30 original gifts for the New Year 2020

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30 original gifts for the New Year 2020
30 original gifts for the New Year 2020

How to choose gifts for the New Year, original ideas. The most unusual gifts for the boss, colleagues, parents, children, friends.

New Year is a time of miracles and magic. On this day, you want to make and make wishes, give and receive gifts. Presentations for family members, relatives and friends can be bought in a store, ordered on the Internet, or made with your own hands. Moreover, New Year's gifts should not be expensive. Originality, atmosphere, consideration of the character and lifestyle of a person are much more appreciated.

What to give for the New Year 2020?

What to give for the New Year 2020
What to give for the New Year 2020

When choosing gifts, consider the location of the holiday. Remember, your present is visible to all guests. Therefore, do not give your friends funny things with the theme of a sex shop, especially with your boss or relatives of the older generation.

Elderly parents and grandparents are pleased to receive useful things that can be used in everyday life. At this age, people do not need a festive service or an intricate electronic gadget. The principle of a good gift is that the simpler the better.

It is important for young children to know how gifts come under the tree. Give them a New Year show. Call Santa Claus and Snow Maiden or "leave traces" of their arrival while the child slept. Do not forget to insert batteries into the toys in advance so that the baby can start playing immediately after opening the box.

TOP-30 original gifts for the New Year 2020

When choosing a gift, take into account the characteristics of the guest's character, his marital status, profession, hobby. Agree with the guests about the approximate amount of presents. Otherwise, misunderstandings, slight insults and confusion of the donor are possible.

The most unusual gifts for the New Year

Traveler's globe as at for the New Year
Traveler's globe as at for the New Year

Celebrating the New Year is different from all other celebrations. Only on this night do people believe that it is possible to turn the page of the past and start a new stage of life, full of joy and happiness. Therefore, they want to receive as a gift something unexpected, unusual, unlike their usual things. Such presentations motivate you to make positive changes or, conversely, help you relax and dream after a hard day at work.

The most unusual presents for the New Year 2020:

  1. Ant farm … This unusual gift will distract the child from electronic gadgets, help to see the beauty and perfection of nature. In addition, it is a great opportunity to spend time together, watching the endless movement of insects in search of food and building materials. Before buying an ant farm, determine its location and select its type - plaster, sand, wood, acrylic.
  2. Glowing glasses … This original gift for the New Year can be used at any celebration, both for children and adults. There are models, the bottom of which "lights up" from touch, filling, pressing a button. They look especially impressive with a muted color, flickering candles and a New Year's garland. When buying a presentation, make sure that the glasses are made of safe, environmentally friendly material.
  3. Traveler's Globe … Such a New Year's gift can be bought in a store or ordered on the Internet. It is a globe on a comfortable stand and pins or flags of different colors. With their help, you can mark the places where you have already been and dream of visiting. For the traveler, this present will be a great occasion to remember their adventures and pave new routes.
  4. Foot hammock … This interesting New Year gift will be appreciated by students, freelancers, accountants, gamers, that is, people who spend a lot of time at their desk. The foot hammock has a stylish look, easy to fix, adjust, remove. With its help, you can prevent varicose veins, swelling, joint pain and just relax and rest well.
  5. Dog sledding certificate … Such a non-standard gift at first causes bewilderment, and then - anticipation and joy. After all, this winter fun helps to fully enjoy the fresh air, the feeling of speed, communication with fluffy sled dogs. The certificate allows you to independently choose a day for entertainment, ride, take a picture as a souvenir.

Cool gifts for the New Year

Piggy bank Facebank as at for the New Year
Piggy bank Facebank as at for the New Year

New Year's gifts don't have to be practical or useful. On this festive night, people are happy to accept funny funny gifts. They help to cheer up, make you laugh and even puzzle your friends. Especially if you choose things taking into account the peculiarities of a person's character, his work or hobby.

The coolest gifts for the New Year's holiday:

