How to remove capillaries on the legs?

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How to remove capillaries on the legs?
How to remove capillaries on the legs?

What do capillaries look like, how and why do they appear on the legs? Methods for eliminating the vascular network: cosmetics, salon procedures, folk recipes.

Capillaries on the legs are a dermatological defect characterized by the appearance of redness or vascular reticulum on the skin surface, which occurs against the background of damage to small blood vessels. There are many reasons for the development of such a phenomenon, it can be both internal and external factors. Their identification is important in terms of choosing the most effective way to remove capillaries on the legs. Further, more detailed information on this topic, which will allow not only to recognize in time, but also to quickly eliminate the defect, without waiting for the complication of the situation.

What do the capillaries look like on the legs?

What capillaries look like on the legs
What capillaries look like on the legs

Photo of capillaries on the legs

Almost every woman dreams of flawless skin. Of course, first of all, hands and face are subject to care, but we must not forget about the beauty of the legs. For many, the problem of cellulite on the thighs becomes the main one, but at the same time the formation of the vascular network is no less an aesthetic defect.

The vessels visible on the surface of the skin are quite thin, they reach 0.3 mm in diameter. The length of the visible area can be different and depends on the degree of damage and the load on the capillary. Their shape differs from case to case and depends on the structure of the vessels.

The vascular mesh from the capillaries on the legs can be:

  • Linear - one or more straight or wriggling capillaries can run parallel to each other;
  • Cobweb - the plexuses resemble a spider's web, there is a center and rays extending from it in different directions;
  • Tree-like - the shape resembles a branching tree;
  • Spotty - the vessel itself is located deeper in the skin tissues, while a slight redness is visible on the surface.

The color of the vascular network depends on which vessel is damaged. The capillary network on the legs is reddish. Although over time, its color may become darker and more saturated, for example, bluish, brown. This suggests that the problem is progressing, i.e. further deformation of the walls occurs. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately contact a professional to eliminate it.

In fact, red capillaries on the legs appear on both limbs. At the same time, there are more of them on one side. Most often, the defect manifests itself in the area under the knee joint. In second place in frequency is the outer thighs. Further in decreasing frequency - the outer and front part of the lower leg, the lower part of the thighs, ankles and feet.

By themselves, the visible small capillaries on the legs do not give pain, therefore, the problem is only aesthetically pleasing, making the skin less attractive. However, do not let things go by themselves. And before trying to solve the issue with cosmetic methods, it is better to consult a medical specialist in order to exclude complications with blood vessels.

So, at first, single redness of a small size may appear. This is either minor damage to small vessels, or dilated capillaries in the deeper layers of the skin. Further, diffuse redness with continued stress on the vascular system can develop into a well-defined vascular network. Most often, it does not rise above the surface, does not give any unpleasant symptoms. If a person is in good health, and the reason lies not in serious illnesses, then there should be no complications. The most serious and dangerous is the stage when the inflammatory process begins, swelling, tissue hyperemia, pain, itching appears. There is a feeling of heaviness in the legs. In this case, very often the capillaries protrude on the legs. In such cases, cosmetic methods will not give a result, but they can also aggravate the situation.

Causes of the appearance of capillaries on the legs

Pregnancy as the cause of the appearance of capillaries on the legs
Pregnancy as the cause of the appearance of capillaries on the legs

The main reason for the appearance of redness or capillary mesh is the expansion, rupture or blockage of small blood vessels. The problem is characterized by an increase in pressure inside, thinning of their walls. Various internal and external factors lead to this state of affairs.

