Greenhouses, Garden Beds, Harvest: 9 Instagram Feeds With Beautiful Home Gardens

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Greenhouses, Garden Beds, Harvest: 9 Instagram Feeds With Beautiful Home Gardens
Greenhouses, Garden Beds, Harvest: 9 Instagram Feeds With Beautiful Home Gardens

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This year many a feat to rethink life in a big city: for example, we wrote about people who left Moscow where they were born and are not going to return. Many began to move closer to nature, carried away by growing plants, public gardens and decorating their own gardens. On Instagram, there are many accounts dedicated to this topic, especially since in the last year interest in them has grown due to the fashion for the gardener's outfit and the trend for cottages that has taken over the social network. In our selection - nine Instagram, the authors of which grow vegetables and flowers in their garden. And if they are not enough, then you can turn to the Humans Who Grow Food account, where each post is dedicated to a different gardener.

Text: Anna Eliseeva

Urban farmstead

Kyle Hagerty calls himself an urban farmer (his gardens are located in Sacramento, California), and his goal is not only to grow healthy products, but also to educate people. In addition to his Instagram account, where Kyle talks in detail about different vegetable and fruit crops, he also runs a YouTube channel, where he shows how to prepare gardens for winter, propagate certain plants, make an irrigation system correctly, and so on. But even if you do not plan to garden in the near future, we still advise you to take a look at his instagram: there is a real kaleidoscope of juicy fruits, bright vegetables and colorful flowers. Hagerty grows tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini - just to name a few. The farmer notes that every season he has a new variety in his garden.

Homestead and Chill

Dianna is engaged in organic cultivation with her husband Aaron. In their home garden, you can find pumpkins, persimmons, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, various types of lettuce, chili peppers, leeks, basil - you can't list everything. And of course, the owners of such a luxurious garden cook a lot from their own harvest: pickles, sauces, stews, cream soups - in general, their account can not only inspire, but also awaken the appetite. Of course, like any farmer, Dianna and Aaron encounter pests in their beds and talk about how to deal with them without toxic to the environment. They also share recipes and tips for keeping chickens on their blog.

Niki Jabbour

Nicky Jabbur is a gardener and author of a book on how to create a beautiful and healthy garden that will survive the changing seasons. Jabbur knows firsthand what a cold climate is, because he lives in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. At the same time, the woman claims that she grows various crops at any time of the year, the main thing is to know the methods and characteristics of the varieties. On her Instagram, she shares photos of numerous beds and greenhouses, and not only in the usual seasons like summer and autumn, but also in winter, when her farm is covered with snow. Nicky grows colorful radishes and carrots, a wide variety of salad, pumpkins (for example, with black peels), all kinds of tomatoes, mini-cucumbers called melotria, physalis, legumes and much more.

Garden to garnish

Amateur gardener Daisy from England leads an exemplary Instagram that will surely appeal to lovers of cottage core: the girl often uploads photos of her in cozy cardigans, sweaters, work overalls, dresses and rubber boots shears bushes, transplants plants, harvests in a basket, strolls among the beds, prepares the garden for the new season and more. Yet her account is not only full of gardening aesthetics: sometimes Daisy gives advice and talks about how to care for the territory of her home. You shouldn't consider an account as a serious immersion in the topic - it's just pleasant to watch.

Rekha's Garden & Kitchen

Rekha Mistry calls herself a passionate lover of gardening and says that her love for this business was born in childhood, when she helped her mother in her garden. Today, Rekha shares her gardening knowledge on social media and her column for the monthly BBC Gardeners' World, and works as a seasonal gardener in one of London's historic landmarks. Her Instagram includes vivid photos of greenhouses and crops, as well as tips and observations. In Rekha's garden, you will find, for example, giant tomatoes, colorful corn, a whole brood of red peppers, striped beets and many other varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers, both familiar and not so common.

The Olive Trees and The Moon

Another Instagram for those interested in gardening and crafts. He is led by Kat, a gardener, knitter and writer. In her account, she shows details of a secluded life with her partner Sam and daughter in the hills of the Pyrenees. From the age of eighteen, Kat wanted to move to a quiet rural area, but gave in to the wishes of her parents and received a higher education. And some time after graduation, she managed to fulfill her dream: she got a house on the site of which she today grows vegetables and fruits, weaves and knits clothes for the whole family, keeps pets like chickens, goats and sheep, cooks from her own products and does not only. Kat's instagram is dominated by personal stories and reflections on nature, and sometimes recipes and stories appear about how she copes with the economy.

Milli proust

Millie Proust focuses on growing a variety of flowers in her garden, the bouquets of which she sells and presents at workshops. Her business started in 2017 when she moved from London to rural West Sussex. Proust adheres to sustainable growing methods and favors flowers that are rarely found in regular flower shops. Her Instagram is a real flower gallery: she uploads compositions of amaranths, calendula, cornflowers of different shades, delphiniums, phloxes, antirrinums and many others.

Lavender and Leeks

Katie runs a family business for the production of decor and metal utensils, but on her Instagram she often shares stories of how she works in the garden. Thanks to her photographs, you can plunge headlong into the atmosphere of gardening: here Katie carries a cart with a bunch of pumpkins, and here she sits in work clothes with her faithful dog helper, here she carries a green crop in a basket, and here she shows what flowers she managed to grow. On the Lavender and Leeks website, it is written about Katie that in nature she feels like a fish in water: long walks and working with the land are one of her favorite activities.

The home gardener

If you are looking for more examples of how to equip a plot with a garden, take a look at The Home Gardener account - most often its author Charlie uploads pictures of his house and numerous flower beds (what these flower bushes are worth). Not without crop reports, as well as photos of pets - two chickens, whose enclosure has been turned into a real small house. Charlie lets his birds walk freely in the garden when she is in it (otherwise there is a risk of fox attacks), and believes that keeping such animals is good for children - after all, they learn to take care and take care of them.


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