American Curl: breed history, standard, pet care

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American Curl: breed history, standard, pet care
American Curl: breed history, standard, pet care

Breeding history, official standard of Curl appearance, peculiarities of temperament of unusual cats, health, rules of keeping a pet, price of a kitten.

The character of the American Curl

American curl plays
American curl plays

By their temperament, the representatives of this breed are very intelligent, well-bred animals, moreover, they are extremely curious, always open to new impressions and knowledge. In relation to a person, they very quickly and strongly become attached, both to their master and to the rest of his family. Such a pet really needs the attention of the owners, does not tolerate a long stay alone, but if you come up with some exciting activity for your eared companion in advance, then the hours of separation for the cat will fly by unnoticed.

American Curls are very energetic and playful, it seems that their perkiness only increases over the years. They get along with children with a bang, often it is the boys who constantly carry the cat in their arms and play with him, become his beloved and best friends.

Such a pet will never tell you any stories at dawn, the American curl's voice is quite quiet and pleasant, but they are always happy to purr by their side.

American Curl cat health

American curl resting
American curl resting

Although the species belongs to the category of "young", they have studied it more than enough. And in the course of such studies, no hereditary diseases were found, only an anomaly in the development of the ears, but this is more an aesthetic decoration, which is the hallmark of the breed.

To maintain natural good health and strengthen the immunity of cats, they need regular vaccinations, veterinary examinations and, of course, good care. The owner of not only the American Curl, but all other animals should remember that most of the components that affect the pet's health depend on you.

Maintenance and care of the American Curl cat

American curl after combing
American curl after combing

Despite all the sophistication and popularity of the representatives of this species, caring for them does not imply something unusual and supernatural:

  • Hair care … In order for your american curl to always look neat and well-groomed, its "fur coat" must be brushed regularly, for short-haired cats it is enough to do this once a week. Pets with a long coat need more frequent grooming, it is better to scratch them at least three times a week. Some cat owners think that a comb is only needed so that the animal's hair does not get tangled, but it is always worth remembering that regular and, most importantly, thorough combing is the most important measure to prevent your fluffy friend from swallowing his own hair, and this is fraught with serious health problems. And already the next tasks of combing are the aesthetic appearance of the cat's "fur coat" and the absence of hair on the interior items of your home. These fluffs should be bought as needed, if your pet does not often walk in nature, then it will be enough to wash it once every two -three months.
  • Prevention of intestinal blockage with wool … It's no secret that cats wash and lick themselves several times a day. During such hygienic procedures, the animal also swallows its own wool, which first accumulates in the stomach, and later passes into the intestines, where in advanced cases a huge lump is formed, which provokes mechanical intestinal obstruction. This problem is very serious and can only be treated with surgical intervention, so it is better not to allow such troubles than to fix them later. to those, in order to prevent clogging of the gastrointestinal tract with dead hairs, combing alone will be extremely small. The fact is that a cat walking down the street can find the right plant for itself, which helps to remove hair from the stomach, and a pet that is constantly closed does not have this opportunity. Most often, apartment cats are saved from the formation of wool lumps in the stomach, as best they can. They can eat any greens that catches their eyes, in particular, these are indoor plants, among which there are those that contain substances that are poisonous for felines. Some representatives of the feline world even gnaw the rods of an ordinary broom, thus causing a gag reflex. In this case, in any veterinary pharmacy you can purchase special products designed to remove hair from the digestive system of a cat, and here you are given a huge choice. It can be food with additives, just vitamins that you need to periodically feed the cat, pastas and even plants, whatever your pet wants more and that allows your financial situation. You can also purchase seeds of a specially medicated herb for your american curl to eat later. They are inexpensive, effective for the animal and easy to care for. Such seeds are sold immediately with a substrate, this mixture just needs to be poured into a low container and poured with a small amount of water and wait for the harvest. Usually, the first green stems appear after 7-10 days.
  • Hygiene of the ears … American Curls need to regularly clean their ears, since the structure of the ears of this breed is such that cleaning is quite simple. To do this, you will need cotton swabs (preferably for children) and lotion for cleaning the ears of animals. This procedure must be carried out carefully, being careful not to damage the eardrum.
  • Eye care consists in wiping them weekly with cotton pads dipped in some kind of disinfectant. It can be potassium permanganate solution, low concentration, boric acid solution, calendula decoction, or even strong black tea without sugar. It is important to remember that in no case should you use one disc for both eyes and if the kitten's eyes are watering, it is strictly forbidden to wipe them with a dry cotton pad or even a cloth. In general, if you notice excessive tearing, it is best to show your pet to your veterinarian.
  • Nail care … Another feature of American Curls is the very rapid growth of claws. In order to secure your furniture and wallpaper, it is recommended to purchase a scratching post. It is better to accustom the kitten to this attribute from the first days of living in the house. Usually they use it, but this is not always enough. Even experienced breeders advise to trim the american curl claws a little, so you will be calmer and more comfortable, provided you do it right. It is best to cut 1-2 mm every week, most importantly, make sure that the tool is very sharp and does not go beyond the edge of the transparent tip of the cat's claw.
  • Teeth … An American Curl needs to brush its teeth and it should be done at least once, and preferably twice a week. You can alternate brushing your teeth with toothpaste and special food. With such procedures, it is better to teach a pet from early childhood, then there will be no problems with this complaisant friend.
  • Nutrition … For American curl cats, it is best to opt for premium or super premium ready-made industrial food. Such food always contains all the substances necessary for a cat in the correct proportions. If you do decide to feed your pet with natural food, it is forbidden to include milk and fatty, spicy foods, smoked meats and river fish in the diet. Clean drinking water should always be near the bowl with food.

American Curl kitten price

Although this breed is quite rare, there is already a cattery in Moscow that specializes in American Curl kittens of different classes. So pet class babies cost about 3,000 - 5,000 rubles, ford class - from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles, but show-class kittens are already valued twice, or even three times more.

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