What should be the first kiss

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What should be the first kiss
What should be the first kiss

The article describes the features of the first kiss and recommendations that will help make it unforgettable. Various techniques will give you confidence and teach you all kinds of techniques. The first kiss is a very important moment in the relationship of young people. Many people present it as a plot from a movie, but more often than not, expectations do not coincide with reality. As practice shows, experiences that spoil all romance take over. For a kiss to be a wonderful memory, it takes a little preparation.

What date is it time to kiss

Couple kissing
Couple kissing

Each of us is afraid of being rejected, so the question of what date to kiss a girl or a guy on, arises from almost all young people who are just starting to build relationships. It is extremely difficult to answer it unequivocally.

A lot depends on the nature of the dates, the upbringing of the girl, the worldview of the couple and the approach to the issue. If the girl herself is very modest, then it is better not to rush, so you can only frighten her away. The same can be said if one of the partners adheres to strict, for example, Muslim customs.

The ideal option is a second or third date. The thing is that after a given amount of time, people get used to each other a little and manage to get carried away. Of course, it is important not to think about the deadline, about what the date is today. The main thing is the feelings and impressions that arise. It is very important to feel the pull and understand that it is time to move on to the kiss. For some, a few hours are enough for this, the second has to drag out a couple of weeks.

It is also very important here to monitor the reaction of the partner. For example, you can lean towards him, simulating a desire to kiss. If the partner has framed his face halfway, then you can try.

Fears and doubts before the first kiss

Self-confident girl
Self-confident girl

Many young people are not just waiting for the first kiss, they are afraid of it. They worry that a large amount of saliva will accumulate in the mouth, which will ruin the whole experience. To prevent this from happening, you can swallow it before kissing and not delay the process itself.

But do not forget that there is such an option as a wet kiss. It is worth noting that, according to statistics, this type is liked by a huge number of the fair sex. Therefore, everything has its advantages.

Another fear is duration. Many people simply cannot decide how long the first kiss should last. It is impossible to answer this question exactly, you have to feel it. But, according to many experts, the ideal time is one minute. Do not be afraid that there is no experience with kissing, everything comes with time and training.

The attitude of a person is of great importance. Agree that smiling and friendly people are always more attracted to. If a person closes in himself, hesitates and hides his nature, then he can scare away, even having an attractive appearance. Try to joke more, talk more and do not be afraid of the moment of the first kiss. Fear can be transmitted to a partner, which is highly undesirable.

Tightness, unnecessary worries can only harm. If you have a really real feeling, then everything will go as it should.

Remember that you never need to ask your soulmate a question: "Can I kiss you?" This will ruin the whole moment and can put both of them in a quandary. If a girl does not want to be kissed, then she will definitely show this in her behavior. Away with doubts!

Preparing for the first kiss

Moisturizing lips
Moisturizing lips

To make everything go perfectly, it is worth thinking over every detail in advance. After all, absolutely everything is important: place, technique, partner's attitude, his reaction. Well, if the partner himself takes the initiative, then you just have to answer his call. If this did not happen, or you have to take control of the situation on your own, then the following recommendations will help you not to fail.

The overall impression and emotions are greatly influenced by the place. Therefore, it is better for the kiss to take place in a romantic setting, without prying eyes. It's good if the guy asks the girl out on a date and thinks through all the details in advance. A quiet flower meadow, a cinema, a park or a boat in the middle of a river can be an ideal place. You can also take a beautiful lady home and only then decide on this step.

According to most psychologists, the ideal place to kiss for the first time is a movie show. Pick up some fun romantic movie that will spice up your time together. If it's hard to decide, then take your loved one by the hand and try to get his attention. Be courageous and take the initiative.

First of all, it is very important to relax, and this is possible only if you have confidence in your appearance and fresh breath. To make your lips as pleasant as possible for a kiss will help:

  • Moisturizing lips … Agree that dry and tight lips don't feel good. Girls can use a special balm or hygienic lipstick. Plus, they add a pleasant scent. Young people can also use a beauty product for men. It is odorless and not felt on the lips. Therefore, guys who are not used to the procedures will feel nothing but soft and smooth skin.
  • Peeling … The procedure will help to make the lips soft, tender and pleasant to the touch. Scrubbing will also help get rid of any unwanted skin lumps. You can make it at home using ordinary sugar and honey.
  • Pleasant breath … Remember that during the first kiss, your mouth should smell fresh. To do this, it is better to carry a mint lollipop, gum, or a special freshener with you. Brush your teeth regularly, preferably twice a day. It is recommended to clean the tongue, because no less bacteria accumulate on it. Avoid leftover food or drink in your mouth.

It is imperative to show positive emotions. Many girls repulse young men with their formidable and inaccessible appearance. Be friendlier, smile more, and show interest. You can take a loved one by the hand, thereby relieve nervous tension.

