How to determine character by blood type

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How to determine character by blood type
How to determine character by blood type

What are the blood groups, the connection with the character, how they affect the disposition of men and women, what is positive and negative in this. A blood group is a specific set of antigen proteins (there may be other substances) in red blood cells (erythrocytes). It is determined by the pattern of a specific reaction (hemagglutination), when small light flakes fall out when serum is injected into the blood.

What do we know about blood

Blood typing test
Blood typing test

The state of your health can be judged by a blood test from a finger or vein. The procedure is usual and no one has any questions. But even a hundred years ago it was unthinkable. Scientists knew very little about the blood flow in the body then, what can we say about an ordinary person. Well, red water runs through the veins, they knew how to stop it if you cut your finger or toe. And they did not even suspect that it was possible to determine the state of health by it. Let's say that high blood sugar is indicative of diabetes.

And what blood really is, what it is, no one could really say. Only at the end of the 19th century it became clear that the red fluid in the body has a certain composition, consists of red and white blood cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and platelets (platelets).

In addition, proteins are present in the blood, in particular, such complex proteins as hemoglobin, mineral salts and glucose. The content of all these elements is different for men and women. By their number, you can give a conclusion about the general state of health.

An important factor was the discovery of blood groups by the Austrian chemist and immunologist Karl Landstein in 1900. For this contribution to medical science, he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1930). Actually, he discovered the first three types of blood circulation, and the fourth was already being tested by his students.

Much later, Landstein deduced such a blood indicator as the Rh factor. It is a protein found on the surface of red blood cells. If it is present in red blood cells, these are people with a positive blood type. His absence says that they have a negative blood type. The vast majority of men and women are Rh positive, and 15 percent are Rh negative.

In a healthy person, the presence or absence of the Rh factor does not affect well-being. However, it must be taken into account when a child is born. Let's say that a different rhesus of a husband and wife can affect the health of the baby.

Doctors noticed that human health depends on the composition of the blood. For example, people with the first (zero) group are more susceptible to pneumonia, flu. Breast cancer is more common in women. Men are more prone to stomach and duodenal ulcers.

It's important to know! There are four blood groups, and a person's susceptibility to certain diseases depends on them.

The relationship between blood type and character

Psychologists believe that the blood type affects the character, it can be used to determine the mental health of a man and a woman. Rh positive or negative is not a significant factor in determining personality characteristics. Particular attention is paid to "blood" indicators in Japan. When applying for a job, they are sure to be interested in them, this may serve as a refusal in employment.

The relationship of blood type and character in men

Male blood type
Male blood type

The qualitative characteristics of blood flow in the male body differ markedly from the female. For example, men with the first blood group are prone to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, have increased sensitivity to various allergy sufferers. Such an indicator as the erythrocyte sedimentation reaction (ESR) in men under 60 is 1-8 mm / hour. For women of this age, the index is close to 20. The physical properties of blood affect the mental state, are reflected in the character of a person. The character of men by blood group establishes the following relationship.

The first (zero) blood group

It is considered the most ancient, when people just emerged from the primitive world, were engaged in hunting and fishing. The relationship between 1 blood group and the character of men is often pronounced. They are ringleaders in companies and strive to crush the rest, temperamental and purposeful, persistent in achieving their goals.

In relationships with women, they behave selfishly, they are jealous, they certainly want to achieve their goal. Often they consider a friend to be their thing, and therefore, over time, they may lose interest in her. Such people see the spouse in a subordinate position.

A marriage with a woman of the same character is short-lived. Sometimes they do not marry for a long time, since ambition prevents this.

Character flaws include excessive emotionality and nervousness, can be too pretentious - mannered in their behavior.

The first blood group was in the musician and performer of the famous rock band "The Beatles" John Lennon, as well as the famous American singer Elvis Presley.

Second blood group (A)

One of the most common. There is an opinion that humanity managed to survive in primitive conditions due to the appearance of just such a blood flow in the body.

2 blood group and character are connected by calmness, composure, thoroughness in all matters, measured, harmonious course of life. Such people tolerate stress well, love communication, are very romantic, value friendship. They are adapted to live in big cities, good workers, empathetic towards others, have a peaceful disposition.

They are timid in relations with women, but if they have agreed, they show sincere concern for their half, often to the point of pedantry. It really depends on the nature of the friend, how to relate to this.

If a child is born, souls do not hate in him. In short, this is the ideal husband and father who tries to surround his loved ones with comfort.

The disadvantage should be considered excessive stubbornness, which can be characterized as "found a scythe on a stone." After long and hard work, they do not know how to relax, which can lead to a nervous breakdown when they start screaming and quarreling. Although by nature they try to avoid conflicts.

Such individuals are very ambitious, striving to achieve as much as possible in life. Famous historical figures with the 2nd blood group - Adolf Hitler, US President Bush Sr.

Third blood group (B)

It is believed that people with this type of blood flow appeared in ancient times among those who migrated from Africa to other continents. They are good opportunists in the best sense of the word. New living conditions, a completely different climate, mixing with the aborigines have made significant changes in the functioning of the body.

Blood group 3 and character are correlated according to the following parameters: they are smart, reasonable and creative individuals, psychologically stable, as well as to diseases, inclined to engage in large business projects. Studies have shown that more than a third of American millionaires are just like that.

These people at any age are lovers of sexual pleasures, frequent change of partner is simply necessary for them. Breaking up with another passion does not become a tragedy. In communication, they are easy-going, but not persistent: if this did not work out, so it will happen with the other.

Marriage is not the main goal in life, first you need to achieve some success, become financially independent, and then you can get married. Actually, young people in Western countries live by this principle. But when they get married, they become exemplary fathers of the family, take care of their wife and children, divorce is not included in their plans, as are adultery on the side.

Negative character traits include egocentrism, excessive isolation, sometimes it interferes with the establishment of the necessary contacts and contributes to the development of stress.

The third blood group was Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, famous American actor, winner of the Oscar and other prestigious film awards Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fourth blood group (AB)

It is extremely rare. It appeared as a result of the fusion of the second and third types of blood flow.

The character and the 4th blood group are associated with such individual traits as calmness, non-vanity, which is characteristic of sanguine and melancholic people. They are versatile educated, noble, humanistic natures, sociable and sane, they know how to attract attention, but not leaders, they rather like to be subordinate. They are picky about the means to achieve the goal, they do not make dubious compromises, therefore they enjoy well-deserved authority among friends and acquaintances.

Natures are very careful in marriage, they tend to experience love in themselves, they marry only when they are confident in their own and reciprocal feelings, in family life they completely trust their wife.

Doubtfulness and indecision can be attributed to character shortcomings, such people can be arrogant, sometimes they do not know how to focus on the goal, and therefore they are scattered, which leads to discord with conscience.

They often have the flu, other colds, heart disease, and cancer. Physical activity is important for them, but they are very reluctant to engage in physical education.

Famous individuals with such a blood group are Jackie Chang and American President John F. Kennedy.

It's important to know! The masculine traits described for each blood group do not necessarily manifest in this way. It all depends on many life factors in the process of which the personality was formed.

The relationship of blood type and character in women

Woman's blood type
Woman's blood type

The character of a woman by blood group is not much different from that of a man. However, there are some individual characteristics inherent only in the fairer sex. Sometimes you can hear that such a disposition is in her blood. American psychologists became interested in this and came to the conclusion that such an opinion has the right to life. Having studied more than three thousand women, they found out how the blood flow group affects the female temperament. Let's consider the relationship between blood group and female character in more detail.

The first (zero) blood group

Women with this type of blood flow are strong, self-confident, they do not take the will, they often achieve success in entrepreneurial activity (they can lead a large enterprise), in creativity, sports, politics.

They are passionate natures. In their personal life, they are loving, but picky in choosing a partner. But if the relationship has already begun, sexuality is off the charts, a man needs to be “on the level” to satisfy such a “tigress”. No wonder the Japanese believe that for good sex you need to choose beauties with the first blood group. Loyal to their macho, others are not interested, but jealous. With such it is not easy, if the partner turned out to be weak-willed, a break in relations is inevitable.

The disadvantages include self-centeredness, when a different opinion, different from your own, is not taken into account. This leads to serious conflicts at home and at work. A conflict situation is accompanied by increased excitability, aggressiveness, when someone else's opinion is perceived with hostility.

Such ladies are risky, they love extreme sports, they can get carried away with alcohol or drugs, which often leads to health problems. Lovers, for the sake of their pleasure, visit shops and can spend quite a lot of time on it.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has the first blood group.

Second blood group (A)

A third of women in the world with this type of blood circulation. They are smart, savvy and patient, friendly, with a sense of responsibility. Prudence and thrift, the ability to restrain one's emotions and not ask for a scandal, the lack of desire to be a leader, the ability to find a compromise and see romance in a relationship are just the qualities that help keep a family together.

Married, reliable, devoted wives and excellent housewives. In sex they are very restrained, even shy, in love they rarely take the initiative, but if the libido is awakened, they become irresistible mistresses.

Character flaws include a too serious approach to their duties. It enslaves, does not provide an opportunity to relax, relieve fatigue and unnecessary worries, which can develop into stress and serious malaise. Therefore, they often fall ill with diabetes in the most severe form, heart disease, stomach disease and leukemia.

The famous woman with the second blood group is the American rock singer Britney Spears.

Third blood group (B)

There are most women with this type of blood circulation in Asia. Maybe because the eastern worldview is characterized by calmness and self-control. Such female representatives strive for internal and external harmony - the comfort of the soul and comfortable relationships with friends and at work, so that there is comfort and order around.

Their minds are more philosophical than practical, but this does not prevent them from being good housewives. They are proud and independent, and therefore individualists, a kind of "mysterious person" that attracts men. They can be eccentric, lovers of all sorts of adventures, when unusual surroundings stir up the blood, love extreme sports. This sometimes has undesirable consequences.

And although they are uninhibited in communication, sex is not in the foreground for them. But if they have already got to intimacy, they give their best, showing their ingenuity, pleasing a partner. Even if there is no orgasm, they skillfully imitate it. They do not dwell on one "favorite" and do not make a tragedy out of it, because the process itself is interesting, and not its participant. A kind of "sexual deficiency" is combined with inconstancy, superficial attitude to life, the ability to lie, hypocrisy, selfishness and gambling.

Negative character can lead to various diseases: chronic fatigue syndrome, purulent mastitis, multiple sclerosis. Although, in general, representatives of this blood group are less susceptible to disease and live to old age.

The third type of blood circulation in the American actress and mother of many children (several adopted children), UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (UN Children's Fund) Mia Farrow is one of the most influential women in the world according to Time magazine.

Fourth blood group (AB)

The youngest, it is believed that it is not more than a thousand years old, therefore it is not widespread. It occurred as a result of the fusion of the second and third types of blood flow.

Such women think uplifted, easy and easygoing in communication, but demanding of themselves and those around them. Men are not always comfortable with them due to excessive severity. However, in marriage, they are very tolerant and reliable, they love their husbands to the grave. They take care of a good family climate, take care of children.

Sex for them is not just a momentary pleasure, but a natural continuation of the relationship with their man. Therefore, they are not enslaved in intimacy and they demand the same from their chosen one.

Lack of character is considered to be a lot of suspiciousness and indecision, which is associated with low self-esteem, inability to defend their interests. Closedness in communication can develop into a disease - neophobia (fear of everything new).

The famous Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe had the fourth blood group.

It's important to know! Women are very mysterious representatives of the human race. It is unlikely that such a detailed description of the character by blood type will clarify their deep essence. However, there is still a rational kernel in such judgments. It's worth listening to.

The influence of the Rh factor on the character of the personality

Rh factor positive
Rh factor positive

If psychologists can say something definite about the types of blood circulation and their relationship with the disposition, then, for example, the absence of the Rh factor affects the character of people with a negative blood group, research has not been carried out. Because it doesn't affect it in any way.

The Rh factor has only an effect on health, it must be taken into account when blood transfusion, since there is a problem of rejection. For example, the first positive group can be mixed with all others who know the same Rh. And people with type I blood circulation (+) need only the same blood transfused.

But, for example, those with the fourth positive group can be transfused with any other blood, and it does not matter what the Rh will be. If the 4th type of blood circulation is minus, other blood will do only with the same negative Rh factor.

How to determine a person's character by blood group - look at the video:

How a blood group affects a person's character is still quite difficult to say. Some people think that there is nothing serious about this. It's just a pseudoscientific theory that has the same meaning as the signs of the zodiac. Whether it is so or not, let everyone judge for himself. However, why not find out something interesting about yourself by your blood type? Then you can just smile, a smile will warm your heart and brighten your mood. And this is already good!