Why capillaries appear on the legs:

  • Taking hormonal contraceptives … Such medications cause hormone imbalance, which can lead to dysfunction of blood vessels.
  • Chronic illnesses … If we talk about the general state of health, then various pathologies of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the digestive tract, gynecological problems, and endocrine disorders can lead to the fact that the capillaries become strongly visible on the skin.
  • Pregnancy … This factor also affects the hormonal background and contributes to the fact that soon it will be necessary to decide how to remove small capillaries on the legs.
  • Features of professional activity … So, the condition of the blood vessels in the legs depends not only on nutrition, adherence to habits that are hazardous to health, but also external factors. The vascular system is affected by working conditions - sedentary work or, on the contrary, prolonged standing on their feet. All this causes excessive tension or squeezing of the tissues.
  • Overweight … Increases the load on the legs, increases the pressure of the soft tissues on the capillaries, as a result of which the pressure in them increases, and they are deformed.
  • Nutrient Deficiency … Vascular problems often appear due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is important to adhere to a balanced menu and prevent a lack of vitamins E, C, K, iron, potassium, calcium and other nutrients that strengthen blood vessels, increase elasticity, cleanse and regulate the permeability of their walls.
  • Improper skin care … The reason why the capillaries on the legs become noticeable can also be the usual care procedures. Cosmetic care can also have a negative effect on small blood vessels. So, their damage can be caused by steaming, for example, in a bath or in a hot bath, aggressive massage, which is usually done to lose weight and fight cellulite, the use of hard washcloths or scrubbers.
  • Temperature drops … Changes in blood vessels also cause sudden changes in temperature. One of the options is a contrast shower, which, in principle, is designed to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. However, this procedure should be carried out with caution, constantly observing your skin.
  • Bad habits … The real shake-up and a serious test for the small capillaries on the legs is alcohol abuse and smoking. Poisonous substances and active ingredients contained in alcoholic beverages and cigarettes reduce the elasticity of the vascular walls and often provoke their damage. A love of coffee or spicy foods can also lead to a similar effect.
  • Age … Most often, such a dermatological defect appears after 30 years. From this age, there is a risk of developing various chronic diseases, tissue regeneration worsens.
  • Other reasons … This also includes frequent heavy physical exertion, active exercise in the gym, whether it be fitness or strength sports, genetic predisposition, the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

If there are too many capillaries on the legs, then it is impossible to solve the problem solely with the help of cosmetics. It is necessary to seek help from a phlebologist. The specialist will conduct the necessary examination in order to exclude serious vascular diseases or, if necessary, prescribe the correct treatment.

Ways to combat capillaries on the legs

Provided that the vessels on the legs have become visible for a reason not associated with serious disruptions in the functioning of the body, you can begin to eliminate the problem using non-drug and non-medical methods. At the same time, it is imperative to normalize your lifestyle in order to exclude negative factors that adversely affect the state of blood vessels. If you leave everything as it is, then the problem will appear again and again and only progress. Among the possible solutions are salon procedures, cosmetics and folk recipes for the beauty and health of the legs - we will talk about them in more detail.

Cosmetics for capillaries on the legs

Sofia cream Leech extract from capillaries on the legs
Sofia cream Leech extract from capillaries on the legs

On the photo Sophia's foot cream "Leech extract" at a price of 300 rubles.

If you can use various options for decorative cosmetics to mask the capillary mesh on the face, then in the event of such a defect on the legs, you often have to change your wardrobe and give up short dresses, skirts, and shorts. But this approach is not correct, because visible vessels can be successfully eliminated using cosmetics that can affect the state of blood vessels, strengthen their walls and normalize blood flow.

Cosmetics for spider veins on the legs:

  • Foot cream Sophia "Leech extract", Russia … Bioactive complex of natural substances improves lymph outflow, reduces vascular fragility, normalizes metabolism in cells. As a result of the course of application, it allows to eliminate external defects of the skin, to increase its tone. The composition contains extracts of leech, badyagi, chamomile, chestnut, pine, green, tea, nettle, glycerin, apple cider vinegar, castor oil and other useful ingredients of natural origin. Price - 300 rubles or 140 hryvnia.
  • Gel-balm Venaktiv "Vascular stars", Russia … Designed to improve blood circulation in microvessels, improve lymph flow, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and increase their elasticity. The function also includes increasing the ability of tissues to regenerate, additional nutrition, improving venous outflow, The composition includes various natural ingredients, for example, red grapes, horse chestnut, leech extract, extracts of Japanese sophora, ginkgo biloba, pine, nettle, menthol, etc. Price - 200 rubles or 80 hryvnia.
  • Capilar gel with flavosomes, Russia … The agent increases regeneration and improves cellular metabolism. Has a nourishing effect, replenishing the smell of certain vitamins and minerals. Differs in high efficiency, because contains nanoparticles of flavosomes that are able to integrate into tissues and improve the condition of small vessels. Price - 200 rubles or 90 hryvnia.
  • Balm for legs Exolin Litaline from varicose veins, Russia … The function of this ointment from the capillaries on the legs includes removing puffiness and fatigue, neutralizing inflammation, moisturizing, nourishing cells, which helps to increase regenerative abilities and strengthen tissues, including the walls of large and small vessels. The course of application will reduce the number of vascular networks. The composition contains such useful ingredients as camphor, horse chestnut, chamomile, vitamins E, peptide complex, amino acids, collagen, minerals. Price - 2800 rubles or 1200 hryvnia.
  • Cream-balm "People's Healer" from varicose veins, Russia … The product refreshes the skin, relieves fatigue, stimulates regeneration processes, strengthens the capillary walls and normalizes blood flow. The composition contains extracts of chestnut, arnica, oak bark, calendula, galangal, beeswax, essential oil of rosemary, lemon balm, spruce, cypress, vitamin R. The price is about 200 rubles or 80 hryvnia.

It is worth remembering that such remedies are not a panacea, and in the presence of a large vascular network, it is necessary to combine different methods, which will allow not only to temporarily eliminate the dermatological defect, but also to normalize the state of the vessels and prevent the progression of the problem.

Cosmetological procedures from capillaries on the legs

Lymphatic drainage massage from the capillaries on the legs
Lymphatic drainage massage from the capillaries on the legs

There are several effective techniques that help eliminate such a dermatological defect as visible capillaries on the legs. For the most part, they are not traumatic and allow you to make the skin aesthetically beautiful and well-groomed. A cosmetologist, dermatologist or phlebologist will help with the choice.

Non-surgical methods of cleansing the skin from vascular networks:

  • Sclerotherapy … It provides for the introduction of a special solution into the lumen of the vessel, which clogs it, stopping the blood flow. This is how the blood flow is distributed to other vessels. Over time, the treated capillary dissolves. This mechanism of elimination of spider veins does not injure the surrounding tissues and does not have a complex effect on the body. The cost of a foot treatment is from 6,500 rubles or 2,800 hryvnias.
  • Laser coagulation … The procedure is aimed at warming up the hemoglobin in the dilated capillaries. As a result of this effect, the blood inside coagulates, and the vessels stick together and become invisible. The technology also provides cooling so as not to harm adjacent tissues. In general, there is no pain during treatment, and the procedure itself is quite comfortable and very effective. The minimum cost is 600 rubles or 300 hryvnia.
  • Photo procedure … This technology uses BBL broadband light. Able to eliminate redness and small vascular plexuses. The session is not associated with unpleasant sensations. In addition, there is no need to undergo rehabilitation after the course. Service cost - from 6000 rubles or 3200 hryvnia.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage … Several procedures help to disperse the lymph, remove excess fluid from the tissues, tone the skin and blood vessels, and remove capillaries on the legs. As a preventive method, it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevents the appearance of new vascular networks. The price of a lymphatic drainage procedure on the legs is from 4300 rubles or 1900 hryvnias.
  • Microcurrent therapy … As the name implies, during the procedure, tissue is processed using current. For better conductivity, a special solution is pre-applied. During the session, discomfort often occurs (itching, slight pain, tingling sensations), however, the high efficiency of the method forces us to take such risks. Service cost - from 2500 rubles or 900 hryvnia.
  • Mesotherapy … A popular salon procedure that has a wide range of beneficial effects. Among other things, there is the ability to eliminate the vessels visible on the surface of the skin. It also improves cellular metabolism, normalizes blood circulation and perfectly strengthens blood vessels. The method involves the introduction of a cocktail of a complex of nutrients into the tissues. Service cost - from 2000 rubles or 900 hryvnia.
  • Ozone therapy … The procedure is similar to sclerotherapy, only a mixture of oxygen and ozone is injected into the vessels. It is this cocktail that causes the walls to oxidize and stick together. The procedure has no toxic effect, but it can cause discomfort. It is very effective against visible capillaries on the legs. Service price - from 2000 rubles or 800 hryvnia.

