Carpet cleaning at home: revealing all the secrets

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Carpet cleaning at home: revealing all the secrets
Carpet cleaning at home: revealing all the secrets

Carpet cleaning at home. Types of carpets and cleaning methods. Practical advice on the care of the coating. Video tips. Carpet is the best modern flooring for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. It gives the interior a finished look, and the fluffy pile is pleasant to feel with bare feet. But in order to maintain perfection for longer, you need to take care of the floor covering. Today, there are several effective cleaning options that will return the carpet to its original appearance. We will learn how to properly clean the carpet so that it retains all the best qualities for a longer time.

Types of carpets

Several types of carpet close up
Several types of carpet close up

Carpets are made from 3 types of materials: synthetics, wool and silk. They differ in quality, price and ease of care. Let's take a closer look at each of them.


Silk is the most expensive material. Variety, brightness and colors allow the coating to remain popular for many years. However, silk carpets have disadvantages. They are very demanding to maintain, so it is not recommended to clean them yourself, since the risk of material deterioration is 95%.


Woolen models are quite expensive. At the same time, they do not tarnish, retain heat and do not absorb dust. But cleaning them at home is a painstaking task, and the risk of damage is about 50%. To care for them, you need a good vacuum cleaner with special brushes. Remember that woollens do not like moisture. Therefore, avoid dampness and ventilate the room at all times.


The cheapest, most affordable and popular material is synthetics. High quality carpets are now made from it, and the risk of damage is only 20%. Therefore, such coatings compete with natural products. Synthetic models are heat resistant and bright. However, they wear out quickly.

The best home remedies for wet carpet cleaning

Basket with cleaning products close up
Basket with cleaning products close up

When wet cleaning the carpet, there should not be a lot of water. it will lead to the appearance of fungus and the growth of bacteria. In addition, wet pile will smell rotten. Also, wet cleaning of carpet is not carried out if the coating has an adhesive base.

Cleaning agent

To clean the carpet, use a specially designed hypoallergenic shampoo solution or a liquid that dissolves dirt. Conventional detergent is difficult to rinse off and sticks to the fluff. From this, dust adheres to the surface, the fibers become hard and inelastic. Also, you can not mix several drugs. It is better to do wet cleaning first with one tool, and after a couple of hours with another.

Instructions for use are written on the packaging of the purchased product. Usually the proportion is 1 liter of water to 1 tablespoon. drug. The composition is applied to the carpet and rubbed with a rag or soft brush, which will not spoil the coating.


Another wet cleaning method is dry snow. The carpet is placed on the snow with the front side and the dust is knocked out with a broom. Then the coating is transferred to a clean area of snow and a similar procedure is repeated several times.

Baking soda

The sequence of wet cleaning with soda is as follows. 1 tbsp. soda is dissolved in 10 liters of warm water. The carpet is vacuumed and sprayed with a spray bottle. After drying, the carpet is vacuumed several times to release dirt and soda.

Dry cleaning of carpet at home

Carrying out dry cleaning of carpet
Carrying out dry cleaning of carpet

Dry cleaning is convenient because you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning. In addition, an important advantage is the absence of dampness, which is accompanied by wet cleaning.

Cleaning agent

Supermarkets sell special powders for dry cleaning carpets. Its granules retain moisture, which dissolves impurities. Before using the product, cover with a vacuum cleaner with a rotating auger brush to straighten out the fluff, remove dust and debris. Powder is applied to the surface in an even layer and rubbed with a brush. After 2 hours, it is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Baking soda

Dry cleaning carpet with baking soda is the easiest and fastest way. First, the carpet is vacuumed to collect the dirt. After that, sprinkle with soda evenly with your hands and leave for 30 minutes. After this time, the coating is very well vacuumed in the direction of the pile in order to collect all the soda. Otherwise, if soda remains in the carpet, then over time it will absorb moisture into itself, from which the pile will become sticky.

Foam carpet cleaning at home

Carpet foam cleaning process
Carpet foam cleaning process

Foam cleaning is an intermediate procedure between wet and dry cleaning, which consists in slightly moistening the surface. First, the carpet is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a cylindrical nozzle. Fluffy foam is applied to the carpet, wait 30 minutes and vacuum the carpet. The special composition contains detergents: alkali, alcohol and fine abrasives that quickly dissolve dust and dirt.

Cleaning carpet at home with a washing vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the carpet from dirt with a washing vacuum cleaner
Cleaning the carpet from dirt with a washing vacuum cleaner

The washing vacuum cleaner will quickly clean the carpet at home. To do this, a brush is rubbed into the pile with a detergent and the surface is vacuumed. However, this method has some subtleties.

  1. Cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner is carried out once a week.
  2. Particular attention is paid to contaminated places: exit, entrance, work area.
  3. Long pile is removed slowly and several times.
  4. Heavily dirty sectors are vacuumed crosswise.
  5. To eliminate the smell, 1 tsp is poured into the dust collector. baking soda.
  6. If the carpet is glue-based, then excessive wetting will deform it.

Practical tips for removing carpet stains at home

Cleaning the carpet with a napkin
Cleaning the carpet with a napkin
  1. The sooner the contamination is cleaned, the less effort is required.
  2. Fresh stains are not rubbed, but dried with a cotton towel or paper towel.
  3. Thick substances (mayonnaise, ketchup, jam) are first removed with a spoon, moving it to the center of the pollution, and then the stains are cleaned with the chosen product.
  4. The stains will become lighter if they are moistened and sprinkled with citric acid, and after 5 minutes, remove it with a damp cloth.
  5. It is better to clean the traces of coffee, tea and chocolate with a mixture of alcohol and vinegar (1 to 3).
  6. A mixture of gasoline and starch will help clean up greasy stains.
  7. Fresh stains from wine, beer and liquor are wiped with a brush dipped in soapy water, and then with water and vinegar (1 liter per 1 tablespoon).
  8. Eggs and blood can be effectively removed with cold soapy water with 10% lye.
  9. Vomit and urine will be washed off with vinegar water.
  10. A mixture of alcohol and turpentine will remove resin, plasticine, paints and traces of a ballpoint pen.
  11. A blotter can handle the wax, through which the stain is ironed with a hot iron.
  12. After work, the places of contamination are washed out with clean water.
  13. Hot water is not used for cleaning, it shortens the life of the product.
  14. Too hard brushes will damage the pile.

Carpet Cleaning Videos

Woman applying cleaning agent to carpet
Woman applying cleaning agent to carpet

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