Features of running in the rain

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Features of running in the rain
Features of running in the rain

Learn how to get ready for your rain run and what professional runners recommend to run more efficiently in this weather. Running fans often hear that they have a lot of fun running in the rain. Today we will talk about how to run in the rain. If you are going for a run, but looking out the window, and find rain there, then there are three options for the development of events:

  • Cancel the lesson.
  • Conduct a workout, but still be angry about inclement weather.
  • Do not cancel the lesson and have fun.

If you choose the first option in a similar situation, then most likely you will soon stop running altogether. If you have set a specific goal for yourself, then the weather will definitely not stop you. Of course, situations are different and if there is a hurricane outside the window, then running is definitely not worth it.

How to run in the rain: preparation

Young people running in the rain on the road
Young people running in the rain on the road

If you decide not to reschedule your workout, then you are on the right track. However, we recommend that you pay attention to some of the nuances when preparing for a run:

  1. Take it for granted that you get wet. An exception may be the option with membrane clothing, but it is not suitable for jogging, as it does not allow air to pass through. It is definitely better to get wet than to sweat profusely in such clothes.
  2. Don't dress too warmly - this is one of the most common mistakes aspiring runners make. Always choose clothes according to the temperature of the air, but regardless of the rain.
  3. Do not use cotton clothes - they will get wet quickly and become heavy.
  4. Choose a headdress of your own free will - some people like it when the rain moistens their face while running. If you do not belong to this group, then wear a cap with a visor.
  5. If there is a strong wind outside, wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from it.
  6. Warm up under a roof.
  7. Provide reliable protection for your electronic gadgets.

Running in the rain: during and after

Running through the stadium in the rain
Running through the stadium in the rain

When you find yourself on the street, then take a few steps and after a few minutes the rain will cease to be an obstacle for you. Remember that you need to drink water while jogging, because you will be sweating and you need to maintain fluid balance. We recommend taking a couple of sips every half hour.

When the lesson is over, go back under the roof and cool down there. This is best done at home. First, change into dry clothes, and then move on to the cool down. A few words should be said about how to properly dry your sneakers. The insoles must be removed and placed on the battery. Place dry paper inside the shoes, preferably old newspapers. Do not put shoes on a radiator or battery. This negatively affects the rubber of the sole and the adhesive that holds the seams together. If you need to dry your sneakers as soon as possible, we recommend using a hairdryer. But not at the maximum temperature.

To prevent running in the rain from causing hypothermia, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. The first half of the lesson is recommended to move against the wind, and it is better to return back with a favorable wind.
  2. If, besides rain, it is cool outside, take gloves and a hat with you.
  3. If the track runs near a motor road, be careful not to be splashed with water by a passing car.
  4. Take travel money with you and if you get very cold. You can return home by public transport.
  5. After finishing your run in the rain, we recommend drinking a cup of raspberry tea to warm up faster.

How to run in the rain: professional recommendations

Running on wet asphalt
Running on wet asphalt

Unlike amateurs, professional athletes have to train in any weather. If you are interested in the question of how to run in the rain, then get acquainted with the advice of professional athletes.

  1. Wear reflective clothing. This is especially true in heavy rain, when visibility is significantly impaired. Also, a wet road increases the braking distance. It is advisable to wear reflective clothing rather than using appropriate stickers.
  2. Use the principle of layered clothing. If you decide to train in shorts, then you should wear leggings under them. When clothes get wet, there is an increased risk of chafing. When the air temperature is below ten degrees, we recommend using a windbreaker made of waterproof material. This will keep you warm, although you shouldn't rely on getting wet. However, in order to protect against hypothermia, such clothes are able to show themselves well.
  3. Protect electronic devices from moisture. Clothes with internal pockets are perfect for this. Although this may not be enough in heavy rain, we recommend that you consider purchasing a waterproof case. If you do not often jog in the rain, then a simple plastic bag will suffice.
  4. Choose the right footwear. If your shoes have a smooth sole. They are not suitable for running in the rain. The tread depth should be at least one millimeter to prevent slipping of the coated sole. Also pay attention to the material of the upper of the shoe, which should be waterproof.
  5. Change your running technique. It is quite obvious that rainy weather is not the time to set personal records. If you need to do high-speed work, then it is better to use a treadmill or reschedule your workout. As the risks of injury increase, the load on the connective tissues and muscles increases. When it rains, it is best to work on endurance, which can be aided by the wind.

