Entertainment 2023, March

Playlist: Odyssey

Another guest playlist was made by the organizers of the best metropolitan disco parties Odyssey: Get Sirius - Igor Kompaniets, Asya DJ Sandra, Yura Rob Dirton and St. Petersburg DJ Timofey. Old progressive rock, a mixture of rough techno with melodic Italo and, of course, remixes of timeless disco classics - their DJ bags are full of all this

Playlist: GusGus

Healthy food lovers and calorie opponents President Bongo and Biggi Veira from the GusGus group prepared an excellent cocktail from their favorite compositions especially for LookAtMe. Here you have house, tech house, minimal techno, and even ambient - in general, 20 good tracks for fans of electronic music

Playlist: Past FWD

The classic "Detroit" in combination with a high-quality disco house has never produced a bitter taste, once again confirming that a good cocktail can come from any musical ingredients. Because the main thing is to shake it correctly, and then not to lower the degree. Of course, not all of the listed tracks can be heard at parties & gt; & gt; Past FWD, however, like not all

Playlist: Lindstrom

36-year-old Norwegian musician, DJ and producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has compiled a playlist of his favorite songs especially for Look At Me, listening to which inspires him to create 14-minute disco ballads

Playlist: Get Disky Hype-Spot

The spirit of protest and fun at the same time, antique dances and modern notes for connoisseurs of everything fashionable and remixed, in a word - a playlist from the organizers of the Get Disky Hype-Spot series of parties

Playlist: Fan Death

The heroes of the new disco from the Fan Death group have made a playlist of their favorite songs especially for Look At Me

Playlist: We Have Band

The famous Manchester group We Have Band compiled a playlist of their favorite tracks especially for Look At Me

Playlist: Todd Hart

Another weekend soundtrack for Look At Me users was made by famous London DJ Tod Hart

Playlist: Xuman Records

This week, the playlist for Look At Me was made by the guys from the young domestic label Xuman Records

Playlist: Strength

This week, the guys from Sila made a weekend playlist especially for Look At Me

Playlist: D-Pulse

The playlist of this week for you was made by the domestic group D-Pulse from Izhevsk, which has now settled in the Czech Republic and has recently released its new and very successful release - EP "Prekrasna"

Playlist: Cut2Kill

The first playlist for you this year was made by the Moscow band Cut2Kill

Playlist: Mark E

This week's soundtrack for Look At Me is composed by English DJ Mark E

Playlist: Django Django

This time the playlist for Look At Me was made by the Django Django group

The Success Story Of 3D Cinema And James Cameron's Avatar

There are records that no one will ever break. And this is not holding your breath for the longest time (18 minutes 13 seconds, Carolyn Meyer, July 10, 2009), but for example, the box office "Titanic"

Russian Sitcom For Which You Are Not Ashamed

At the end of 2009, the shooting of the J-Factory series took place, the premiere of which was shown at the Pioner cinema. Five episodes of the sitcom can already be watched on YouTube, the first of which scored almost one hundred thousand views

Playlist: Narkotiki

This time, we entrusted the weekend playlist to the guys from the NRKTK group. And they did not lose

Coffee And Cigarettes

At first glance, making black and white films when there is color is like riding a bike when you have a car

"Serious Man" Has Been At The Box Office Since February. Really

At the end of February, another excursion into the sixties comes out in Russian cinemas - "A Serious Man" from the favorites of all kinds of film screenings and winners of film awards of the Coen brothers

Reconstruction Of Valentine's Day

It is difficult to choose a movie to write about for Valentine's Day. And although "Man and Woman" by Claude Lelouch, "Fallen Angels" by Wong Kar Wai, "Lovers of the Arctic Circle" by Julio Medem and "Girl on the Bridge" by Patrice Leconte are very vivid statements on the topic, the film "Reconstruction" by Danish director Christoffer Boe stands out even from this list

Tarantino Conceived An Unusual Western

The day before, at one of the New York parties, NY Daily News tried to find out the next directorial plans of Quentin Tarantino. He replied that he was considering the idea of making a western, which, according to him, would be different from ordinary films in this style

