Women - About The Means For The Body That Save Them In The Cold Season

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Women - About The Means For The Body That Save Them In The Cold Season
Women - About The Means For The Body That Save Them In The Cold Season

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With the onset of autumn, more and more often remember about multi-stage care systems and special products. Central heating and freezing air can negatively affect the condition of the skin: some report dryness and flaking, others feel tightness or hypersensitivity. A properly selected body cream will help to cope with this (sometimes several: basic for the whole body and denser, nourishing for very dry areas like elbows and legs). We asked the girls about their favorite body products for fall and winter: creams, oils and lotions.

Text: Tanya Reshetnik


Body Lotion Eucerin Atopi Control

Christina Farberova

co-founder of Openface, author of Chris Prints»

I have combination skin prone to dryness. I'm also an atopic - this factor affects my condition every year. In autumn and winter, with the onset of cold weather and turning on the central heating, the skin becomes noticeably drier - especially on the legs and arms. And woolen clothes that have to be worn at this time of the year only increase the feeling of dryness - because of this, the skin is often irritated and itchy.

In early spring, during a pandemic, I introduced the pharmacy brand Eucerin into the care: hydrophilic shower oil and body lotion. Their products are based on fatty acids and urea, moisturizing ingredients that help restore the skin's protective barrier and help it retain moisture.

I use Eucerin Atopi Control Lotion to keep my skin from drying out and hardening. This is a remedy for dry skin - you need to be prepared for a dense, viscous texture; it leaves a moist finish on the skin and a light oily film that helps to retain moisture. It is fragrance-free and smells like all pharmacy moisturizers.

It contains a mixture of emollients and occlusives: omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (castor oil, evening primrose oil and grape seed oil), NP ceramide, dimethicone and mineral oil (the latter are excellent for atopics, since they have high occlusion, prevent moisture loss and do not cause allergies).

I like to apply it immediately after showering on damp skin, but it needs to be allowed to soak in for a while. That is, you will have to walk around the apartment for some time, waiting for everything to be absorbed. Suitable for both adults and children (even very young - it can be used from 3-4 months of a child's life).

Organic Kitchen Acid Moisturizing Body Lotion

Weleda Skin Food Universal Nourishing Body Cream

Lena Konchalovskaya

editor and author of the channel "Face Editor"


In the cold season, my skin is very dry, and my legs begin to peel off. And for a very long time, literally nothing helped me from this, although I tried a dozen different cans from the pharmacy "Emolium" to La Mer.

I found two products: Adel Miftakhova's acid cream for Organic Shop and Weleda Skin Food. In general, I really like everything that Don't Touch My Skin launches, including collaborations, but it was the acid lotion that became a discovery for me in body care. I don't understand why there are so few such products on the market, because the skin of the face is exfoliated with acids, why is the body worse ?!

The lotion has a pleasant, non-greasy texture, it is absorbed very quickly, but if there are wounds on the body, for example from razor cuts or irritation, then it is better not to use acids at this moment - at least it will pinch. The product has practically no smell, it removes peeling in a couple of days, and the skin becomes soft and very smooth.

I do not use it every day, usually I actively use it for a week, and then alternate with the already legendary Weleda Skin Food cream. He has several versions: the usual, rather fat, lightweight, butter, and, it seems, there is also a separate version for the body. You can choose any, but I would not apply the classic dense one to the whole body - it seems that this is generally unrealistic, it is so dense.But on dry areas, knees, heels and elbows, the product fits perfectly. It has a rather strong pharmacy smell, but such fragrances scare me much less than perfumery.

It nourishes the skin really well, and in combination the two work so well that you can use them every other day, alternating.

In general, I don't like the feeling of the product on the skin, so body cream usually sounds like torture to me. But DTMS lotion is really almost not felt and is absorbed very quickly, and I apply Weleda on separate areas, which is not so uncomfortable. Almost all cosmetics I use are from iHerb or from the Foam store, and these two are no exception.


Body Lotion ISDIN Ureadin Lotion 10

Olga Lukinskaya

medical journalist and translator

I have normal body skin that needs almost no maintenance. For the shower, I use a very mild product without foam (this is the well-known CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser), sometimes according to my mood, after a run, with a scrub from Lush. I hardly ever have to moisturize my skin, especially in the summer when I put sunscreen on all exposed areas of my body. In autumn and winter, the skin becomes drier, apparently due to friction with closed clothing (we do not have frost, fierce heating too). Sometimes I notice dryness on the legs or shoulders, then I use the cream locally and very rarely apply it all over the body.

My favorite cream is ISDIN Ureadin Hydration Lotion, which I bought in a liter bottle at least a year ago. ISDIN is a Catalan brand that makes some of the best (texture, comfort and protection) sunscreens on the local market. They also have several skin care lines with a wide variety of features - for example, a moisturizer after radiation therapy, a line for intimate hygiene and moisturizing of the vulva, creams for correcting atopic dermatitis in children, and much more. Ureadin is a line with urea that moisturizes well; the cream is light, almost liquid and does not smell. It also contains lactic acid, apparently in a low concentration, because it is not at all marketed as an exfoliating agent. But after several applications in a row, I noticed that the skin became very smooth.


