How to use slimming tape?

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How to use slimming tape?
How to use slimming tape?

What are slimming tapes and how effective are they? Principle of action, taping schemes, contraindications and side effects. How to glue tapes correctly?

Slimming tapes are familiar to many elastic tapes on an adhesive basis, which, unlike cotton "patches" intended for the face and neck, are attached to the sides, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms in order to get rid of excess volumes and acquire a more toned look … Sounds like a fairy tale? Nevertheless, the method works. However, do not expect that adhesive tapes will effortlessly give you slimness and beauty! To achieve visible results, you have to work hard.

What are slimming tapes?

Slimming tapes
Slimming tapes

On the photo of the tape for weight loss

Slimming taping is a type of physiotherapy procedure, the essence of which is to attach stretch adhesive patches on a fabric basis to certain areas of the body. At first, the technique was used in sports to improve the performance of athletes, protect their joints from injury, as well as limit muscle mobility and quickly get rid of edema if an injury did happen.

At that time, it never occurred to anyone to sculpt tape on the stomach for weight loss. However, when unexpected effects of the procedure were recorded, namely, an increase in skin elasticity in the area of tape attachment, a decrease in the volume of adipose tissue, smoothing of the manifestations of cellulite, the method quickly moved from sports to the field of medicine and cosmetology, already there acquiring several new directions. In particular, in addition to body tapes for weight loss, today there are thinner and more delicate face patches designed to give it a fresher look, smooth out wrinkles, relieve swelling, tighten the contours and make the skin smoother.

Special kinesio tapes for weight loss and facial care differ from ordinary ones in increased elasticity, and from sports tapes - in less dense material (as a rule, this role is played by a mixture of cotton and acrylic).

So how does weight loss occur with the help of tapes? Sticky plasters lift and shift the upper layers of the skin, making it easier to move through the blood and lymph vessels, and the tape itself, with each movement of the person, performs a light but incessant massage of the fixed area. On the one hand, it improves the processes of supplying cells with nutrients and oxygen, on the other hand, it accelerates the removal of decay products.

As a result:

  • cellular metabolism returns to normal;
  • regeneration processes are accelerated;
  • excess fluid leaves the body;
  • stretch marks turn pale;
  • tubercles of cellulite disappear;
  • the fat layer melts.

Of course, it would be naive to believe that all this happens solely thanks to the tape for weight loss. If you do not supplement its action with moderate physical activity, healthy diet and cosmetic procedures to cleanse and moisturize the skin, the effect will be so scanty that it will be difficult to evaluate it.

But as part of a general package of measures aimed at getting rid of excess weight and restoring elasticity to the body, sticky plasters are very good. And although a full-fledged scientific study on whether tape helps for weight loss has not yet been carried out, the current observations of doctors, cosmetologists and ordinary users allow us to assert: they help!

Note! From the outside, the process of body taping for weight loss looks extremely simple and safe, but do not rush to start it yourself. Try to study the issue as deeply as possible, or better get 2-3 lessons from a professional. Incorrect tension of the adhesive tape or the discrepancy between the scheme of its application to the anatomical features of the body can greatly spoil the result.

How to choose the right tape for weight loss?

Tape BBTape for weight loss
Tape BBTape for weight loss

Photo of BBTape Slimming Tape

In order for the adhesive tape not only to stain your skin with glue, but to justify the hopes placed on it, you should carefully approach the choice of the best tape for weight loss.

Before the purchase:

  • Select material … Cotton patches are suitable for daily use in conditions of moderate physical activity, absorb moisture well, allow the body to breathe, and rarely cause irritation. Silk ones are designed for delicate and allergic skin, but they are not particularly durable - for example, tapes glued to the legs for weight loss can fall off while walking. Dense nylon is famous for its increased wear resistance, is suitable for people who are actively involved in sports, but adversely affect the skin.
  • Specify the category of glue … To move freely, you need a reinforced MAX, which will make the patch firmly hold in place.
  • Decide on the place of future applications … For example, tape for slimming the thighs and buttocks is usually wider than the tape for the belly. However, a width of 7 cm is considered acceptable for use on any part of the body, so you can opt for it.
  • Consider the taping frequency … If you plan to use the patch regularly, it makes sense to buy a large roll of 32 m, if from time to time, 5 m is enough.