Banksy Goes Unnoticed Even On The Red Carpet

The elusive art terrorist Banksy arrives at the Berlin Film Festival. Here he presents his directorial debut, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Premiered on 14 February

Russian Intelligence Services Inspired Hollywood

According to Variety, British director Mike Newell has begun work on a film about the story of Alexander Litvinenko, commissioned by Warner Brothers

Playlist: Minitel Rose

Today the playlist was compiled by vocalist Rafael D & apos; Hervez from the French disco group Minitel Rose

Large Hollywood Branch To Open In Hungary

Raleigh Film Studio and leading American post-production company FotoKem, together with the European holding company Origo Film Group, are launching a project to build a large studio complex on the outskirts of Budapest

Playlist: Misha

& nbsp; Weekend playlist led by Misha

Dublin International Jameson Film Festival

From the eighteenth to the twenty-eighth February, the capital of Ireland hosts the annual Jameson International Film Festival. This is not the first time the most famous Irish whiskey brand has supported this prestigious event. This creative and fruitful partnership began in 2003 when Jameson supported the re-establishment of the traditional

Fiction - NonFiction

For some, cinema is an escape from reality. Others prefer to see this reality

Will Smith To Film A Hitchcock Remake?

The amazing news came from Latino Review. There are rumors in Hollywood that a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film Suspicion (1941) is being prepared for filming. The film will be produced and starred by none other than Will Smith. The news, to put it mildly, shook the movie blogging industry and caused massive discussions, votes and speculation. If this is true then

Burton And Bekmambetov Will Shoot An Action Movie About Lincoln

The author of the long-awaited "Alice in Wonderland-2010" Tim Burton and the creator of "Watch" Timur Bekmambetov announced the beginning of work on the adaptation of the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith "Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter". Graham-Smith himself adapts his book to the script for the film

Playlist: Pictureplane

Denver-based Pictureplane has collected his favorite tracks for Look At Me

The World's First Truly Interactive Cinema

The idea of interactive cinema haunts many. History knows many attempts to involve the viewer in what is happening on the screen. To a certain extent, this also includes the 3D cinema, which has been loved by everyone lately

Male - Female

“Everyone wants to believe in love. It's easier to sell,”says Julie Delpy in Before Sunset

"Let Me In" In The Scenery Of America In The 80s

To shoot remakes of recognized masterpieces of art house is a thankless task. Especially when it comes to such poignant films as "Let Me In", a subtle story about a shy boy and a vampire girl. And is it worth it? But at present, work is already underway to create an American version of the film. Filming is directed by Matt Reeves, the creator of the famous

Big Directors In Small Cinema

About & nbsp; directors who came to cinema already famous, thanks to their music video works on & nbsp; Lookatme there was already a post "Clip makers in & nbsp; big cinema". This article is exactly the opposite & nbsp; - about & nbsp; big directors who decided to shoot a couple of clips

Playlist: Manicure

The guys from the Moscow post-punk band Manicure have made this week's playlist. & Nbsp

The Beautiful Life Of Sister Catherine Deneuve

Many do not even know that Catherine Deneuve, “the last real movie star in France,” had a sister, Françoise. The day before yesterday, March 21, she had a birthday, on the occasion of which we decided to tell a little about her

Playlist: Twices

This week's playlist was made by the guys from the St. Petersburg group Twices. They recently finished work on their new disc & nbsp; "Morning Favors" and filmed a short teaser for its premiere, which can be viewed here

Soviet Movie Posters

Sometimes one gets the impression that today only Hollywood and Bollywood directors pay special attention to movie posters. In Hollywood, they are made as sophisticated and spectacular as the films themselves, and in Bollywood - colorfully rendered and very touching. & Nbsp

Reverse Side Of 3-D

Beloved British scientists have published a study that could upset fans of the latest technology in cinema. & Nbsp; According to this study, watching movies using 3-D technology more than twice a week is very bad for eyesight