Professional personality deformation

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Professional personality deformation
Professional personality deformation

Professional personality deformation and its varieties. The reasons for this phenomenon with examples of its manifestation. Positive and negative sides. Professional personality deformation is a condition that affects a person's character due to the specifics of his work activity. In addition to heredity, society and various life circumstances, it is she who primarily affects the change in the worldview of people. It is necessary to understand the essence of this concept, which forms a model of human behavior.

Description of professional personality deformation

The teacher is studying with his son
The teacher is studying with his son

The sounded term implies that people have a cognitive distortion of the personality with some disorientation in society. This process takes place against the background of pressure on some individuals of the internal and external aspects of professional activity. Subsequently, a specific type of personality is formed in a person.

Pitirim Sorokin, a well-known culturologist and sociologist, first identified this concept. He considered it exclusively from the standpoint of the negative impact of production activities on human consciousness.

Later, such scientists as A. K. Markova, R. M. Granovskaya and S. G. Gellerstein, voiced their point of view regarding occupational deformation. It was they who identified the varieties of this phenomenon, which cannot be classified in the same type.

With this problem, all prospects for its solution should be considered. Sometimes the situation should be let go if it does not bring significant discomfort to the life of the person and his loved ones.

When it comes to the family, then such a change in consciousness can be beneficial. The teacher is able to give his children additional knowledge outside the school curriculum right at home. A physician can always cure relatives without waiting for them to go to the clinic. A leading employee easily organizes the life of his family and arranges festive events in it. The main thing in this case is to distinguish where work ends and everyday life begins outside the walls of the workplace.

In this case, we mean emotional burnout, in which individuals who are overly keen on their activities destroy the psychological protective barrier with such zeal. Psychologists also note the negative impact on a person of managerial erosion (the transformation of a boss into a despot) and a sense of administrative delight (an arrogant attitude towards colleagues after promotion).

Reasons for the development of professional personality deformation

Stress as a cause of occupational deformation
Stress as a cause of occupational deformation

The development of a sounded change in consciousness usually occurs due to the following provocative factors:

  • Work is not to my liking … Not every person is able to self-actualize in any particular field of activity. To achieve concrete results in your profession, you need to understand its nuances and love the job you are doing. Otherwise, fertile ground is created for the emergence of a voiced destruction of the personality.
  • Professional combustion … Quite often, it occurs 10-15 years after the start of labor activity. Even your favorite business gets boring in the absence of other interests besides work.
  • Age changes … What you liked in your youth can sometimes cause soreness in a more mature period. As a person grows up, a professional personality deformation may occur due to a reassessment of his views on life.
  • Monotony … The only woodpecker is capable of gouging the bark of a tree with remarkable consistency. A thinking person gets tired of monotonous work literally a couple of years after starting something monotonous.
  • Workaholism … With an excessive desire to achieve everything and immediately there is a significant load on the body. It ends with chronic fatigue syndrome and occupational deformity.
  • High bar … Such bets in most cases turn out to be a fiasco. You can't jump above your head, which is sometimes forgotten by some vain careerists.
  • Constant stressful situation … The causes of occupational deformity in some cases lie in a change in consciousness that occurs due to systematic pressure on the nervous system due to work with an increased risk to life.
  • Impossibility of professional growth … If a person does not have prospects for his further development, then he begins to misrepresent himself as a person and loses interest in the chosen field of activity.

The voiced reasons for occupational deformation affect each person differently. For someone they will create temporary discomfort, but for someone they will become fundamental for further behavior in society.

Varieties of professional personality deformation

Workaholism as an individual professional deformation
Workaholism as an individual professional deformation

There are four types of the impact of production activities on the human psyche:

  1. General professional change … In this case, we are talking about a specific area of employment of people. The policeman often sees criminals everywhere, and the teacher - violators of the internal order of the school.
  2. Special dysfunction … A specific profession, which implies the flexibility of the mind, in the future can cause professional deformation of the personality. As an example, we can cite lawyers who quite often skillfully circumvent the letter of the Law.
  3. Professional and typological change … It is usually seen in company executives. The ability to cope with a large team leaves a certain imprint on them regarding the perception of existing reality.
  4. Individual deformation … In this case, we are talking about such manifestations of the distortion of consciousness as labor super-fanaticism, the wrong concept of collectivism and hyperactivity.

The listed types of professional deformation can seriously complicate a person's life. In any case, he eventually becomes a victim of the voiced phenomenon, even if he wants to appear as a winner in public.

The main signs of occupational deformation

Authoritarianism as a sign of professional deformation
Authoritarianism as a sign of professional deformation

You need to think about the changes in your life if the following model of behavior became its basis:

  • Authoritarianism … Within reasonable limits, it is even useful for maintaining discipline in the team. If a leader turns from a wise mentor into a despot, then we are already talking about signs of professional deformation.
  • Demonstrativeness … This quality is a great way to stand out from your coworkers. However, it often turns into narcissism, when the feeling of reality is lost due to excessive flaunting.
  • Dogmatism … The voiced position in life is quite dangerous if a person holds a leadership position. He sees people not with all the manifestations of their weakness, but in the form of soulless robots.
  • Dominance … In this case, we are talking not just about a constant readiness to enter into conflict with colleagues, but about a regular demonstration of their superiority in the professional field.
  • Indifference … For such figures, everything is laid out on the shelves. Emotional dryness in them is accompanied by ignorance of the personal characteristics of other people and complete indifference to the interests of the work collective.
  • Conservatism … People with such a professional deformation do not tolerate any innovations. They are a brake on progress and usually belong to the older generation.
  • Asceticism in feelings … Excessive morality becomes a problem for a person with a similar life position. In this case, I recall Elena Solovey, who played the role of a teacher of literature in the film "You Never Dreamed of".
  • Role transfer … For this definition, the saying is suitable that with whom you will lead, from that you will gain. Professional deformation of this kind implies the appearance in a person of a desire to adapt to colleagues with a stronger life position and a successful career.

Features of professional personality deformation

Each specialty leaves a certain imprint on the behavior of its representatives. In this case, one should focus on the sphere of activity of people with the described problem.

The nuances of the work of teachers

Teacher and student near the blackboard
Teacher and student near the blackboard

It is realistic to educate the younger generation only if there is no professional burnout. In Japan, experts insist on the fact that a teacher after 10 years of experience loses his ability to adequately present knowledge to students. This conclusion can be challenged, because even at a fairly respectable age, you can remain an experienced teacher.

Professional deformation of a teacher with a certain length of service is as follows:

  1. Search for non-existent errors … Over time, some educators begin to find fault with every letter and number. They become irritated by the independent opinion of their students, and they equate the bold reasoning of their charges with delusion.
  2. Turning family members into students … Authoritarian behavior is characteristic of many teachers who have been involved in the teaching and upbringing of children for a long time. Their desire to change the world for the better does not disappear within their native walls, where they persistently implement the legacy of Makarenko and Sukhomlinsky.
  3. Negative assessment of strangers … Not only close people of the teacher, but also absolutely strangers, sometimes become a victim of the attacks of a teacher with professional deformation. Quite adequate individuals turn into guardians of order and morality due to the specifics of their field of activity.

Far from always, the voiced distortion of consciousness happens to people of age. As a counterargument, one can cite an example in the form of a young teacher of the Russian language from the movie "Spring on Zarechnaya Street", who taught each and every one with a complete lack of pedagogical experience.

Professional deformation of the manager

The manager works with the client
The manager works with the client

A person who realizes himself in such a field of activity quite often tries to impose his opinion on the issue of interest to him. Such attempts that strain people look like this:

  • Tourism manager … With any recollection of a great vacation, a person risks receiving a portion of recommendations from such a person. She will be interested in everything: the hotel, the country, the airline, which the resort traveler chose at one time. For each answer, a resolution will be issued with many subparagraphs.
  • Sales Manager … He is usually interested not only in regular customers, but in any person who can be offered a certain product. People with such a field of activity already automatically begin to translate each conversation into an offer to buy something from their company.

The stated professional costs are not an antisocial model of behavior. However, in some cases, such a change in consciousness is transformed into an obsession.

Professional deformation of the doctor

The doctor diagnoses the patient
The doctor diagnoses the patient

Healers of the human body are quite often subject to the described factor, which is expressed in them in the form of such signs:

  1. Automatic health assessment … Even with a handshake, some doctors begin to determine a person's well-being. At the same time, they mentally calculate the pulse of people, the moisture in their palms and the estimated body temperature.
  2. Visual diagnosis … In case of professional deformation, the doctor in bags under the eyes will see problems with the kidneys, and if the face is yellow, he will authoritatively advise you to check the liver. In a person, such changes can occur after a sleepless night and with vitamin deficiency, which doctors do not take into account with a change in consciousness.
  3. Cynicism … Some doctors find it difficult to avoid professional deformation, because their work is associated with saving human life and a huge responsibility. By abstracting, using "black" humor and becoming cold analysts, they protect their own nervous system from unnecessary shocks.

Change of consciousness in a lawyer

Lawyer reads a document
Lawyer reads a document

Legal relationships often leave an imprint on the worldview of people in a given profession. In a person who is associated with this field of activity, professional deformation manifests itself in the following forms:

  • Nihilism … In this case, the servants of Themis begin to apply in their practice the principle of benefit, contrary to generally accepted values. Without evading the law, such lawyers, finding certain loopholes, quite successfully ignore it.
  • Legal infantilism … Usually, the voiced phenomenon is observed in those people who do not occupy their position by right. Their consciousness is altered solely by legal incompetence or higher-ranking patron relatives.
  • Legal radicalism … With such an attitude towards his duties, a person turns into a robot that strictly follows all the dogmas of the law. At the same time, he is absolutely not interested in the human factor, through which he easily steps over.
  • Negative legal radicalism … He is the reverse side of the medal of honest attitude to the performance of his duties. This behavior is based on fraud and outright bribery.

Occupational deformation of police officers

The policeman leads the detainee
The policeman leads the detainee

Quite often, people of this profession are faced with extreme situations, so they have the following character changes:

  1. Excessive assertiveness … Being constantly on alert, it is difficult for them to restrain their activity in some life situations. At the same time, socialization is disrupted, which sometimes prevents the police officers from arranging their personal lives.
  2. Imperiousness … Representatives of the voiced legal structure quite often do not want to hear any criticism in their address. They begin to consider their own opinion the only correct one, thus suppressing the immediate environment and strangers.
  3. Callousness … One of the manifestations of professional deformation among police officers is the fact that they stop seeing manifestations of human grief. At the same time, such persons are able to continue to clearly fulfill their official duties and stand guard over the interests of the state.
  4. Failure to comply with professional and ethical standards … Constant communication with criminals sometimes ends for the servants of the law with hostility towards those who violated it. As a result, cases of physical and moral humiliation of the human dignity of detainees are becoming more frequent.

Professional deformation of the head

The director of the company works in his office
The director of the company works in his office

Not all subordinates can boast of wise bosses who delve into the problems of their team. In some cases, the professional deformation of managers looks like this:

  • Authoritarianism … In this manifestation, the bosses are somewhat reminiscent of teachers with their peremptory views on many life situations. Taking advantage of their official position, they eventually begin to consider themselves superhumans with unique organizational skills.
  • Dryness … The habit of giving directions makes some executives stingy. On the one hand, this is not an obvious drawback, but one cannot expect a meaningful conversation from such a person.
  • Incorrectness … A certain power is capable of turning the head of even adequate persons. This is especially true of those people who have climbed the career ladder for a long time. Having received the coveted leadership position, they can acquire a vulgar, uncontrolled personality change.

Professional deformation from programmers

The programmer works at the computer
The programmer works at the computer

People with such a profession are able to turn even the simplest question into an analysis of the most complex problem. They are quite often characterized by the following professional personality deformation:

  1. Increased concentration … In this case, their external attention is completely turned off. The hyper-focus on a particular process is then carried over to everyday activities. With the same cleaning of the apartment, such people will be annoyed by all external sounds in the form of a phone call or a drill turned on by a neighbor.
  2. Dependence on the set goal … Only a clear statement of the problem reaches the mind of the programmer. Otherwise, a pronounced professional deformation can be observed in him. When sending such a subject to the store, one cannot do with general phrases-instructions. It is best to make a clear list of the quantity of products and the exact brand of their manufacturer.

Some ordinary people at the word "programmer" or "computer engineer" immediately imagine a fanatic of their business, detached from the outside world. Occupational deformation does not always occur in such people. They may well have interests other than working on creating codes.

Prevention of professional personality deformation

Rest as a prevention of occupational deformity
Rest as a prevention of occupational deformity

The voiced problem has a psychological nature of its occurrence. Therefore, it is necessary for the person himself to fight it. The following expert advice will help him in this:

  • Developing self-criticism … With an adequate assessment of their own capabilities, even people in leadership positions remain competent individuals and create a healthy microclimate in the team.
  • Search for new experiences … Quite often, it is routine that is capable of provoking the emergence of professional deformation. To avoid it, you need to attend various trainings and refresher courses.
  • Organization of the correct daily routine … Occupational deformation will never appear in those people who get enough sleep, competently organize their diet, go in for sports and do not have bad habits.
  • Rest from work … Emotional exhaustion occurs due to the fact that some workaholics simply live by their profession. Such zeal is commendable only if you periodically give your body a rest.
  • Leaving the comfort zone … It is in her that a gradual degradation of the personality takes place, when one does not want to conquer new heights. Emotionally, you need to rest, but this activity should not be turned into a habitual way of life.
  • Participation in non-standard projects … There is no need to be afraid to show your originality in any unusual business. Vivid impressions of the interesting work done will help to prevent occupational deformity.
  • Chatting with new people … It is best to choose active and creative personalities for dating. It is good if they belong to representatives of other professions.
  • Refusal to accumulate negative emotions … A person who keeps all problems in himself resembles a time bomb. Troubles at work can and should be discussed with your loved ones so that an irreversible process does not happen in the form of personality destruction.

What is professional deformation - watch the video:

It is recommended to eliminate professional deformation at its first manifestations. She is able to destroy not only the desire to create and benefit society, such a change in consciousness creates many problems for a person who seeks to take place as a person in the professional field and in his personal life.