The main types of kisses

Kiss "Inato"
Kiss "Inato"

The first kiss on the lips, as a rule, is very gentle and quivering, but it all depends on the temperament of the partners. In any case, it is better to prepare in advance for this action and familiarize yourself with the technique:

  1. Touching … The young man should tilt his head slightly to the side and bend to the lady's lips, and then touch them. You can freeze for a few seconds to feel the beauty of the moment and enjoy it.
  2. Intensity and penetration … You should not immediately scare the chosen one with your aggressiveness, only lips should participate in the first kiss. If you want to connect your tongue, then you can slightly wiggle it without getting into your mouth.
  3. Completion … After the kiss, you need to hug the girl, hug her to you and say something good.

Kisses can be completely different, experts distinguish several types. Here are the most popular ones:

  • "Smooth" kiss … A young man should fold his lips with a tube and “suck” the girl's lips into himself. In this case, it is very important to touch the partner's tongue.
  • "Shy" … This is the kiss when the girl moves her lower lip.
  • "Inato" … It is a romantic and gentle kiss best suited for the first time. Done without language.
  • "Fighting Mouths" … It is one of the most popular. During such a kiss, they bite the partner's lips a little, very lightly. But remember that it is extremely important not to harm, but to please.

The first kiss should be romantic, but not overly intrusive. After a while, you can try different techniques and types, but for a start it is better to choose the standard version with no frills.

How to learn to kiss correctly

It is difficult to think through all romantic situations, because every relationship is individual. The best thing is to listen to your inner voice and act according to the situation. Many young people wonder how to kiss for the first time. For everything to go perfectly, you should not let the situation take its course. Better to prepare a little ahead of time.

How to learn to kiss without a tongue

A kiss without a tongue
A kiss without a tongue

A kiss without a tongue is the best option for the first time. If there is a desire to learn how to kiss well, then it is only important to relax your lips in a timely manner. Tense and firm, they are unlikely to please your partner. A young man can slightly moisten his lips, and a girl must remember to wash her lipstick.

At the first kiss, it is better to close your eyes and only then touch your lips. You can take a loved one by the arm or waist to increase body contact.

In the process, gently and gently grab one of your partner's lips with your lips, you can pull on it a little. Change the upper and lower lip. We also admit a very weak bite, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to injure the delicate skin. It is not recommended to stretch the lips very strongly with a tube, so they will become more firm.

The basic rule is to be yourself, follow your feelings and do not be shy about your impulse. The task will be greatly simplified if an experienced partner is caught. In this case, you just need to relax and try to repeat his movements, act to the beat. The initiative is also welcome, it can pleasantly surprise and delight.

How to learn to kiss your tongue

Kiss with tongue
Kiss with tongue

A French kiss or with a tongue is a very sensual and passionate moment between a man and a woman. It brings you very close, fills the relationship with new feelings and emotions.

Before kissing, it is better to slightly lick or moisturize your lips. So they will slide well. Tilt your head slightly to the side to avoid hitting your noses. When the faces are very close, close your eyes and enjoy.

It is better to start a kiss first without a tongue and with closed lips. Gradually open your mouth and use your tongue. You also need to be completely sure that your partner does not mind the French kiss. For the first time, this may surprise some.

When the tongue is in the mouth of a loved one, try to feel his mood and play with him. All movements should be smooth and gentle. If the partners really feel each other, then such a kiss will be remembered for a long time.

Useful tips for your first kiss

First kiss
First kiss

There are some helpful tips to help make this moment memorable for a lifetime. Firstly, kissing is better with a special and loved one, because this is the only way to get real pleasure. Reciprocal sympathy is a necessary condition.

Secondly, it is not recommended to kiss if there is no desire, but you just do not want to offend the person. It is also better not to do this in order to simply get the necessary experience. A kiss is a manifestation of true feelings, which should not be forgotten.

Thirdly, in no case do not consume an alcoholic drink. Many do this in order to gain courage and be less shy. Remember, alcohol dulls feelings and desires. So there is a risk to miss all the most beautiful and intimate by themselves.

A girl can take the initiative into her own hands, because not all young men are able to decide on this step, so it is important to know how to kiss a guy first. So:

  1. Convenient moment … You need to face the young man, smile and look straight into the eyes. If you are sitting next to you, then catch your partner's eye. His head should not be too far away from the girl.
  2. Approach a guy … Take a step towards each other, so the faces will come closer. At this moment, the mood of people and the true attitude of a friend to a friend is best felt. Close your eyes and begin smooth movements towards your partner.
  3. Kiss … Kiss the young man slowly, tilting your head slightly to the side. Try not to rush, feel the beauty. The technique should be the same as described for the guy (no deep penetration, only light, weightless touches).

After the kiss, the best solution for the girl is to say goodbye and leave in order to leave some kind of riddle. So, the young man will look forward to the next meeting with even greater impatience.

It is worth noting that the "riddle" plays an important role in further relationships. A little intrigue touches everyone and piques interest. If you do not forget about this, then you can keep your partner's burning eyes for many years, the main thing is not to overdo it with the “riddle”.

How to kiss correctly - watch the video:

[media = https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 1S4j7KnHg3k] The first kiss is a happy memory that often lasts a lifetime. No need to worry about technique or other nuances. It is enough to melt, having previously freshened your breath and put your lips in order, and just reach out to meet your partner.