  • Animal ski mask … Consists of glasses and a fabric cover for the face that protects against frostbite of the skin. It is the second part of the set that becomes a merry gift for the New Year. After all, it can depict the face of an animal or the face of a fantastic character. In such a mask, your friend will not be left without attention, he will attract the glances and smiles of other skiers.
  • Matryoshka with faces of family members … An idea for an original New Year's gift can be found in a toy store. So, a children's nesting doll easily turns into an unusual present made in a single copy. To do this, you can order the work to the master by providing photographs of the person or stick the printed photos yourself. Not evil cartoons, adding pets to the "family" are welcome.
  • Sneezing lighter … Such a motivating gift with a joke will appeal to a friend who wants to quit smoking. Every time he clicks a lighter, in addition to the light, an old man's dull cough is heard. This sound attracts attention and makes all the smokers around them smile. Soon, many people will learn about the fight against a bad habit, which will accelerate the result of getting rid of nicotine addiction.
  • Censored glasses … This New Year's gift will make a person who doesn't like being photographed laugh. After all, the glasses are a black longitudinal rectangle with comfortable temples. Now, in the photo, his eyes will be covered with a censor strip. Supplement such a presentation with an introductory word about the ability to remain incognito in the pictures and not be afraid of identity declassification.
  • Piggy bank Facebank … Unusual cool gifts can be given not only to adults, but also to children. For example, teenagers will love a piggy bank made in the form of a strange face. His facial expressions begin to change when you bring a coin into the slot for your mouth. After grabbing the money with his lips, the piggy bank makes funny chewing, and then - swallowing movements.

Popular gifts for the New Year

Christmas decorations as at for the New Year
Christmas decorations as at for the New Year

It is better for the boss or unfamiliar people to give traditional New Year's gifts. Today, the stores have a large assortment of beautiful stylish items with the theme of winter, Christmas and fairy tales. Such gifts cause admiration and delight among people of any age, become a real highlight of the interior of the room.

The most popular gifts for the New Year's holiday:

  1. Scented candles … One of the more popular New Year gifts is a scented candle. It can be round, square, cylindrical, narrow. Typically, such products are sold together with a glass, plastic, tin plate. After lighting the wick, they exude a faint smell of pine needles, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, citrus fruits.
  2. Christmas house … It is a ceramic house, inside of which there is a compartment for a small washer-candle. After lighting it, a light comes on in the windows of the house. Such a product looks especially impressive in a semi-dark room, not far from a Christmas tree or New Year's ikebana. Both adults and children will like this New Year gift, as it immerses them in a fabulous atmosphere of a miracle.
  3. Christmas decorations … Beautiful Christmas tree decorations remain a topical gift for the New Year. Today in the store you can see toys for the Christmas tree, which amaze with their beauty and grace. Many of them are packed in beautiful boxes with a window and look like a stylish expensive presentation. Moreover, these are not only painted balls, but also bells, cones, snowmen, houses, stars.
  4. Mug for tea … Another popular gift is a tea mug. It can be decorated with a New Year's theme or have a stylish laconic design. Especially popular are mugs with a convex "knitted" pattern or an additional woolen cuff for comfortable holding of hot drinks. Young people will love the tall, reusable coffee glass.
  5. Rat souvenirs … Despite the fact that the Year of the Rat according to the Eastern calendar begins on January 25, people are pleased to receive gifts with the image of this animal already on New Year's Eve. There are many souvenirs in shops with this theme. Adults will be pleased to receive a fridge magnet, Christmas tree decoration, and a funny figurine. Children will surely like a piggy bank, a backpack, sweets.

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Edible gifts for the New Year

Gingerbread house as at for the New Year
Gingerbread house as at for the New Year

You can buy a delicious New Year's gift in the store or make it yourself. Most often they give sweets (chocolates, gingerbread, jam, fruits), because both children and adults love them. In addition, such a present is easier to pack in a Christmas style, store for several days without fear of souring.

The most popular gifts for the New Year:

  • Edible bouquet … Gathering for a visit, you can make a bouquet of spruce branches with the addition of sweets. Such a delicious gift will delight your friends. First, they will want to photograph it, and then take it apart and eat it. Take a bottle of champagne as a base, line it with spruce paws. Fasten small tangerines between small twigs, and chocolates in bright candy wrappers on needles.
  • Jar of jam … Today in the store you can buy jam in beautiful glass jars, through which you can see whole berries or fruit slices. They can be used to make wonderful New Year's gifts. To do this, decorate the lid with brightly colored paper or cloth and tie it with ribbon. Glue a picture with a Christmas theme on the label. Place in a box surrounded by fir branches, tangerines and chocolates.
  • Gingerbread house … You can make a delicious gift in the form of a gingerbread house yourself. To do this, you need to bake 6 cakes (4 - for the walls, 2 - for the roof), connect them with toothpicks, decorate with cream with particles of fruit, marmalade, chocolate. This type of baking has become one of the symbols of the New Year and Christmas, as it resembles a fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel, about the victory of good over evil.
  • Chocolate gift … Both adults and children love chocolate alike. Therefore, it remains one of the most common sweet New Year gifts. Today you can find many mini-bakeries that have various interesting candy molds (tools, flowers, chess, letters, hearts). Adults will love dark chocolate with rum, and children will love milk chocolate with various sweet and sour fillings.
  • Dried citrus fruits … They can be used for making mulled wine, desserts, decor. In addition, these sweet "chips" are pleasant to eat with a bit of chocolate. Friends will gladly accept such a New Year's gift. Especially if you make it yourself in the oven without the use of preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Creative gifts for the New Year

Travel pillow as at for the New Year
Travel pillow as at for the New Year

In the New Year, I want to not only please, but also surprise a loved one. To do this, you need to look in advance for creative New Year's gifts in online stores, small firms producing unusual things. Remember, cool gifts should not make fun of the guest's shortcomings, hint at mistakes of the past, or reveal details of his personal life.

The most creative gifts for the New Year:

  1. Cooling stones … Such products have different shapes: from noble cubes with streamlined edges to funny faces. Before use, they must be put in the freezer for 2-3 hours. After that, the stones keep the temperature for a long time, cooling the drink without changing its taste. Remember, cubes can also be used to heat tea, compote, cocoa. To do this, put them in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.
  2. Blanket with sleeves … This gift will appeal to people who like to spend their leisure time on the couch in front of the TV. The presence of sleeves allows you to switch channels, drink tea, write down recipes and at the same time be completely wrapped in a soft blanket. This wonderful cape allows you to comfortably read books, work on a laptop, knit, hug children. When buying, choose high-quality products that will not lose their softness and brightness after washing in a typewriter.
  3. Travel pillow … A person who often travels and business trips uses a pillow made in the shape of a semicircle while traveling. It firmly fixes the cervical regions, allows you to fall asleep while sitting. For the New Year, such a guest can be presented with a funny version of a pillow made in the form of an animal, a man's hand with tattoos or a woman's with a manicure.
  4. Nose-shaped glasses stand … It is a stable, sturdy figurine in the shape of a narrow face with a large nose and a slit in the back (for the temples). The stand can be wooden or plastic, monochromatic or multi-colored, heavy or lightweight. The addition of plump lips, a raised mustache, a hand supporting the chin is encouraged. It can store medical, sunglasses, 3D glasses.
  5. Herbs … The most original gifts may have familiar functions, but unusual execution. So, in stores you can find pots for indoor plants in the shape of a human figure. In his head is a depression filled with earth with lawn grass seeds. When watered with plain water, it begins to sprout, exude a juicy meadow smell. As they grow, the leaves need to be trimmed, creating unusual hairstyles for the grass.

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Useful gifts for the New Year

Keychain for finding keys as at for the New Year
Keychain for finding keys as at for the New Year

When choosing gifts, pay attention to their useful qualities. If you manage to combine beauty and practical use, the person will remember you with gratitude every time you use the thing. However, you should not give very simple items: knives, pots, socks, household chemicals. A New Year's present should evoke pleasant holiday emotions.

What to give for the New Year from useful things:

  • Keychain for finding keys … Absent-minded or elderly people will be delighted with such a useful gift. It is a small keychain with a key hook. The principle of operation of this device is simple: when you lose the key, whistle or clap your hands. Having caught these sounds, the keychain starts beeping and blinking with a flashlight. Thus, you can find the loss in a jacket pocket, in a bag, under a bedside table or in a pet's bed.
  • Slippers with flashlight … Outwardly, these slippers do not have any special differences. They are soft, comfortable, beautiful. However, these products have a useful function: when pressing on the sole, a small flashlight is lit inside it, which illuminates the floor at a distance of 1 m. As a result, a person can reach the bathroom or kitchen at night without turning on the general light.
  • Flash drive with code … It is needed to save various information about the family, business, leisure. To prevent materials from falling into the wrong hands, they can be protected with a password. You need to enter numbers on the keyboard located on one of the sides of the flash drive. Another option is to use a fingerprint scanner. For a New Year's gift, choose a drive with a beautiful stylish case, protection from external influences.
  • Heated mug … This New Year's gift will be useful for people working at a computer monitor. There will now be a mug with a warm, non-cooling drink on their table. This action is provided by a stand with a heating device, which is connected to the processor via a USB cable. For better heat retention, use the wide flat bottom cookware included with the gift.
  • Candlestick … Useful gifts can be made by hand. Such gifts are especially appreciated by loved ones who live away from you. For them, you can make candlesticks from a low glass by gluing cinnamon sticks or coffee beans to the walls. A lighted candle heats the glass, filling the air of the room with a subtle New Year's scent.

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