are in favor not to produce a lot and not to leave unsold things lying dead. We now have a small number of ready-made sweaters, and if a person orders something that is not in stock, we politely ask you to wait a few days before making it."

In the future, the guys would like to try to enter the international market and cooperate with retailers around the world. We are also working on new models, website creation and future filming.

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