The benefits and recipes for making black currant jam

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The benefits and recipes for making black currant jam
The benefits and recipes for making black currant jam

Calorie content and composition of black currant jam. To whom is it useful and to whom is it contraindicated? Several ways to make a dessert. Recipes with currant jam.

Blackcurrant jam is a tasty and healthy dessert made of berries cooked in sugar syrup. Served as a separate treat or used in cooking - usually as a baking component, but also in original sauces and marinades. The classic recipe involves the preparation of thick jam without adding water: the currants are first infused with sugar for several hours, resulting in juice, and then boiled several times for 5-15 minutes, after each cooking the product is completely cooled. There are many alternative ways to cook blackcurrant jam - five minutes, jam, jam with the addition of other berries and fruits, and each housewife will definitely find her own unique recipe.

Composition and calorie content of black currant jam

Appearance of black currant jam
Appearance of black currant jam

In the photo, black currant jam

Berry dessert is tasty and low-calorie, many women who are on a diet eat it in small quantities, thus not going beyond the daily calorie content, but at the same time getting a pleasant variety to their diet.

The calorie content of blackcurrant jam is 284 kcal per 100 g, of which:

  • Proteins - 0.6 g;
  • Fat - 0.1 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 72, 9 g.

The product, it should be noted, almost does not contain fats, however, the composition includes a large amount of carbohydrates, mainly fast ones, which are advised to limit, since the modern human diet is already oversaturated with them.

The berry itself is very useful, it is especially rich in vitamin C and silicon. Both of the one and the other component in it per 100 g contains more than 200% of the daily value.

Vitamins per 100 g:

  • Vitamin A, RE - 17 mcg;
  • Beta carotene - 0.1 mg;
  • Vitamin B1, thiamine - 0.03 mg
  • Vitamin B2, riboflavin - 0.04 mg;
  • Vitamin B4, choline - 12.3 mg;
  • Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid - 0.4 mg;
  • Vitamin B6, pyridoxine - 0.13 mg;
  • Vitamin B9, folate - 5 mcg;
  • Vitamin C, ascorbic acid - 200 mg;
  • Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol - 0.7 mg;
  • Vitamin H, biotin - 2.4 mcg;
  • Vitamin PP, NE - 0.4 mg;
  • Niacin - 0.3 mg.

Macronutrients per 100 g:

  • Potassium - 350 mg;
  • Calcium - 36 mg;
  • Silicon - 60, 9 mg;
  • Magnesium - 31 mg;
  • Sodium - 32 mg;
  • Sulfur - 2 mg;
  • Phosphorus - 33 mg;
  • Chlorine - 14 mg.

Microelements per 100 g:

  • Aluminum - 561.5 mcg;
  • Boron - 55 mcg;
  • Vanadium - 4 mcg;
  • Iron - 1.3 mg;
  • Iodine - 1 mcg;
  • Cobalt - 4 mcg;
  • Lithium - 0.9 mcg;
  • Manganese - 0.18 mg;
  • Copper - 130 mcg;
  • Molybdenum - 24 mcg;
  • Nickel - 1.6 mcg;
  • Rubidium - 11.8 mcg;
  • Selenium - 1, 1 mcg;
  • Strontium - 14.4 mcg;
  • Fluorine - 18 mcg;
  • Chromium - 2 mcg;
  • Zinc - 0.1 mg.
  • Zirconium - 10 mcg.

Despite the fact that during the cooking process many useful components are destroyed, one way or another, many important biologically active substances remain in the composition of blackcurrant jam. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it is valuable for the content of organic acids, pectin, flavonoids, tannins, phytoncides, essential oils, etc.

Useful properties of black currant jam

Blackcurrant jam in a jar
Blackcurrant jam in a jar

Delicious black currant jam is not only a great dessert, but also a healthy delicacy. It plays a role in supporting the normal functioning of almost all body systems, supports immunity, helps in the removal of toxic components, and makes it possible to slow down the aging process.

What are the benefits of blackcurrant jam:

  1. Strengthening immunity … The dessert contains a large number of active anti-inflammatory components, including phytoncides and flavonoids. These components enhance the body's defenses and help protect against diseases of one nature or another. Dessert for colds helps especially well, and therefore everyone should close the jar of blackcurrant jam for the winter.
  2. Prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels … The product stabilizes cholesterol levels - increases the level of good and lowers the level of bad. Also, the dessert strengthens the heart and blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Normalization of the digestive system … Dessert plays an important role in the health of the gastrointestinal tract. First, it contains pectin, which helps with normal intestinal motility and relieves unstable stools. Also, jam has a positive effect on metabolic processes, due to which useful components from food are absorbed more efficiently, and toxins are quickly eliminated from the body.
  4. General tonic effect … Thick blackcurrant jam helps to cheer up. Just a couple of spoons of dessert increases concentration, triggers brain activity, has a positive effect on memory and generally gives you vigor.
  5. Antioxidant effect … Dessert helps to counteract the excess level of free radicals, which in turn prevents the destruction of cells and their mutation, and therefore protects against the development of various diseases, including cancer, as well as against early aging.