Zeitun Body Milk Damascus Rose & Melissa

Veta Krupko


My skin is normal almost all year round, except for the heating period in Moscow: as soon as the apartments are heated, the skin becomes very dry and it is mainly only a humidifier and constant use of a moisturizer that helps.

My all-time favorite body moisturizer is Zeitun's milk brand of essential oils and cosmetics. Zeitun only uses pure oils and of course does not test cosmetics on animals.

The brand has milk with different combinations of essential oils, I think this is very convenient: I usually put milk on my body before going to bed - and it turns out that I simultaneously moisturize my skin and arrange for myself aromatherapy (milk with lavender oils, by the way, will help lighter and stronger fall asleep, and vice versa with aphrodisiac oils).

I would not say that the milk is the most moisturizing, but the feeling of tightness goes away immediately after application. I can apply it to all areas, however, most often it is only hands to the elbows and legs. I buy it only for 4fresh, they have a very convenient application and eco-friendly delivery without plastic, even paper invoices are no longer invested!


Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Body Butter

Ksenia Golovanova

perfume journalist and author of the Nose Republic channel

I have very dry skin, which in the absence of care, especially during the heating season, immediately begins to peel off and even crack in places. Therefore, instead of the usual cream, I use Nubian Heritage fragrant shea butter, which I order once a year - just enough cans for the season - on iHerb.

I know that the main complaint of users about this oil is its tight, obstinate consistency. Imagine natural honey that is a little sugared, thick and non-flowing, with grains and small crystals - that's what Nubian Heritage is.

Easy sliding will not work, you do not need to smear it, but rub it in, making certain efforts. But this is exactly what I like about the oil - it literally makes me pay attention to my own skin, take time for it, give myself some kind of massage before bed, after a shower or a bath.

I apply it on the driest areas - knees, elbows and forearms, and if there is strength, then on the whole body. And then I definitely put on my pajamas: the oil is greasy and is absorbed for a long time - you can stain the sheets. In addition, my dachshund takes a great interest in its smell, considering it something edible, something that must be licked off of me.

Unrefined Shea Butter does have a rather specific scent, which is why manufacturers often add perfume, and Nubian has the best I've tasted, a simple and beautiful combination of incense and myrrh. Today, we associate these incense primarily with religious rituals, but the Egyptians were apparently the first to use them for purely hedonistic purposes: Queen Hatshepsut, for example, loved myrrh so much that she sent entire fleets of ships to Punt (modern Somalia) for her seedlings. Above, I said that the perfume is simple - there are only two components, but it smells very perfumery: resinous and coniferous, citrus and a little sweet, slightly smoky.


Sesderma Atopises Body Milk

Julia Grebyonkina

Publisher Beauty Insider

My body skin is prone to dryness, very dry on my legs, and in winter I always suffer, up to peeling, itching, scratching and blood. At work, I once did a lot of material on what atopic dermatitis is, and it became clear that I have it in a very mild form. Actually, itching is the main symptom, and the nature of blood pressure is allergic (I also have allergic rhinitis, and these are all symptoms of one story). It is so embedded in the DNA that the skin, reacting to the stimulus, loses its "cement" - lipids. You can fight this only without flushing lipids from the skin and constantly restoring the barrier layer with creams.

In general, it is important that the cleansing of the skin is as soft and gentle as possible. These are usually atopic remedies - pharmacy oils and gels, without color, taste or smell, so to speak. Boring, but working. Of these, I love A-Derma Exomega Control oil, Uriage Xémose gel, Bioderma Atoderm, La Roche-Posay Lipikar, right now I have Noreva Xerodiane AP + oil. I cannot say that they are seriously different from each other, I usually take the largest displacement.

And it is important not to be lazy and moisturize your skin every day with pharmacy creams for atopics. Often in their composition, in addition to moisturizing ingredients, there are anti-inflammatory (this is important when combing) and soothing, relieving this very itching. I love La Roche-Posay Lipikar in all its forms and updates (they have already improved the composition several times), Uriage Xémose milk for warmer weather and a dense balm for the cold, Sesderma Atropises milk. Basically, they do not smell and have a slightly “rubbery” texture, so that a protective film remains on the skin (since it does not produce such a film itself). But this can be very boring and too lazy to use, so sometimes I take something more fun and non-pharmaceutical - for example, our Russian Botavikos proved to be cool, all last winter I used their tropical nourishing Relax Body Cream. Aroma, texture - and price! - all wah.

I confess that every day I am too lazy to smear with body cream. I catch myself when peeling and itching begin again, then the enthusiasm fades away. I try to force myself to smear at least my whole legs after a morning shower. And she is fanatical about a mild cleansing - you can moisturize, but if you just washed off the entire hydrolipid mantle with a means with hard surfactants, then what's the point. For the same reasons, I don't take hot baths, I don't wear anything prickly, I don't use any washcloths or harsh scrubs. And I think the main investment for the winter is the purchase of a cool air humidifier.

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