For greater convenience, you can buy slimming tapes already cut into strips of a certain length, as well as connected with the letters V or "butterflies" - you just have to stick them on the body in the right places.

At the moment, tapes from South Korea and Japan are quoted on the cosmetic market, pleasing with the optimal combination of "price-quality". They are followed by Germany and the United States, slightly more expensive, but also more solid. And the top five is completed by China - a supplier of cheap, but often quite decent goods.

Popular brands:

  • BBTape, South Korea … Cotton tape with the addition of 3% nylon works great on any part of the body, does not interfere with the skin's breathing, makes it possible to go to the shower and play sports. The approximate cost is 490-840 rubles. for 5 m.
  • Kinexib Pro, China … Reliable, elastic, moisture resistant pure cotton tapes adhere well to the body, do not cause irritation and do not restrict movement. The approximate cost is 650-800 rubles. for 5 m.
  • X-Tape, Japan … Stretching hypoallergenic tapes of different colors are capable of stretching slightly less than 200% of their original length, can be used in procedures for both body and face and are of consistently high quality. The approximate cost is 260-965 rubles. for 5 m.
  • Mueller, USA … The cotton surface of the tapes is covered with a wave-like glue specially developed for this purpose, which provides a secure and comfortable grip on the skin. The hypoallergenic, stretch plaster has a water-repellent effect. The approximate cost is from 750 to 4,300 rubles. for 5 m.
  • SFM-Plaster, Germany … The adhesive tape made of cotton with the addition of acrylic is close in its characteristics to the characteristics of the leather. It is breathable and not afraid of water - you can safely visit the pool or take a bath with it. The approximate cost is 300-700 rubles. for 5 m.

Preparing for Slimming Taping

Preparing for Slimming Taping
Preparing for Slimming Taping

The use of tapes requires a little preparation. First of all, make sure that your skin does not react to them with irritation, since even tapes conceived by manufacturers as hypoallergenic are not 100% guaranteed against such troubles. Testing is simple: cut a small piece of the patch, stick it anywhere on your body and wait an hour. If everything is in order, you can continue.

Before applying the slimming tape to your skin:

  • Clean it thoroughly with any suitable detergent;
  • If desired, additionally degrease the body with an alcohol-containing solution, but this is not necessary, especially for owners of dry and thin skin;
  • Dry the treated area properly, sticking the slimming tape on both wet and alcohol-wet skin will not work.

If there are hairs on the area chosen for the patch, it is better to do the epilation in advance, or you will experience extremely unpleasant sensations when wearing and removing the tape.

Rules for the use of slimming tapes

One of the main properties of elastic bands is their ability to stretch. Sometimes by more than 140-200%! However, this does not mean that you have to make serious efforts to apply slimming tape. The first few centimeters are applied easily, without tension, after which they begin to tighten the tape slightly, but not so much that the skin begins to feel discomfort. If you experience pain or discomfort when moving, then the tape is too tight, which can lead to bruising or more serious damage. Remove it and re-glue it again with less tension.

Taping the thighs

Slimming thigh taping
Slimming thigh taping

The photo shows how taping of the thighs for weight loss is done

To make the skin of the legs smooth, remove the "orange peel" and restore elasticity, it is recommended to do a small self-massage before attaching the tape in order to warm up the body and enhance the effect.

Slimming thigh taping schemes:

  1. Bend your knee, pulling your foot up to your buttock. Feel how the muscles on the front of the thigh are stretched.
  2. Apply the first tape to the center of the leg with slight tension.
  3. Then attach 2 more tapes on either side of the first, also with slight tension.

The tapes can be left on the feet for no more than 5 days, if the skin feels normal with them, or until the tapes begin to peel off by themselves. After that, you need to take a break for 2 days and repeat the procedure again. The optimal taping option for slimming thighs and reducing the appearance of cellulite is 4-5 sessions.

Note! The tapes are removed gently, without sudden movements, after which they wipe the skin with clean water and lubricate with a fat cream.

Belly taping

Slimming belly taping
Slimming belly taping

There are many different schemes for attaching tape for slimming the abdomen and sides, which is not surprising, because these zones are problematic for the vast majority of people. You will have to act here especially carefully due to the sensitivity of the skin and the close location of the internal organs, therefore, neither strong tension of the tape, nor powerful pressure when gluing it can be allowed.

Slimming belly taping schemes:

  1. The sun … Take a narrow tape 2-2.5 cm wide and 1-1.5 m long. Fix one end of it under the navel. Apply the tape to the skin in a spiral around the navel, leaving 2-3 cm of loose skin between the strips. This taping, in addition to the general benefits, promotes digestion and decreases appetite.
  2. Beams … Take two pieces of wide tape from the length of the solar plexus to the pubis. Cut each lengthwise into 3-4 strips, not reaching 1 cm to the end. Stick the tapes with the uncut part (anchor) on the body in the solar plexus area, and distribute the strips with light tension at equal intervals over the abdomen. It should look like rays extending from the upper body to the thighs and gradually expanding to the sides. This taping is especially good for lymph drainage.
  3. Parallels … Take two wide ribbons from the bottom of the ribs to the beginning of the thigh. Lie on your back, tape on both sides of the navel, starting from the solar plexus. With parallel taping, a tape tension of up to 50% is allowed, but it is better if the master performs this procedure for the first time.

Side Slimming Taping Schemes:

  • Option number 1 … Attach a thin tape to the side so that it starts at the level of the solar plexus and ends at the thigh. Stick 2 of the same tapes parallel to it on the right and left at a distance of 1-2 cm.
  • Option number 2 … Take 2 pieces of tape and cut them as in the "Rays" scheme for the abdomen. Anchor one of the "anchors" under the solar plexus by sliding it to the left of the center of the abdomen, and send the rays through the left side to the back. Repeat the procedure for the right side of the body, fasten the third tape with a solid end on the back to the left of the spine at the level of the first two, and let the rays pass through the side to the lower abdomen. Do the same with the fourth tape, securing its beginning to the right of the spine. The result should be a kind of corset that wraps around your body at the sides.

Taping the buttocks

Taping the buttocks for weight loss
Taping the buttocks for weight loss

For working with the buttocks, it is preferable to use wide perforated tapes, which reduce the area of contact of the tape with the skin, without reducing its effectiveness.

How to glue slimming tapes:

  1. Use a tape that's wide enough to wrap around your buttock.
  2. Cut it into 3 beams, leaving a small base anchor.
  3. Place your foot on a chair.
  4. Stick the anchor on the side of the hip joint, spreading the rays along the buttock at an even distance from each other.
  5. Repeat for the other leg.

Note! The tape prepared according to the "Rays" scheme can be successfully applied to the back of the thigh from the point under the buttock to the back.

Contraindications to the use of slimming tapes

Thrombosis as a contraindication to the use of slimming tapes
Thrombosis as a contraindication to the use of slimming tapes

Like any physiological procedure, taping has its own contraindications.

These include:

  • any dermatological diseases, wounds, thin skin prone to damage;
  • allergic reactions to glue and tape material;
  • thrombosis;
  • diabetes;
  • ailments of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • neoplasms.

Note! Sometimes taping is used during pregnancy to maintain the tone of the skin and abdominal muscles, but this can only be done with the permission of the doctor who is observing the woman. Sometimes, especially in the early stages, ribbons can provoke a miscarriage.

Slimming Taping Results

Slimming Taping Results
Slimming Taping Results

According to reviews about taping for weight loss, the effect of kinesio tapes can be seen after the second or third application. In particular, thighs with mildly pronounced cellulite quickly begin to look more toned, and changes after a full course of procedures involving massage, sports and the use of a caring cream are almost always visible to the naked eye.

A little tip: to check the effectiveness of the method, measure your waist and hips every week and do not be lazy to take clear photos before and after taping for weight loss. This way you will definitely not miss the slightest change.

How to use tape for weight loss - watch the video: