How is vacuum massage done for cellulite?

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How is vacuum massage done for cellulite?
How is vacuum massage done for cellulite?

Is vacuum massage effective for cellulite? Benefits, possible contraindications. Preparation and technique for performing the procedure. Vacuum massage results.

Vacuum massage is a cosmetic procedure, for which special cups are used, aimed at improving the condition of the skin and general toning of the body. The result will be the elimination of stagnation, lymphatic drainage and an effective fight against cellulite. Vacuum massage is not traumatic, but it is not useful for everyone. And in order to get the most out of the procedure, you must carefully study the information about its features and execution technique.

Does vacuum massage help against cellulite?

Does vacuum massage help against cellulite
Does vacuum massage help against cellulite

In the photo, vacuum massage for cellulite

The essence of the procedure for vacuum body massage is indicated by its name. If in the classical version the hands of a specialist have the main effect on the skin, then here the acting force is vacuum. The desired effect is achieved using glass (currently used less often), silicone or rubber cans.

The physics of the process is quite simple: the pump acts on the area, provoking an increase in pressure in the treated area. The difference in pressure increases blood flow, lymph velocity, and in some cases even leads to rupture of a fat cell. In terms of the effectiveness of the lipolytic struggle, such a procedure is one of the first, and therefore, at the initial stages of cellulite, it can be recommended by cosmetologists for the complete elimination of the "orange peel".

Using vacuum-roller massage or other types of it to actively combat cellulite, at the end of the full course, you can notice other positive effects: a few centimeters on the massage area may go away, puffiness will be removed, the skin will become tightened.

It should be noted that the beneficial effect of the procedure, especially when it comes to vacuum massage for cellulite, is visible after the first or second session. However, if you relax and stop the necessary activities, then the "orange peel" will quickly return. To achieve a stable result, it is necessary to perform the procedures with a given regularity.

Note! According to reviews of vacuum massage, bruises are possible after the session. The explanation of this effect lies in the same physics of the process: under the action of high pressure, not only fat cells are destroyed, but also capillaries with a spent safety margin. In their place, new young vessels are formed.

The main types of vacuum massage for cellulite

Vacuum cupping massage for cellulite
Vacuum cupping massage for cellulite

In the photo, massage with vacuum cans for cellulite

There are several types of vacuum anti-cellulite massage - hardware and canned, depending on the type of equipment, thanks to which the vacuum is created. In turn, each of them is also divided into subspecies.

There are canned dynamic massage and point-directed massage. In the first case, banks must move along a given area, in the second, the equipment is superimposed on a specific area. Small zones are subjected to dynamic action, and sensitive areas with a thin skin integument are subjected to point action. Acupressure vacuum massage with cans is actively used not only in cosmetology to combat cellulite, but also in the treatment of pains of various kinds, including neurological.

Hardware vacuum massage is divided into the following subspecies:

  • LPG massage … Performed by a device with a special roller attachment. A zone with reduced pressure is created in it, and the rollers additionally knead the selected area. This subspecies is chosen to work out problem areas - hips, abdomen, buttocks.
  • Laser vacuum massage … An innovative technology that allows you to get rid of both cellulite and skin flabbiness, stretch marks. The effect is achieved by a combination of vacuum procedures and a laser.

Which procedure to choose to combat the "orange peel" - everyone decides independently, but it is necessary to take into account the opinion of experts. The hardware technique is good because it is performed by a professional who, due to experience, will select the necessary degree of impact. Vacuum massage with cans for cellulite is preferable as home procedures.

What is the use of vacuum massage for cellulite?

Elimination of cellulite with vacuum massage
Elimination of cellulite with vacuum massage

Vacuum massage can be part of a general body strengthening program or a completely independent procedure aimed at combating the "orange peel". Indications for its implementation in a beauty salon or at home are extra pounds, cellulite, swelling, sagging skin. With the correct selection of the type of impact and its intensity, the benefits of vacuum massage are maximum.

After a full course of procedures, a person notes significant changes in his own body:

  • Emotional lift, regardless of the impact area;
  • Launching the mechanisms of cleansing the body from toxins;
  • Reduction of swelling of the extremities due to better lymphatic drainage;
  • Improving physical condition;
  • Reducing pain caused by exercise;
  • Improving body contours.

After vacuum massage, the muscle corset is toned, the abdomen goes away. If cellulite was at the initial stage, then it disappears completely, in advanced cases, after the first course, the "orange peel" decreases.

Often, after a course of vacuum massage, a person notes getting rid of a few extra pounds. This is possible only in the course of a comprehensive fight against cellulite, when physical activity and nutritional control are added to mechanical procedures.

Contraindications to performing vacuum massage

Varicose veins as a contraindication to vacuum massage
Varicose veins as a contraindication to vacuum massage

The lifting effect of vacuum massage, pain relief and effective fight against cellulite have made the procedure incredibly popular among beauty experimenters. However, the use of such a technique for influencing the body is associated with a number of serious limitations. The use of a vacuum in some cases not only will not be beneficial, but can harm human health.

Vacuum massage is strictly prohibited when:

  • heart disease;
  • problems with blood vessels;
  • diagnoses associated with blood clotting;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncology;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • varicose veins in the affected area;
  • the presence of moles in the affected area;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

In addition to general contraindications, there are individual reasons for refusing the next session. So, vacuum massage of the abdomen and other areas is not allowed to be performed by women during menstruation. A contraindication will also be an acute infectious disease and a violation of the integrity of the skin - wounds and abrasions. In addition, even an absolutely healthy person should not apply a vacuum in the area of the kidneys, chest, heart.

Important! Even if you have no obvious contraindications, you should consult your doctor.

Preparing for vacuum massage

Preparing for vacuum massage
Preparing for vacuum massage

The price for a vacuum massage in the salon, depending on the area of influence, the technology used and other factors, can reach 3,500 rubles per session. A full-fledged course includes an average of 10-15 procedures. Therefore, many decide to perform them on their own.

First you need to find the right vacuum cups for your massage. If you have no experience, choose silicone models for the first sessions. It is easiest for beginners to use rubber or latex products. Such material is easy to work with, maintain, but short-lived. Craftsmen can use glass jars with a rubber pear: in order to create a vacuum, it is enough to press on the pear and lean the jar against the skin. All glass models are chosen only by experienced and trained professionals. Improper use of such jars threatens bruises and burns, as the product heats up before touching.

Before doing a vacuum massage, it is important to ventilate the room and cleanse the skin. The working tool must be treated with a degreasing agent. The oil that will be used during the procedure is heated. It is also necessary to warm up the part of the body that will be massaged: for this, it is recommended to stroke and rub with your hands.

For the first session, 10 minutes is enough, gradually the duration of exposure can be increased by 2 times. The break between procedures, as a rule, is 1 day, sometimes they are repeated after 3 days. No more than two courses are allowed per year.

For a comprehensive fight against cellulite, it is necessary, at least for the period of the massage, to give up alcohol, control the quality of food consumed and the amount of fluid consumed, add physical activity, but the rest regime is also important. Do not eat food an hour before the procedure. If the abdominal area is being treated, then it is better to refuse food two hours before the massage. And after the procedure, it is advisable to drink a glass of clean water.

How is vacuum massage done?

How to do vacuum massage for cellulite at home
How to do vacuum massage for cellulite at home

The photo shows how to do vacuum massage for cellulite at home

The technique is simple in theory: banks move along the path of lymph circulation, bypassing prohibited areas (groin, elbow and popliteal folds, mammary glands, kidney zone, heart). However, in practice, it turns out that it is best to learn how to correctly perform the procedure for each area in detail, because cellulite is a local formation.

How to do vacuum massage correctly, depending on the area of influence.

  1. Legs … Apply a thin layer of warm oil to your feet. If the procedure is performed independently, then you need to stand, if there is an assistant, you need to lie down. Legs are stretched with hands for at least 2 minutes, and only then they are worked out with banks. The vacuum must be applied from the lower leg to the knee, from the knee to the buttocks. The exposure time is 5 minutes. By the 15th session, each area is treated for up to 10 minutes. The first session is done half-heartedly to minimize the risk of bruising.
  2. Buttocks … The procedure can be done while standing and combined with a vacuum for the legs. Movement on the priest - from the inside to the outside. Duration - 5-10 minutes.
  3. Stomach … The massage is performed both lying down and standing. Warm oil is applied to the skin. The bank is carried out, repeating the movements of the clockwise hand, bending around the navel zone. The side part is kneaded with soft strokes. Each site is processed no more than 5 minutes.

After vacuum massage, you need to wipe off the skin and apply a moisturizer. If the procedure was performed on the stomach, it is recommended to lie down for another 10 minutes.

The results of vacuum massage for cellulite

Before and after vacuum massage for cellulite
Before and after vacuum massage for cellulite

Even a ten minute procedure is of great benefit. It is enough to compare photos of people before and after vacuum massage, evaluate the reviews.

Among the obvious results of the procedure:

  • getting rid of puffiness;
  • improving the condition of the skin;
  • toning the skin and muscles in general;
  • reduction of stretch marks;
  • elimination of the "orange peel".

The visible effect manifests itself even on the most inaccessible areas of the body.

Note! During and after the massage, it is useful to use nourishing oils, emulsions, their active substances are more effective, due to which the general condition of the skin improves.

The appearance of bruises after the procedure signals too much exposure or weak capillaries. It is generally accepted that a bruise is formed if the jar is kept in one place for at least 2 seconds longer.

When bruising occurs, it is recommended:

  • skip the session until full recovery;
  • switch to silicone jars if you used glass ones;
  • carry out subsequent procedures with less effort.

Bruises can also signal muscle spasm relief. If the procedure is performed in the salon, a competent specialist will warn about the possibility of such phenomena. At home, bruising after the first sessions is almost inevitable.

How to do vacuum massage - watch the video:

Vacuum massage is not always pleasant, but very effective procedure that helps to fight cellulite and stretch marks. The service is available in beauty salons, but it is quite possible to achieve visible results even at home. However, you need to consult with your doctor and make sure that you have no contraindications.