As you know, the condition of the capillaries on the legs worsens during pregnancy. However, in this case, at the first news of telangiectasia, you should not immediately try to remove this defect. You should wait for the birth of the child, and only then contact a specialist for advice. During the period of gestation, it is advisable to exclude negative factors as much as possible so that the problem does not progress.

In addition, it is not recommended to deal with the problem in the spring-summer period, when the skin may be exposed to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. If these restrictions are neglected, then photodermatosis may develop soon, and hyperpigmentation or burns often appear.

For prevention and in terms of rehabilitation, you need to wear compression hosiery, generally comfortable, loose clothing, avoid the sun and temperature extremes.

Folk recipes for eliminating capillaries on the legs

Aloe compress from capillaries on the legs
Aloe compress from capillaries on the legs

There are many popular options for dealing with the vascular network. All of them are based on the use of natural ingredients with high biological activity. Some home remedies are intended for oral administration, they can have a complex effect on the body and improve the condition of small blood vessels from the inside. Others are applied externally and are no less effective. Before removing the capillaries on the legs, it is important to remember that this is a long process, but the result is often very good.

Effective folk recipes to combat the capillary mesh:

  • Aloe compress … This wonderful plant is known for its many beneficial properties. And even when applied topically without additional ingredients, it can provide health benefits for small blood vessels. It is enough to make lotions with pulp from the leaves a couple of times a day. Such a compress can also be left overnight, having previously secured with an adhesive plaster or a non-soaking bandage.
  • Acetic compress … If capillaries are visible on the legs, then moisten a cotton cloth in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the affected areas. If desired, you can wrap it in polyethylene. The exposure time is from 5 to 15 minutes. The softer the skin, the shorter the duration of the procedure. You can also pre-dilute the main ingredient with a little water.
  • Chamomile compress … First you need to prepare the broth. For him, you can take both the herb itself and filter bags, which can always be purchased at the pharmacy. Raw materials in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Cool, moisten the cloth and apply to problem areas for 20-30 minutes. This procedure can be performed 2-3 times daily. The main ingredient can be replaced by a string.
  • Herbal bath … Prepare a decoction of 30 g of chamomile, 30 g of calendula and 1 liter of boiling water. We filter, cool to a comfortable temperature. Add the broth to a warm bathroom. The procedure takes 20 minutes.
  • Coniferous bath … First, we prepare 1 glass of coniferous needles (this can be a spruce, pine or other coniferous tree). Fill the raw material with a liter of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes and filter. We also add the broth to a warm bath. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. In addition, for baths and compresses, you can use oak bark, parsley.
  • Cabbage and vinegar compress … This recipe can be used regardless of what reasons made the capillaries on the legs noticeable. It is even recommended for varicose veins. Pour boiling water over a clean sheet of fresh cabbage, place it in a plastic bag and cool it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. In the evening before going to bed, rub clean apple cider vinegar into problem areas. After drying, put a cabbage leaf on top, fix it with a bandage and keep it until morning. It is advisable to take the course without interruption, doing the procedures daily for a month.

Note! For oral administration, decoctions of chamomile, sage, St. John's wort are recommended.

What to do if the capillaries are on the legs - watch the video:

As you can see, there are many effective ways to get rid of capillaries on the legs. This allows not to be limited in the choice and to combine the most effective methods of eliminating the vascular network. At the same time, it is important to exclude serious health problems and take into account possible contraindications to the use of this or that remedy.