Bodybuilding Bench Press Slingshot

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Bodybuilding Bench Press Slingshot
Bodybuilding Bench Press Slingshot

Find out what a bench press slingshot is, why you need it, what types of slingshots are, how and when to use this equipment during training. Slingshot is the type of equipment most often used by bench press athletes. A slingshot can be used not only when performing a bench press, because with it you can do push-ups on the uneven bars and off the ground. Sling Shot can be used in a variety of chest strengthening exercises.

Slingshot types

Green slingshot on white background
Green slingshot on white background

There are four types of Sling Shot:

  1. Reactive - is the softest and has a blue color. It can be used by novice athletes while mastering the exercise technique or overcoming psychological fear of the large weight of the projectile, as well as experienced athletes. The number of repetitions can vary from medium to high.
  2. Original - has an average stiffness. This red slingshot is most often used when working with medium weights, during the period of gaining training volume in the base period and at the time of reaching supermaximal weights. The number of repetitions ranges from low to medium.
  3. Gold (Full Bar) - in terms of stiffness, it corresponds to the original, but at the same time the cut is slightly changed. Since the sleeves are sewn at a certain angle, the equipment fits more tightly on the arm. Perfect for an athlete who is recovering from a previous injury.
  4. Black (Maddog) - has maximum rigidity and is used when working with maximum weights. It is recommended to purchase it at the same time as red or immediately after it. In the absence of sufficient experience with Meddog, it is difficult to establish a good technique for performing the movement. It should not be used by novice athletes, as well as athletes who work with weights not exceeding one and a half of their own weight. The range of repetitions is from single to small.

Choose a Sling Shot based on the size of your arm and forearm. The slingshot should fit as tightly as possible to the hand, and it is put on so that the elbow joints are in special recesses.

The creator of this type of equipment, Mark Bell, has repeatedly stated in his interviews that the idea of creating a Sling Shot has been in his head for about five years. When a slingshot appeared on the market, a whole niche of specialized training devices immediately appeared. Many companies have introduced similar types of equipment to the market. It was impossible to start the production of a completely identical slingshot to the device, because the patent belonged to Mark. As a result, some changes had to be made to the design. For the most part, they turned out to be unsuccessful, although some people liked it. Even today, analogs of a slingshot periodically appear on the market. We are not going to discuss which device is better now. Much depends on the athlete and the characteristics of his body. However, it should be admitted that the slingshot has firmly entered the masses and today is actively used not only by professionals, but also by amateurs.

How to get started with Sling Shot correctly?

The guy presses the barbell from the chest using a sling shot
The guy presses the barbell from the chest using a sling shot

The athlete needs to correctly assess the existing training experience, as well as determine the tasks. If you have started to play sports recently, then you should focus on "Reactive". This will allow you to master the correct bench press technique, learn how to control a sports equipment, and also correctly distribute the load between the working muscles. In addition, the constant progress of the working weights can significantly improve your mood.

If you have been working with a barbell for more than one year, then it makes sense to look at the "Original" or "Maddog". These slingshots, in comparison with the one discussed above, have a higher stiffness index. They can be a great choice for heavy weight lifters. Moreover, it does not matter in principle whether the athlete uses a bench shirt or not.

Training with the "Original" Sling Shot will significantly strengthen the triceps, which in turn will have a positive effect on the compression. We also note the reduction in the risk of injury to the shoulder joints. However, there are athletes who are not willing to compromise and want to use only the toughest slingshots or layered tank tops. A two-layer "Maddog" was created especially for them. When using it, the increase will double, but it will also become much more difficult to work. In such a situation, it is extremely important to correctly introduce the Sling Shot into the training cycle.

Secrets of using a slingshot in the training process

Black athlete shaking a barbell with a sling shot
Black athlete shaking a barbell with a sling shot

It is necessary to determine the goals of the training and the role that Sling Shot plays in them. This will determine which model you should purchase. You should remember that the higher the stiffness of the slingshot, the less benefit it will have when promoted without equipment results.