It is believed that the product helps to avoid various deficiencies, fights against vitamin deficiency and anemia, however, you need to understand that the most useful is the so-called live blackcurrant jam without cooking, which is berries, grated with a small amount of sugar and frozen.

Contraindications and harm of blackcurrant jam

Diabetes mellitus as a contraindication to the use of black currant jam
Diabetes mellitus as a contraindication to the use of black currant jam

Berry dessert has not only beneficial properties, but also contraindications. Blackcurrant jam can be harmful primarily to those with diabetes mellitus, because it usually contains a large amount of sugar. It is advised to exclude it from the diet and with a predisposition to the disease.

However, it should be noted that an absolutely healthy person should not abuse the dessert either. 2-3 tbsp tea jam after lunch is a great measure that will allow you to benefit from the product, and not harm yourself.

Returning to the contraindications, it is worth saying that blackcurrant jam should be eaten with caution in case of dental problems, since the combination of sugar and acids is detrimental to enamel. To reduce the negative effect after eating the jam, you should rinse your mouth with water.

Please note that simple blackcurrant jam can cause allergies, and although we are all familiar with this berry, the likelihood of individual intolerance has not been canceled. That is why caution should be exercised when giving the product to children for the first time. Also, caution must be observed for pregnant and lactating women.

Finally, it is important to note that if you have any diseases that involve a therapeutic diet related or not related to the digestive system, you should definitely consult your doctor regarding the appropriateness of the presence of black currant jam in it.

How to make black currant jam?

Making black currant jam
Making black currant jam

There are many recipes for berry dessert - whole black currant jam, jam, jelly, five minutes, live without boiling, etc. All recipes are united by one recommendation: it is important to pick a berry of optimal ripeness, since more sugar will have to be added to unripe currants, and overripe currants will be remembered and will turn into an incomprehensible substance even at the stage of berry preparation.

Black currants need to be carefully but thoroughly washed: first, it is recommended to soak it, then drain the water and rinse it in a colander under a strong stream. After the berries are washed and dried, and the jars are sterilized, you can proceed directly to how to make black currant jam.

Several recipes:

  • Classic recipe … Place the berries (1 kg) in a bowl or pan with a wide bottom, cover them with sugar (1 kg), leave for several hours. When the juice appears, put the black currants on fire, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cook for about 10 minutes. Remove the jam from heat, cool, then boil again for 10 minutes. Cool again and repeat the boiling procedure again. To achieve the desired thickness, you can cool and cook the jam any number of times, but 3 times is usually enough.
  • Black and red currant five-minute jam … Mix berries in equal parts (500 g each), sprinkle with sugar (1 kg), leave for several hours. Put the future jam on the stove, bring to a boil. Cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly. The ready-made jam can already be poured into jars, or you can first cool it and pass it through a sieve - you will get a very beautiful dessert.
  • Currant jam … This recipe for blackcurrant jam for the winter is one of the easiest and fastest. Beat the berries (1 kg) in a blender, transfer to a cooking pot, add sugar to taste (from 300 g to 1 kg), mix well. Bring to a boil, cook for 5-10 minutes, add lemon juice (1 tsp), put jam in jars.
  • Blackcurrant jelly jam … Put the berries (500 g) into a saucepan, pour in water (50 ml), bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add sugar (500 g), stir until dissolved, bring to a boil again and turn off heat. This blackcurrant jam turns out to be jelly-like and looks very nice on the table.
  • Blackcurrant and orange jam … Put the berries (500 g) in a wide saucepan, sprinkle with sugar (500 g) and fill with water (100 ml). Rub the zest from the orange (1 piece), then remove the pulp from it without films. Combine berries with sugar, pulp and zest in a blender, beat. Put the puree in a saucepan, cook for 10 minutes after boiling, leave overnight. Cook for another 10-15 minutes, leave to cool completely. Then reheat the jam and transfer it hot to the jars.
  • Live jam … This is the simplest and healthiest recipe. You can prepare this blackcurrant jam through a meat grinder, or you can use a blender. After the berries are mashed, they need to be mixed with sugar to taste, put in containers and put in the freezer.

These are just the most popular jam recipes, the field for experimentation is very large. You can mix black currants with other berries and fruits, and add herbs and spices to make the dessert even healthier.

