What to wear with skinny jeans: 11 ideas

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What to wear with skinny jeans: 11 ideas
What to wear with skinny jeans: 11 ideas

How to harmoniously fit skinny jeans into an image? Combination rules, useful tips and tricks. 11 ideas for what you can wear trendy and stylish jeans.

Skinny jeans are ultra skinny, skinny jeans that fit your legs very tightly. This is the seductiveness of the model. But this same property necessitates the extremely strict and meticulous composition of an ensemble with a similar wardrobe element. There will be 11 ideas to help fashionistas with what to wear skinny jeans.

Classic top

Skinny jeans with blouse
Skinny jeans with blouse

Today every girl has an idea of what skinny jeans look like. They sit very tightly on the body, so that, in fact, they resemble a second skin. Hence their name, because it comes from the English word "skin", which means "skin".

It is curious that the male element of clothing is called the predecessor of such jeans - these are very tight tight pants worn by the military. Moreover, in the 17th century, they were also sewn from elk skin, so that one more connection with the modern name is traced. The thing was so narrow that it was moistened in water so that it could be pulled on its feet. The pants, drying out, tightly fitted the body. It looked very impressive: the muscles were clearly visible. But because of such a tight fit, my own skin suffered: abrasions appeared on it, up to the formation of wounds.

However, even today there is an ambivalent attitude towards jeans that are tight-fitting. Someone finds them not the most convenient. Someone is not unreasonably embarrassed that they are already very tight, so for them the figure should be just perfect. Skinny is also called vulgar, so they are offered to be worn exclusively by adolescents or young thin women who dream to excite the imagination of others.

By the way, it is quite possible to fit women's skinny jeans into a laconic image of a business lady. But in this case, preference for products made of dense fabric of dark colors. It is extremely important to choose jeans not only for volumes - length is of great importance. If it is excessive, folds form at the bottom, this spoils the whole impression. In an office look, this is certainly unacceptable. Light colors bring a touch of frivolity. So in most cases it is better to refuse them. Dark denim will definitely emphasize a serious attitude to work.

For a business-like look, try navy or black skinny jeans with:

  • Blouses, and you can even use air ones;
  • Slim fit shirts;
  • T-shirts, if you plan to put on a jacket or jacket on top;
  • Favorite blazer;
  • Long cardigan.

Since the bottom is more than restrained, a slightly frivolous top is allowed. But just do not go too far, so as not to go beyond the dress code. For example, in the cold season, you can choose plain blouses, shirts or blazers in dark or classic colors. With warming, you can and should switch to models of white, sandy, cream shades.

When it comes to creating a business image, it is recommended to wear a shirt or blouse with an elongated cut, throwing a jacket or jacket up top - to add seriousness. Or, as an option, you can limit yourself only to a blouse, but tuck it in and put on a thin, modest strap. Such a touch is another emphasis on the fact that the girl is determined to work.


Skinny jeans with jacket
Skinny jeans with jacket

This is the best answer to the question of what to wear skinny jeans with to get the perfect casual look. It is also a win-win from the point of view that for full combat readiness it is not necessary to spin in front of a mirror for half an hour. It is enough to put on a T-shirt, even an oversized top or turtleneck, and a jacket will help complete the look.

Fashionable skinny jeans with very voluminous jackets look very interesting. In this case, you can emphasize the waist by adding a belt. To balance the look, it's best to buy a mid-thigh jacket.

Leather Jacket

Skinny jeans with leather jacket
Skinny jeans with leather jacket

To create a bold and expressive look, you should buy skinny jeans under a leather jacket. Ideally, if it is a model like a leather jacket. A discreet jacket looks interesting in its own way. But they also wear leather jackets with tight-fitting jeans, lavishly decorated with rivets, spikes or fringes.

If you wear a leather jacket in addition to skinny, then it is better to wear rough massive boots. However, feminine shoes in a brutal manner look curious.


Skinny jeans with denim jacket
Skinny jeans with denim jacket

It would seem, what could be more logical and harmonious than to combine light blue skinny jeans with the same jacket, jacket or jacket - made of denim? However, everything is not so simple. If you don't work on the ensemble, it will become too boring. Therefore, stylists recommend wearing skinny jeans in 2021 with denim tops, adhering to these rules:

  1. The jacket should be bulky … So the oversized trend is what you need. Having found the optimal length and volume, taking into account your own figure and height, you can really make a beautiful and expressive composition.
  2. The jacket must be taken in a different color than the bottom … Then you can buy a fitted and discreet model. However, it is important to take care of the harmony of such a combination. In fact, it is not so easy to compile an image from denim items of different shades. The texture, the pattern of the denim also matters. In general, stylistic ability is definitely required for such an experiment.

