Bathtub grounding: necessity, instructions, price

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Bathtub grounding: necessity, instructions, price
Bathtub grounding: necessity, instructions, price

What is the procedure for grounding the bath, its relevance. Materials and tools, features of the choice of wire. Instructions for performing work. How to make a ground electrode system?

Grounding the bathtub is a procedure that eliminates the threat from a plumbing product that occurs in high humidity. There is still debate about the need to create a protective system for the bathroom, but if you care about your health, do not neglect the safety measures.

The relevance of grounding in the bathroom

Bathroom grounding diagram
Bathroom grounding diagram

Bathroom grounding diagram

A bathroom is a dangerous place: water is a conductor of current, together with electricity it forms a fatal tandem for a person.

The bathroom contains objects that pose a threat to life:

  • Washer;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Electric shaver;
  • Water heater;
  • Water pipes;
  • Radiators;
  • Ceiling dryer;
  • The bath itself.

Any device or item on this list can cause breakdowns. Touching it, you can face dire consequences.

Bath operation is also associated with some danger. First of all, this applies to models of the old model, steel and cast iron. Acrylic bowls, although they do not act as a current conductor, are capable of accumulating statistical electricity on their surface (and its area is considerable). In addition, some models are made by extrusion, they are equipped with a metal frame, and this is already a serious reason for grounding the bath.

Consider protection when using an electrically powered hot tub. Of particular importance here are special earthed sockets and compliance with safety rules during their installation.

It is often possible to find that when installing electrical wiring in the bathroom, safety measures were not followed, which entails current breakdowns, for example, with hot water supply. Also, a similar situation is possible when working with a washing machine.

Thus, there is no doubt whether the bath needs to be grounded. To prevent dangerous situations for humans, the bath should be protected. In addition, this also applies to all electrical appliances, pipelines, metal objects.

Note! Previously, metal water pipes were used, so grounding was carried out in all bathrooms. The procedure consisted of connecting the bathtub to a pipeline going underground. However, now you can face the fact that the chain is broken. The protective system stops working, and the grounding effect disappears if the residents of the apartment building have replaced the pipes by choosing more modern plastic products. This procedure, as a rule, includes the replacement of the riser. So don't forget to play it safe!