Blackcurrant jam recipes

Cheesecake with black currant jam
Cheesecake with black currant jam

Blackcurrant jam in itself is an excellent independent dessert, however, on its basis, you can prepare various sweet dishes, and also, due to the presence of pleasant sourness in it, can be used as a basis for original sauces.

Several recipes for blackcurrant jam:

  1. Quick pie … Melt the butter (100 g), mix with sugar (5 tablespoons) and citric acid (1/3 teaspoons). Add eggs (2 pieces), beat well and gradually add flour (1, 5 cups) and baking powder (1 tsp). Knead the dough, divide into two unequal parts in a ratio of 2: 3. Shape the bottom and sides of the large portion of the pie, spreading it over the baking dish. Place the jam on top (1 cup). Make strips from the smaller part and lay out with a "lattice". Bake for 30-40 minutes at 180OWITH.
  2. Cheesecake with black currant jam … Grind the finished shortbread cookies (300 g), mix with softened butter (150 g), grind into a homogeneous mass and form a cake in a deep mold, put in the refrigerator. Beat eggs (3 pieces) with sugar (4 tablespoons), add zest (1 tbsp) and lemon juice (15 ml), sour cream (3 tablespoons), semolina (3 tablespoons), cottage cheese (500 g), pre-melted white chocolate (100 g). Mix everything well. Take out the base of the cheesecake, put half of the mixture on it, then the jam (7 tablespoons), again the mixture, with the remaining jam (3 tablespoons) make beautiful patterns-stains. Place the cheesecake in an oven preheated to 200OFrom for half an hour.
  3. Cottage cheese cake with apples and jam … Keep butter (120 g) for 2-3 hours at room temperature, grind with sugar (250 g), add vanilla (pinch), cottage cheese (200 g), then eggs (3 pieces) one by one. Separately mix flour (250 g) with lemon zest (2 tablespoons), orange (1 teaspoon), baking powder (1 teaspoon). Combine the mixtures, add honey (2 tsp) and cinnamon (2 tsp). Peel and chop apples (2 pieces) finely, add to the dough, also add jam (5 tablespoons), mix well. Put the dough in a mold, bake for about an hour at 180OWITH.
  4. Parmesan casserole … Cut the cheese (300 g) into cubes. Combine cream (480 ml) with milk (540 ml) and Parmesan in a small saucepan, bring to a boil. Remove from heat, leave for 30-40 minutes. Beat eggs (9 whites and 3 yolks). Bring the cooled milk mixture to a boil again and strain into the egg mixture. Stir, pour into low baking tins, send to oven preheated to 100OC, for 40 minutes. Meanwhile, fry finely chopped onion (200 g), garlic (1 clove), ginger (6 g) in olive oil, add thyme (5 stalks), mustard seeds and cumin (pinch each) to the vegetables. When the onion is soft, pour in white wine (20 ml) and balsamic vinegar (15 ml), add brown sugar (30 g), tomato paste (1/2 tsp), jam (1 tsp), cook over high heat until the liquid evaporates. Pour in vegetable broth (50 ml), simmer until thickened, add starch diluted in water (1/2 tsp), cook for another 4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Combine flour (100 g), butter (80 g), egg white (1 piece), chopped walnuts (50 g), salt. Make thin cookie dough cakes, bake for 10 minutes at 180OC. Cut a frisee salad (100 g), add olive oil to it, salt a little. Finished rolls, preferably brioche (4 pieces), cut into slices. Assemble the casserole: the bun is the bottom layer, then the spicy onion with jam and tomato paste, the milk casserole, then the nut cookies and finally the salad with olive oil.
  5. Jam and horseradish sauce … Combine table horseradish (50 g), soy sauce (50 ml), jam (50 g), balsamic vinegar (1 tablespoon) and a mixture of ground peppers to taste. Mix the ingredients well. Serve with any meal.

As you can see, blackcurrant jam is good for both simple and sophisticated recipes, and therefore be sure to prepare a jar of healthy dessert for the winter.

Interesting facts about blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant jam in jars
Blackcurrant jam in jars

In order for the jam not to spoil for a long time, be sure to add a little citric acid to it at the end of cooking - this will not only save it from mold and the development of other pathogenic processes, but also from sugaring.

It is best to stir the jam with a wooden spoon, it is believed that the use of a metal spoon can not only affect the taste, but also destroy the already fragile vitamin C.

It is advisable to collect the berries immediately before cooking: the currants are washed, dried, and after that you must immediately start cooking.

Try to add less sugar to the jam so that you can feel not only the sugary sweetness, but also the taste of the berries themselves. In addition, the less sugar, the healthier the product.

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Blackcurrant jam is a dessert that will delight you not only with its taste, but also with its benefits. Be sure to prepare it for the winter to maintain immunity and create cozy family teas. Just eat it in moderation, do not forget that it contains a lot of sugar.