If you decide to buy skinny blue skinny jeans, for example, in order to find a jacket of the same color for them, they must complement each other perfectly! There is nothing worse than an image where both things seem to be of the same color, but it was not possible to achieve a complete match of tones. People around you instantly read that the person tried to put together a kit, which is also called a Canadian tuxedo or a Canadian tuxedo, but he failed to achieve this.

If you really want to create a bow with skinny jeans, throwing a denim jacket on top, you can go for one original trick. Namely, the stylists offer to take the top, sewn from fabric of different colors. And then you need to adhere to only one rule: at least one of the colors must exactly match the tone of the jeans. The image will turn out to be boring, non-trivial.


Skinny jeans with t-shirt
Skinny jeans with t-shirt

Of course, such a decision is one of the first to come to mind. Since both a T-shirt and jeans are associated exclusively with comfort, it is therefore logical to wear them in pairs. For the summer, you can really find yourself a light top, in which it will move freely, and the image will turn out to be relaxed. Understanding the difference between skinny jeans, you can almost immediately find the answer to the question of what should be a T-shirt under them. This is where the oversized model asks.

By the way, stylists give advice on where to find the perfect pair for these jeans. It is worth contacting for her … in the men's department of the store! After all, it will be both voluminous and long. This makes the perfect complement. However, there are some subtleties here: a lot depends on growth. If the girl is short, a T-shirt that is too long from a man's shoulder will look a little ridiculous.

By the way, oversize is not the only acceptable solution. If the figurine is chiseled, you can buy high-waisted skinny jeans, and top them off with a top. Alternatively, a long T-shirt is simply tucked into the pants.

Loose shirt

Skinny jeans with a loose shirt
Skinny jeans with a loose shirt

In search of comfort and ease in the image, you should definitely buy a loose shirt. We can say that this will be a must-have thing for those who are exploring what to wear skinny jeans with in 2021.

An elongated and oversized shirt is an excellent choice for those with a slight excess in the waist and upper thighs. Naturally, the legs should be very slender. The result is a stylish, casual look.

Having found the optimal color, you can wear such sets in different places:

  • White top and black or dark blue bottom - a replacement for the usual office suit or dress (provided that the company's dress code allows it);
  • A light airy shirt of powdery, cream, and other delicate shades and light jeans are a great set for a romantic date on a summer evening;
  • Bright colors, bold combinations - the solution for fashionable parties, for walks with girlfriends.

A loose shirt and high skinny jeans are combined in a slightly different way by owners of elegant shapes. If you can afford to show your tummy, then the top is made more interesting by tying the shirt at the waist with a knot. Moreover, it can be with both long and short sleeves. The volume at the top remains the same. The only thing to remember is balance and a sense of harmony.


Skinny jeans with sweater
Skinny jeans with sweater

And again, a composition that could be called a classic. Since both jeans and sweaters are things from the category of democratic and comfortable, they are very willingly combined with each other. It is good news that even specific tight-fitting models can also be worn with various types of sweaters and jumpers, of course, adjusting the composition so that everything together looks harmonious, neat, without kinks.

So, what looks you can create with skinny jeans:

  • First of all, they ask for a voluminous sweater. It can be warm, tight knit for the cold season. For the summer, they take light products of openwork weaving. The main requirement for composition is to balance the top and bottom. This is achieved by selecting the optimal length and volume of the sweater. As a rule, a couple is successful when the top reaches mid-thigh.
  • A slender girl in skinny jeans will look great with a cropped sweater. It's good when it's a little wide and loose.
  • You can take skinny jeans with a comfortable fit and a regular sweater for a discreet free look, complementing it with a jacket, jacket or jacket. This look is practical and casual.


Skinny jeans with turtleneck
Skinny jeans with turtleneck

This thing is adored by many designers, so that it practically does not leave the peak of popularity. A turtleneck is quite possible to complement skinny jeans in 2021. However, in this case, the requirements for the figure are the most stringent! Both the top and bottom will be covered very tightly. So the slightest flaws and imbalances in the physique immediately become apparent.

A slim girl can complement white skinny jeans with a black turtleneck. This will already be an elegant complete image, from which you will not take your eyes off. But such a composition is also called the basis for various experiments. After all, you can give it any character by adding a jacket or jacket, trench coat or raincoat.

By the way, if you add some more element to the turtleneck and jeans, then you can hide minor figure flaws. So with a jacket or cardigan it is quite possible to wear such an elegant pair, even for a girl whose shape is not quite perfect.


Skinny jeans with raincoat
Skinny jeans with raincoat

If skinny jeans have already settled in the wardrobe, it is almost certainly worth buying a fashionable raincoat for them. Not only because it will help out in cool weather. It becomes that balancing element of the composition that will save in different situations:

  • You can put on a shirt with skinny jeans, high-heeled shoes and put on a raincoat on top - you get a universal look. He is acceptable in the office, such an image is acceptable on a romantic date.
  • If you pair skinny jeans with a T-shirt and jeans for maximum comfort, a raincoat will add restraint to the image. This is a good ensemble for long walks. He will save you if you have to spend the day on your feet. At the same time, throwing off the cloak, we instantly get a relaxed and democratic look.
  • The real classics of the genre are skinny, turtleneck and raincoat. There is elegance in the image, it gives confidence.

If you want a universal raincoat for all occasions, then it is better to take a model with a straight cut and a calm shade - for example, gray, beige. In this case, you can throw it over your shoulders almost at any exit, completing the image with the confidence that it will not spoil the impression.

Bomber jacket

Skinny jeans with bomber jacket
Skinny jeans with bomber jacket

If girls are still wondering if skinny jeans are fashionable, then there is no doubt about such a jacket, once borrowed from the pilots' wardrobe. She is at the peak of popularity, so she is eagerly bought for putting together stylish ensembles.

A bomber jacket looks quite interesting in combination with jeans, which fit the legs very tightly. She has what she asks for - volume. True, what the difficulty arises with is the length. Still, slightly elongated things are ideal under skinny. Therefore, some stylists recommend throwing such a jacket over a long T-shirt, hoodie or sweater. However, everything is individual! It is better to solve by trying on, choosing harmonious compositions.


Skinny jeans with sneakers
Skinny jeans with sneakers

On the one hand, it seems that there is nothing easier than buying a good pair of fashionable skinny jeans. They are narrow, so there are no strict limits and unambiguous prohibitions. But, on the other hand, for a perfect image, you will have to take into account the integrity of the composition. The cut of jeans determines the overall impression, because they can be short and elongated, with a low, medium or high waist. It also matters which top is chosen for the ensemble.

What stylists say about shoes for skinny, tight-fitting jeans:

  • They look very good with deliberately rough boots. You can take a pair in the spirit of the military. Such shoes emphasize the fragility and grace of the figure in general and the legs in particular. Naturally, provided that the top allows for similar boots. Since if this is an image for the office, then it is better not to shock colleagues. Therefore, they usually wear skinny jeans with shoes, as if borrowed from a hard worker or a military man, throwing a bulky sweater or T-shirt on top.
  • If you want to create a classic look in which you can go to work, why not complement it with shoes and even heeled sandals. True, with such shoes it is already a little more difficult to maintain the integrity and harmony of the composition. Since in tight-fitting jeans, the legs look thin, visually become longer, and plus the heel is already overkill. By the way, elegant shoes look interesting if there is a leather jacket on top, especially like a leather jacket. The leg looks beautiful, elegant and extraordinary if you complement cropped skinny jeans with sandals or shoes with a strap circled around the ankle. Some stylists recommend specifically buying a regular-length model or even elongated ones to tuck them a little. This draws the eye to the ankles, emphasizing their fragility and sophistication.
  • Skinny jeans with sneakers are one of those compositions that not all stylists approve of. More precisely, some of them are openly against such a combination. However, others find it okay for girls to wear sports shoes if this is a casual look. After all, sneakers are valued for their convenience, so why not put them on if you are planning a long walk. However, in this case, it is best to limit yourself to just one bright accent in the image. For example, if you want to wear ripped skinny jeans, let the shoes be white, without unnecessary decor and volume. The same goes for the top: a calm plain sweater, T-shirt, loose-fitting shirt will do. Alternatively, they buy colorful, thick-soled sneakers, and everything else is discreet.
  • Sneakers are an even more dubious addition to skinny jeans in style, in the characteristics of the sole. As a rule, massive shoes look best with them. By the way, you can try on tight pants with sneakers with thick soles. Cropped skinny and high top sneakers are also acceptable compositions. In this case, they complement each other well.
  • Boots are quite another matter! They will almost always look perfect. Firstly, it is very convenient, since skinny jeans are not wide, therefore, it is not a problem to tuck them into the bootleg. Secondly, it is beautiful. Especially if you find shoes for the type of figure, for the features of the image. Boots look incredible, provided that a tall and slender girl is wearing them. Even classic boots look quite beautiful. Such shoes are taken with heels, without a heel - it is almost impossible to spoil the image with it. By the way, the boots hide the unfortunate length of skinny jeans. And if folds are unacceptable at the bottom of the pants, then it is the shoes with creases that give the image originality.

In order not to really sort out what to wear, it is worth taking a closer look at skinny jeans with slits. Curiously, they are just fine with almost any pair. They are equally well worn with sneakers and sneakers, with sandals and high-heeled shoes, including stiletto heels. The exception is boots, in which it is not always convenient to tuck the bottom if there are cuts.

What to wear skinny jeans with - look at the video:

It's easy to ruin any look if you choose oversized skinny jeans. This is exactly the case when a thing that is too small and too loose is unacceptable. But if you can find a model that fits the features and parameters of the figure, then jeans will become your favorite. They become the basis for many images, pushing for fashionable experiments.