In addition to reducing the speed of movement, it is necessary to change the running technique. First of all, this concerns the length of the steps, which should be shorter. In addition, professional athletes recommend slightly bending the knee joints in order to take a more stable position.

Why will some people never start running?

Running girl on the background of sunset
Running girl on the background of sunset

The issue of losing weight is now relevant for many, and almost everyone understands that in addition to changing the nutrition program, it is necessary to start playing sports. Running seems to be the most logical thing in this situation. Perhaps it is this type of cardio exercise that most people immediately associate with a healthy lifestyle. However, there are people for whom the dream to start running will remain as such. It's not about running in the rain, but even in fine weather. Here are the main reasons why you will never start running, even if you really want to.

  1. Not able to find sneakers for myself. You already know the location of all the sporting goods stores in your city. I watched many videos and read as many articles on the right choice of running shoes. However, the question of which manufacturer's products to give preference to is still not resolved. Not everything is clear with color either.
  2. Climatic conditions are not conducive to classes. Not lucky with the country - it is very hot in summer and cold in winter. How can you run in such conditions?
  3. Can't make a playlist. No one can dispute the fact that running with musical accompaniment is much more pleasant. However, any music will not work and it is very difficult to choose the right compositions.
  4. Run in the morning or in the evening? A very important question, because it is often said that morning jogging can be harmful to the body. In the evening, it is also impossible to run after a hard day's work. How do you find time to train?
  5. It is difficult to persuade a friend (girlfriend). We can’t agree on the start time of classes, then you are busy, then a comrade.
  6. Don't want to be seen while jogging. You are ashamed of your appearance while running. What if someone hears how you breathe, or what sounds are you making? If only I could become invisible, then there would be no problems.
  7. There are always things to do. Either the premiere of the long-awaited movie, or friends invite you to visit. And here came the sequel to your favorite video game.
  8. You are waiting for the perfect moment. You need to wait for the start of a new week and you can start running. Although no, is it better with the new year or is it worth waiting for the summer solstice?

Should you start running?

Girl tying shoelaces on sneakers before running
Girl tying shoelaces on sneakers before running

Let's first deal with the question, why should a person run? After all, instead of jogging, you can sleep longer or watch your favorite TV show. Check out several reasons that might make you leave the house and start running:

  1. Running increases lifespan, strengthens the heart muscle and improves oxygen supply to all body tissues. As a result, the risks of developing many ailments are reduced.
  2. Jogging is a great way to lose weight as it speeds up metabolic processes.
  3. You don't have to pay money for jogging, you just need to buy a sports uniform once.
  4. Exercise is great for eliminating depression and lifting your mood.
  5. Through regular jogging, you improve your body, become faster and stronger.
  6. Get a powerful boost of energy and vivacity.
  7. Take a break from everyday worries and may be able to look at the world around you from a different angle.
  8. Running can improve memory and has a positive effect on brain function.

Benefits of running

Running girl with sports figure
Running girl with sports figure

If you're still thinking, check out the benefits of regular jogging.

  1. Digestive system. The stomach and pancreas begin to function more efficiently. Thanks to the stimulation of the intestinal tract, the functioning of the organ improves, as a result, food is absorbed quickly and with the highest quality. The condition of the gallbladder improves and is cleared.
  2. The musculoskeletal system. Active and regular exercise can eliminate congestion and accelerate the regeneration of cellular structures. Running will improve the condition of the spinal column. You can start running at any age, and you will quickly notice positive changes. The first step is by far the hardest. However, having done it, you will get involved in the training process and jogging will bring you joy. If you have not been involved in sports before, then you should start with daily walks. So you can prepare the body for more serious stress.

If you have serious problems with excess body weight, then first we recommend getting rid of them through walking and proper nutrition. Today, all running shoe manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on reducing stress on joints, and you can easily find quality running shoes. The conversation about the rules of training by novice runners is serious enough and it takes a lot of time. In conclusion, I would like to remind you that only by showing sufficient physical activity can you enjoy life.

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