Health 2023, March

Cookbook: Blogs With Food From Literature

Mince pies, madelens, Alice's pudding and other art dishes

Wishlist: How To Turn Food Into Fun

Lego lunchboxes, gin and molecular cocktail sets and more

Women's Pool: Girls On A Skateboard

Wonderzine talked about life with 6 girls who ride

Red Or Blue: A Guide To Supplements

What is, why are dietary supplements needed and how they differ from drugs

Fun And Delicious: 5 Recipes For Homemade Alcohol Ice Cream

Popsicles with balsamic, spices, nut milk and two more cool recipes

Molecular Gastronomy: Physics And Chemistry In Your Kitchen

How to properly cook a steak and boil the perfect soft-boiled egg

10 Gadgets You Need In A Modern Kitchen

Thermometer with a probe, evacuator, siphon and other necessary devices

10 Food Supplements For Modern Gastronomy

Anton Utkin talks about substances that change the approach to cooking

Safe Cupcake: 6 Light Desserts

Coconut panna cotta, matcha cake, lavacakes and three more alternatives to high-calorie sweets

5 Self Diagnostic Apps

Symptom library, mole monitor and other ways to understand yourself

How Genetic Testing Works

Is it true that a $ 100 set can tell everything about a person?

Self Diagnostic Gadgets

Control over body temperature, heart rate, blood glucose levels and other operations that beautiful gadgets can do

13 Fun Food Magazines

Fashion Shots and Inspirational Food Stories: What Modern Food Magazines Are

5 Apps For Short Workouts

Intense cardio, half an hour jogging, meditation and more

How The IPhone Robs Us Of Sleep And What To Do About It

Sleep texting is a new sleep disorder

Omg, GMO: 5 Inventions In The World Of Food

Glow-in-the-dark ice cream, golden rice, and other things that converge between technology and food

A Warm Welcome: How To Eat Healthy In Winter

Several ways to eat hearty and healthy

Fast Food: 7 Culinary Life Hacks

How to peel garlic and pomegranate in 10 seconds, make an ice cream sandwich and other cool food hacks

New Name: World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

Norwegian chess player with heavy eyes and lazy grace

5 Apps For A Comfortable Winter

GPS weather forecast, a collection of exercises for snowboarders and skiers and other applications needed in the cold

What Is Detox And Why Is It Needed

Dina Popova on how to cleanse the body of all unnecessary

Food For Thought: 5 Fun Books On Nutrition

A neurologist's book on the effects of gluten on the brain, Gwyneth Paltrow's nutritional program, and a few other notable works

Cold Games: How, What And Where To Run In Winter

The editor of the main Russian running site talks about the rules of winter jogging

Let's Go: How To Start Skiing

We continue to talk about winter sports

In Front Of The Screen: 5 Websites With Cooking Lessons

Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and other cool people talking about food

5 Recipes For Christmas Cookies

Salted brownies, holiday biscotti, and other alternatives to gingerbread

Starting Position: What To Expect During Pregnancy

Toxicosis, hypersensitivity and other things that can be encountered while expecting a baby

Related To One Goal: 3 Ways To Tie And Roast A Bird

And at the same time practice useful rope skills

How To Cook New Year's Eve Dinner And Stay Alive

Maria Sorokina about life hacks and recipes that will help you survive New Year's Eve

Gadgets And Apps Not To Be Missed

Self-diagnostics, training programs and other things that devices can do

Everything Or Almost Everything You Need To Know About Food

Everything we have said over the year about gadgets, chemicals, books and nutritional principles

5 Online Services For Monitoring Health

5 sites for those interested in the state of their body - from general to detailed

10 Inspirational Food Instagram Accounts

Pasta with cocoa, chickpea soup, hummus with beets and other recipes on your Instagram feed

New Name: Olympic Champion Yulia Lipnitskaya

15-year-old figure skater who earned the title of "Russian prodigy" at the Sochi Olympics

Four Hands: What To Cook For A Romantic Dinner

Three-Course Recipes You Can Make Tonight Equally Responsible

Where To Grab A Bite Between London Fashion Shows

ASOS's chief designer of the women's line on favorite dining spots

Broccoli: Brie Gratin

We continue to tell you what you can cook with broccoli in order to get to know it from a new side

Broccoli: Caramelized With Ginger And Cashews

What can you cook with broccoli to get a new side of it

Lentils: Green With Dorado And Salsa Verde

Green lentils do not boil soft and taste sweet

Lentils: Black With Vegetables

Lentils are a good source of vegetable protein