This is due to the fact that high rigidity limits the involvement of the muscles of the chest and shoulders. They are the main factors for improvement without an equip result. It is quite obvious that if they are not strengthened during the training, then you should not expect a positive result. If you use a hard sling shot for bench press in bodybuilding for a long time, and then remove it, then you will be unpleasantly surprised by the worsening of the breakdown and the appearance of uncertainty when working in the lower part of the range of motion.

If you are not planning to perform in gear, then the best choice would be "Reactive" or "Original" Sling Shot. It should be remembered that the equipment must fully correspond to your size or be one more. As a result, you will achieve a little emphasis, allowing you to work with near-limit weights or get an increase of 10-15 kilos.

We do not recommend using more than the specified increase. Otherwise, the risk of injury will increase. When the goal of the training is to increase without equipment results, the bodybuilding press sling shot can be used during hard training to break new weight. Thus, you can prepare your body and brain for the increasing stress.

For example, your maximum weight is 150 pounds. In the next lesson, you plan to work in triplets, in the previous one without Sling Shot, you were sting 135-140 kilos in two or three repetitions. Therefore, your task is to break through the new weight. At the beginning of the lesson, do a quality warm-up and reach 120-125 kilos. After that, you need to put on a slingshot and continue the training with a standard step for you (5-7 kilos) in three repetitions. The likelihood that you will be able to reach a weight of 145-150 kilos is extremely high. The body will get a good overload with minimal risk of injury and minimal psychological stress.

For medium workouts, you can do volume pump presses or pause presses using the Reactive Sling Shot. As a result, all the muscles participating in the movement will learn to "explode" at the same time. It is this type of sports equipment that will allow you to quickly understand at what point you need to connect your legs to work at the moment the projectile breaks off your chest.

It makes no sense to use a slingshot for bench press in bodybuilding more than once for 7-10 days. When using classic volumetric schemes, the equipment can be used when working with weights exceeding 80 percent of the maximum, or instead of pressures.

When an athlete prepares for an equipment bench press, there can be a ton of options for using the Sling Shot. Some athletes use this type of equipment only during the transition from no equipment to equipment bench press. Other athletes do not give up the Sling Shot for most of the training cycle. If we talk about the principles of preparation. Then there are no significant differences from the schemes considered above.

Most of the exercises in a T-shirt are carried out using bars of different heights. Based on this, athletes decide to use a sling shot during medium to light workouts. As a result, the body always remembers the full range of motion and insures the elbow and shoulder joints loaded with work in a T-shirt.

The choice of Sling Shot should be dictated by the frequency of the jersey:

  1. For 7 days the shirt is used once - choose "Original" or "Reactive".
  2. Work in a T-shirt is carried out no more than once for 10-12 days - use "Maddog".

When using a bench press sling shot in bodybuilding, the exercise can be performed at an angle.

When should you use Sling Shot in bodybuilding?

The guy is insured when pressing the barbell from the chest
The guy is insured when pressing the barbell from the chest

The training process of lifters and builders has significant differences. This is due to the fact that athletes pursue different goals in these sports disciplines. Using a sling shot for bench press in bodybuilding is definitely worth it in two situations.

Practicing bench speed

The girl presses the bar with a slingshot
The girl presses the bar with a slingshot

At this stage of the athlete's training process, the use of a sling shot for bench press in bodybuilding is fully justified. It is always necessary to work on speed-strength indicators. It is strength and speed that are the factors that have the greatest influence on the weight of the sports equipment you use.

All professional bodybuilders take time to develop speed in their annual training cycle. At this stage, it is often enough to work with medium weights. Thanks to Sling Shot, you will have the opportunity to increase the speed of the power movement and increase the working weight.

During the injury

It's hard for a man to press the barbell from his chest
It's hard for a man to press the barbell from his chest

Sling Shot will definitely be useful for the builder during the trauma rehabilitation period. The situation is similar with powerlifting, but only if the athlete does not plan to participate in the competition. If you conduct classes with a slingshot, and then try to participate in a tournament, then you will not be able to achieve positive results. If you have previously been injured, but have already started exercising, then with the help of Sling Shot, you can level the unpleasant sensations that arise during the exercise.

For more on the sleepshot and the secrets of its use in bodybuilding, see the video below: