Sneakers, Slip-ons And Athletic Shoes: 8 Definitely Beautiful Pairs

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Sneakers, Slip-ons And Athletic Shoes: 8 Definitely Beautiful Pairs
Sneakers, Slip-ons And Athletic Shoes: 8 Definitely Beautiful Pairs

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Sports boots, insulated slip-on sneakers, classic sneaker models in a new interpretation - we decided to collect in one guide 10 most comfortable pairs for any occasion. They will also come in handy for working days - since more and more offices are treating sports shoes favorably, and for weekends outside the city.


Dasha Knyazeva

New Balance x X TDS Niobium Concept 1

It's not for nothing that New Balance has been featured by the public about Please street culture as one of the most interesting contemporary brands in our recent article. The brand really differs from competitors by its unwillingness to participate in the endless race of news feeds and chooses partners intelligently. So, one of the most anticipated sports couples of the season is the result of a collaboration between New Balance and the Japanese brand Snow Peak, well known to everyone who loves outdoor activities and for whom the beauty of every little thing is important (down to a small hiking fork). The boots, which fold out into three independent pairs, have a relatively high price, while they are quite affordable. You don't need to look for them from dealers (which is pretty nice for such a loud collaboration) - there is even a running black color freely available. An ideal pair for those who wear clogs and boots with equal pleasure.

RUB 23 901


Salomon Odyssey Advanced

For Muscovites and those who find it important to try on shoes before buying, Peak has opened in the city center - a store with an up-to-date selection of sports items. We suggest paying attention to the Odyssey model, released as part of the Salomon Advanced line, which is so loved by buyers around the world. Inspired by traditional hiking shoes, the sneaker has a rough rubberized sole and is suitable for active city walks. Available in three colors. Note that the vapor is not waterproof. But if you get caught in the rain, it is unlikely that something terrible will happen to the sneakers.

RUB 17,950

Converse x Tyler, The Creator Golf le Fleur Gianno

Even in autumn, it is not necessary to deny yourself colored shoes if you have a heart for it. As part of the long-running collaboration between Converse and rapper Tyler, The Creator, known for its unusual style, Gianno sneakers are available for purchase. Before this couple, the rapper was only rethinking the classic models of the brand, so the release of the current one was so important for the partners. The resulting sneaker is a tribute to the 90s and the deliberately bulky models of the time. And while modern sneaker fashion is increasingly moving away from dad shoes inspiration and looking for new ideas in classic football boots, climbing shoes and models from the 70s, the Converse pair outperforms many with its combination of infantile elements (like a delicate flower) and a powerful outsole.

RUB 12 490


Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS Gel-Teserakt

The collaboration between Bulgarian designer Kiko Kostadinov and ASICS brand, which has left a noticeable mark in the history of sneaker culture, is coming to an end. The latest sneaker drop consists of the Gel Teserakt in two color variations inspired by gold and gunmetal. The result of their collaborations has always been distinctive - because of the bright elements, many models (unlike, for example, most ASICS models) were difficult to imagine in the wardrobe of people gravitating towards the base. And yet here's a chance to get hold of a literal historical item - besides, with such a neon sole, you will probably be visible from afar. For those who are closer to the classics, the color is more suitable for the result of the collaboration with the Vivienne Westwood brand.



A Vans model that seems to be worn even in winter, the SK8-HI MTE is available in several color options, including for Simpsons fans. You can wear the classic black model with a wave with anything, but we would strongly advise you to try it on with a formal suit or at least with trousers with arrows. For those for whom beauty is more important than comfort, we advise you to hunt for the Authentic and Era sneakers, which were launched with Noah NY, one of the most curious and relevant street brands.The latter carefully monitor the points of sale, and despite the efforts of some retailers, it seems that we will not see the brand in Russia in the near future.

RUB 9590


adidas Consortium Sahale X

As you can easily notice, one of the most interesting new products of the adidas Consortium, released in dusty blue and sand colors, is inspired by hiking and climbing shoes. And although the model is positioned as a man's, you can buy it starting from size 38, and a woman can also be seen in the brand's lookbook.

RUB 11,990

Nike Air Force 1 Mid x Comme des Gar ç ons

The long-term collaboration between Nike and the Rei Kawakubo brand is fascinating - fans look out for new couples at every Comme des Garçons show. The reimagined Nike Air Force 1 Mid features an all-black and white leather finish with layered detailing and debuted on the catwalk for the Fall / Winter 2020 Comme des Garçons runway. The pairs that went on sale just four days ago in the online store Dover Street Market have already been sold out. But, hopefully, more will appear on other platforms.



Suicoke pepper

The Japanese brand Suicoke has firmly occupied the niche of the most comfortable summer shoes - it makes very recognizable sandals in a variety of modifications. And although the brand certainly had warm boots, now, at the peak of interest in unusual and comfortable shoes, it is in for a real massive success. Pay attention to the brand's “inflated” slip-ons - we have already mentioned them. They will easily fit into a sporty look with sweatpants, and a sweeping, elegant one - they will help to slightly muffle the degree of pathos. We advise you to pay attention to Suicoke and those who are looking for an alternative to uggs, this winter they promise to be everywhere.

RUB 15 715

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